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The Drowned Earth is an alternate Sci Fi tabletop miniatures game set in a land of ancient ruins, and lost technology.
The Drowned Earth is an alternate Sci Fi tabletop miniatures game set in a land of ancient ruins, and lost technology.
The Drowned Earth is an alternate Sci Fi tabletop miniatures game set in a land of ancient ruins, and lost technology.
507 backers pledged £45,898 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. James Baldwin Creator on January 12

      Hey Greg- that sounds about right. If you send me a message with your backer ID I’ll look at your account for you

    2. Missing avatar

      Greg Heath on January 12

      Hey James, I looked at the backerkit and it said £48 balance. So I take it that the £109 from Get Wet and add ons were charged at the end of the kickstarter but the Wayfarers and extra tokens and shipping are the £48 still waiting to be collected? I had added those things a while ago. Is that balance going to be collected on Feb 7th?

    3. James Baldwin Creator on January 12

      Yep, it'll be open till 7th Feb :).

    4. Paint'Riot Studio
      on January 11

      The Pledge manager extend a little time ?

    5. James Baldwin Creator on January 11

      Huh... I've also just noticed that the update I wrote on Xmas day never went out for some reason...

    6. James Baldwin Creator on January 11

      Hey guys- I should have an update tomorrow. Been very busy getting everything in to final production. Don't worry- everything is fine!

    7. Missing avatar

      Bertrand Mullon on January 11

      Can we have an update with news about production and miniatures?

    8. James Baldwin Creator on December 25

      Hey Billy- please send me a PM about this in the first week of Jan if you haven't heard from me. I'm 90% sure that the answer will be standard playing card size (63x88mm), specifically for ease of sleeving, but I need to confirm this with the printers before I can go 100% on it.

      Quantities depends on what you've ordered, of course! One card for each model, but without wanting to make promises about things that haven't yet been decided, it might be a good idea if you account for an extra 10 cards or so. :)

    9. Billy
      on December 21

      @Creator - Hi Guys :-D Just sorting out bits and pieces before ordering sleeves for a whole host of cards. Could you let us know quantities and exact dimensions of your cards please? Many thanks in advance :-)

    10. David "Althai" Diamondstone on October 2

      Is it possible to get wishbone (from the wayfarers) as an individual add-on?

    11. The Underwoods
      on September 28

      I am in love with the model for Wishbone. I didn't quite have the funds for that pledge level myself. But it will be the first model I have ever owned that looks like me. Skin like mine, hair like mine, the facial hair is even really close to mine. Super exited to be getting the whole Wayfarers crew.

    12. James Baldwin Creator on September 27

      Hey @Matthew, I'm aiming for it to be hardback- it will depend on weight but with a bit more information than I had during the Kickstarter, it's looking like that will be possible. Not a guarantee just yet, but a "fairly likely". I certainly want it to be.

    13. Missing avatar

      Matthew Underwood on September 26

      Quick question, is the rulebook going to be hard-back

    14. Missing avatar

      Greg Heath on September 25

      Thanks James!

    15. James Baldwin Creator on September 23

      @Greg Absolutely.

    16. Missing avatar

      Greg Heath on September 23

      Will the Wayfarers come with stat cards?

    17. James Baldwin Creator on September 23

      Hang on- thinking on it more carefully, I think I may have a way around that. Message me with the email address you have registered on Kickstarter and I'll send you a message and take a look at your pledge.

    18. James Baldwin Creator on September 23

      That's a thorny one- let me give Backerkit an email and see what they say about it.

    19. d70
      on September 23

      Using the pre-order store, backerkit doesn't take into account the amount that I pledged during the Kickstarter. I only wanted the rule book so pledged £27, but when I go through to PayPal I'm still being charged £31.50. Any suggestions?

    20. James Baldwin Creator on September 23

      Hey folks- so, for you £2 pledge level folks, the option is there when you log in to your survey, but (strangely, I realise) you need to ignore the big buttons that say "add ons" and click the link instead.

      I've illustrated the process in today's update so you shouldn't have any further problems.

      For some strange reason Backerkit isn't able to charge postage ONLY to backers who bought add ons- I have to charge the entire pledge level, or nobody. So the workaround is creating an add on store, which is linked in your survey.

      If you have any more trouble contact me on here and I'll send you a link :).

    21. Missing avatar

      Glyn Owen on September 22

      I'm also wanting to know about the 'add on only' missing add ons options please.

    22. Matt Lucas on September 22

      Same query as below, how to add on miniatures as an add on only?

    23. M Lawler on September 21

      I could have sworn I had already filled out this PM.. but here I am staring at it again.

