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There are missing biopics for both The Spin Doctors and the actor Daniel Stern. This project covers both.

There are missing biopics for both The Spin Doctors and the actor Daniel Stern. This project covers both. Read more
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This project's funding goal was not reached on February 7, 2013.

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Recent updates

The Impossible Push

57 hours remain, and spirits are low.

Three weeks ago, while beaming in the confidence that the project would be funded, I opened a $100,000 line of credit with CBC National Bank. I immediately took leave of my "real job" and employed a crack staff of 16 to develop my script, promote the project via the Twitterrealm, and take copious dictation while working out of a deluxe suite at the Four Seasons Buckhead. And yesterday, bright and early, I canned their asses.

I'm okay with the debt. I'll figure out...something. I already bought a Powerball ticket while extremely teary-eyed and drunk. But the real pain, the REAL hurt, the kind that can only come from watching OUR dream of Daniel Stern playing the guy from The Spin Doctors go down in unfunded and unrealized misery -- that's the pain I'm feeling today. It just might not happen, folks.

And so, I'd like to introduce something new: The Impossible Push. T.I.P. is "code" for the effort we ALL must find within ourselves to come up with $4,997,895 by Thursday. PUSH!

You like The Spin Doctors, right? PUSH.

You liked the tall guy who fell down a lot in Home Alone, right? PUSH IT.

You've longed for a film that satisfies your funny bone, your drama bone, your biopic bone, and your soundtrack bone, right? PUSH IT WELL.

Give yourself to the Spin It To Win It project one last time, if only by mentioning it to a stranger on the bus. Give a reasonably-amusing idea a real shot at life. Give...THE IMPOSSIBLE PUSH.

Thank you,

Rev. D.E. Nadolny

Script excerpt!

Are you intrigued by what you've seen so far, but still not "sold"? Let your ambivalence wash away with this exclusive script excerpt from Spin It To Win It.

That's right! Comedy blog has been kind enough to publish scene 146 from my original script. Read it aloud here:

Hopefully, this nugget (in which two of The Spin Doctors, including Daniel Stern, review the progress of their follow-up to Pocket Full Of Kryptonite with label bigwigs) spurs you to dig deep into your soul (pocket) and pledge. Perhaps you know a millionaire. Ask them to help!

Less than 10 days until showtime. Many thanks. Tell your friends.


If funded, Spin It To Win It will include an amazing soundtrack (and album) featuring dozens of today's most relevant artists. Check out the latest update video for more information!

Keep the pledges coming and spin on, everyone!

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A very special update

Ladies and gentlemen, a very special and memorable moment just occurred down here at Spin It To Win It headquarters -- MR. BOB DYLAN himself stopped by to lay down his contribution to the soundtrack. Gonna keep a pretty tight lid on this for now, but you can expect a full update in the coming days including an exclusive preview of Mr. Dylan's efforts.

"I always dug on The Spin Doctors and what they did. They had fingers on the pulse of America. Great band, nice tunes."

Update to come.

New Promo Video -- "SPIN IT TO WIN IT"

Here is a preview of what YOUR pledge dollars will help to build.

Thank you again for your support!

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