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Help ensure the award winning film When the Drum is Beating is distributed to the world.
Help ensure the award winning film When the Drum is Beating is distributed to the world.
361 backers pledged $65,749 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Finally, the DVD's!

The DVD's finally arrived from First Run and the first batch went out today.  You should be receiving your DVD's and T-shirts over the next week.  Thanks again fro your patience, and of course, for supporting this project.


Below is Mim, the head of shipping and fulfillment.

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Hello everyone!

Tomorrow, Thursday April 12th, PBS will premier When the Drum is Beating at 10pm on Independent Lens in most markets.  For reasons that are way to complicated to explain, there are a few markets that premier Independent Lens on Sunday, including NY and LA. The bottom line is that in the next week or so, the film will be broadcast almost 1500 times on over 320 stations and reach a huge audience.  This is all thanks to you and your support of the project.  The best way to find out when it is playing in your area is by following this link , clicking on the "How to see it"  button and entering your zip code.  Even easier is just to program your DVR and watch it whenever you want.

There were a couple of great articles on the film today in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.  The Times piece ran full bleed above the fold in the ARTS section and looks amazing.

The version that will be broadcast (1 hour) is a shorter than the Festival version (88 minutes).  The festival version is the one coming out on the DVD that you will be receiving shortly. PBS won't let me release it until after the broadcast, but they say they are shipping them to me next week.  Once I get them I can do all my fulfillment and stop feeling guilty.

Thank you again for all your support, it has been quite a journey.


Party Update

Hi all,

Many of you have RSVPed to tomorrows party at the Canal Room, and I am looking forward to meeting everyone who will be able to make it.  If you can't come, please encourage any friends you have who might be interested to come by.  I am covering the cost of the room and rentals with the bar, and need thirsty music lovers.

The info is here on Facebook if you want to post it or pass it along.

See you tomorrow!


Party Information

OK, so here's the deal.  The party will be on Tuesday, December 13th at the Canal Room, which is on the corner of West Broadway and Canal Street.

Doors open at 7pm with drinks and a little Haitian food.  Come and meet your fellow Kickstarter supporters and have a few drinks.

Septentrional starts playing at 8:30.

There will be a cash bar (this is how I am getting the venue)  and I have asked them to stock plenty of Barbancourt.

Bring as many people as you would like (see how I am getting the venue).  Kickstarter contributors are free of course, but I am thinking of asking non-Kickstarter guests for a $10 voluntary donation at the door that would go directly to the band. (let me know if you think this is a good/bad idea)

Many of you have already RSVPed, I cant wait to meet you.  If you have not, please do so I can have an idea of the numbers.

Again my direct email is

PS. If there is anyone in NYC who has some free time over the next few days and wants to help me put this thing together, let me know.

Important! Celebration Party Please Answer

I have secured a space in downtown Manhattan Tuesday December 13th for Septentrional to play a celebration party.  Before I lock it in, I would like to know how many of you will be able to come.

I would like to invite EVERYONE who supported the project to come and to bring a guest or three, but I need to know ASAP how many people will coming.  I could not organize this in advance as it was not clear we were going to make our goal and I am trying to put it together before the band goes back to Haiti.  

Please RSVP here or to my direct email 

If you could let me know tomorrow, that would be great.