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There are missing biopics for both The Spin Doctors and the actor Daniel Stern. This project covers both. Read more

Atlanta, GA Theater
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There are missing biopics for both The Spin Doctors and the actor Daniel Stern. This project covers both.

Atlanta, GA Theater
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About this project

I want to film a movie that stars actor Daniel Stern as the main singer guy from the pop band "The Spin Doctors." Just a typical music biopic about the band's early days, rise to fame, and eventual flameout, but with respected actor Daniel Stern as singer Chris Barron. Biopics have not yet appeared for either.

My goal at the outset is to prepare a screenplay centering around Daniel Stern portraying the singer of The Spin Doctors. Then, I would contact Daniel Stern, the Spin Doctors themselves, and then introduce them. I would arrange for them a reading of my screenplay. I would then recruit a director and production team to undertake the completion of the film, and finally promote the finished product, heretofore known as "Spin It To Win It". The entire process would be funded with monies gathered from this Kickstarter project.

I believe the artistic and cultural implications for this project, if completed, would be immeasurable.

Risks and challenges

The challenges to my project are obvious. Creating a screenplay that captures the bold and innovative history of the band (featuring Daniel Stern as the singer) will be laborious. As a musician and fan of the films Home Alone, City Slickers, and Celtic Pride, I am uniquely qualified to lend credence to the story of The Spin Doctors while maintaining the artistic respect due to an actor of Daniel Stern's caliber.

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