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An Essential Guide to Building Tabletop Terrain
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Let's make more work for Mel!

Posted by Dave Taylor (Creator)

After such an amazing start to the campaign - seeing it fund in the first 7  hours (or 6 hours and 54 minutes as Jase is telling us) - we were so humbled to see things continue this morning when we woke up as you have all driven us past the first Stretch Goal. Mel will now be writing an additional 8 pages about Basing, Texture, and Painting for the book. 

This means we can announce another Stretch Goal below. If we can reach $85,000, Mel will give us all another 8 pages about Rocks and Hills!

Also, we've seen that for many of you wonderful supporters are backing their first Kickstarter project. On Monday, we'll post an update that describes the way we picture some of the more mechanical aspects of the campaign happening to answer some of the questions you might have. 

Thank you all for joining us on this adventure and remember: the more people we bring to this campaign, the more work we create for Mel, and that's our goal, really. Right? :) 

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    1. Dave Taylor 2-time creator on

      @Paul Van de Kamp - Hi mate, sorry for missing this earlier, it's a good question. When Mel and I talked through the costs associated with the book we both really wanted to provide to thousands of backers, we talked about one of a similar size, page count and quality to the book I Kickstarted last year (Armies & Legions & Hordes). We also wanted to get hundreds (hopefully thousands) more out into the world, into hobby shops of all kinds, to help as many people as possible with their terrain building. The costs for writing and photography (Mel's time), plus printing, plus shipping (particularly of the international kind), plus the promotion of the book and KS, all started to add up to a pretty hefty sum.

      Then we looked at a number that we thought was more achievable, so we started to pare things down to the VERY essential to get our costs down to that (a smaller book reduces many of those costs), and came up with our funding amount for a quality book with a very focused set of content.

      The stretch goals are the way we're working to build everything back to the book we both really want to see, while being helped by the community to keep the momentum of the campaign going and news about the project itself to filter through to as many people as possible over the month.

      One of my favorite things about the format we've chosen is that once someone has committed to pledging for a book (or two) there's nothing else for them to feel they have to spend money on, but by sharing the project and bringing more Terrainiacs to the fold, everyone gets a better product, including those people who might stumble across it in a model railroad store, or a gaming store, in 3 or 4 years time.

      Thankfully, the goals that we are setting will allow Mel to really go to town on his additional builds. I'm excited to see those come to life :)


    2. Missing avatar

      Steve Connor on

      Can not have Mel resting on his laurels now! Well done to the team.

    3. Missing avatar

      Norman Rowe on

      Lots of time left for funding. Keep sharing and backing. I want a really fat book.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alan Macfarlane on

      Great work in the flesh so more pages of information can not be a bad thing.
      Sharpen the pencil and go for it Mel
      You saw we supported you last night from the second it opened. More words of wisdom just makes the book better.
      Amacf StA&MRly

    5. Missing avatar

      Paul Van de Kamp on

      Can you give some info about the cost vs reward of the stretch goals? I have no clue how the book business works and I was wondering how "15000 extra amounts 8 book pages".
      In no way am I talking g down or being negative I just don't know anything about this. At all

    6. Missing avatar

      Harry Peless on

      More whatchamacallit. Oh, right, work. More work for Mel! Haha!

    7. Missing avatar


      Rock on ... ;-)

    8. Mel The Terrain Tutor Collaborator on

      He's enjoying this extra work for Mel malarkey far too much for my liking!!!!!

      Thanks for the extra 8 pages folks, it's been so great ticking off techniques on my list with my big red 'it's in the book' pen this morning!!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      David Butler on

      Great, hope this book gets bigger, can not wait.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andy Bartlett on

      So pleased to see it’s funded quickly and now powering through the stretch goals! Many congratulations to all involved. Well deserved.

    11. brian mosby on

      need to keep Mel bizzy