    24. sander van Beek on September 21

      I have a feeling loads of backers will up their pledge to include the wayfarers.
      You are quite the merchant james ;)

    25. Soulsorcerer on September 21

      Hi James! The Info on the PM looks wrong ;-)

      Estimated Lockdown Date: 01/01/17.

    26. Paint'Riot Studio
      on September 21

      @James Baldwin : Great !

    27. Missing avatar

      Ron Pack
      on September 21

      Just got the survey, but noticed a tiny problem; other than the tip jar, there's no add-ons listed. My pledge is under the add-on only level, so I don't know if that would've affected things.

    28. James Baldwin Creator on September 21

      Hi Terry- it'll be open till at least the end of the year, perhaps more- I'll give decent notice before closing it out though.

    29. Terry on September 21

      I've just filled in the survey, but I've got a question, when will it close. Seeing how I want to increase my pledge level, but can't afford it right now

    30. Missing avatar

      BLUTAXT on September 21

      Yeah! Just filled out the survey!
      It seems we are on a good way :)

    31. James Baldwin Creator on September 21

      Hi Paul, It has been asked before, several times, so I really should put it in an FAQ! There's an update coming very soon in any case.

      The Master Builder pledge is for everything unlocked during the Kickstarter, so no, it doesn't include the Wayfarers as well. However, I have put them up as an extra for a very special price :).

    32. Paul Richardson
      on September 21

      Not sure if this has been asked before - is the wayfarer faction part of the master builder pledge? Or is it something I would need to add on?

    33. James Baldwin Creator on August 30

      Hey buddy- I'm pretty sure you'll be able to view them on Facebook without needing to join the site.

      In any case I'll copy everything over to the website blog as well periodically!

    34. Missing avatar

      BLUTAXT on August 30

      Thanks for the Update today.
      The new Minis look great, is there any chance without Facebook to get a look at the other pics?
      Is there anyone in northern Germany (Hamburg and north) who wants to playtest some games?

    35. James Baldwin Creator on July 31

      Update went out today guys. I'm afraid this early in the development process you'll need to expect it to be a bit quiet- there really isn't going to be much interesting to tell you.

      As far as new fluff or fiction is concerned, all my free time is taken up with developing the rulebook. I'm currently writing 5 hours a day on top of my paid job, and so I don't want to take time away from that to update the website. When the rulebook is written, or at least further along, I'll be blogging again, but for the moment I need to concentrate on the main goal.

      Anyway, about an update a month is the best i've been able to do so far, and I think that's a reasonable amount of communication for the early part of the campaign, where inevitably there won't be a great deal to tell. I'm looking forward to actual prototypes and artwork coming in, so I can make a few shorter, but more exciting updates! Soon!

    36. Missing avatar

      Greg Heath on July 30

      I've been thinking the same thing. Pretty quiet on TDE front.

    37. Missing avatar

      Peter Wright on July 26

      After such an amazing campaign, and the growth of a great community, it's a shame things have gone so quiet here, on Facebook, and on the Drowned Earth webpage. Any chance of an update? New fluff or fiction?

    38. Missing avatar

      Greg Wilson on July 25

      hoping to get an update soon or better yet get the pledge manager open

    39. Missing avatar

      Bertrand Mullon on July 25

      Hi. Any news?

    40. James Baldwin Creator on June 29, 2017

      Hey Andrew. The beta versions are already in the downloads section of the website:

    41. Missing avatar

      andrew okane on June 29, 2017

      How do you get access to rules and cards etc as a backer?

    42. James Baldwin Creator on June 20, 2017

      No indeed- I replied to Fall privately explaining that. Won't be too much longer now.

    43. Terry on June 20, 2017

      @fall, I'm not sure the pledge manager is even online at the moment

    44. Missing avatar

      fall on June 14, 2017

      Hello James
      Sorry but I did not receive a link or
      e-mail for my pledge

    45. Missing avatar

      BLUTAXT on May 26, 2017

      Just adjusted my printer and made me some standees.
      Terrain is almost finished and next week i will get my mate and me a good time rolling some dice for feats and nails ;)

    46. Stevie G
      on May 19, 2017

      Speaking of dinos ... are most people content to just get a pair of each? Or does anyone thing we need multiple sets?

      I will probably bet he only one in my gaming group to get minis, so I need enough for everyone (not just what I might field). Thoughts?

    47. JockeZockt on May 17, 2017

      One day without Drowned Earth... damn...

    48. Amy Van De Water
      on May 16, 2017

      =D Sweet! Dinosaurs!!

    49. Missing avatar

      Alex F on May 16, 2017

      Great value on the Master Builder pledge ... 31 miniatures for £200 works out at £6.45 each, not including the rulebook, templates, dice and tokens. And some of these minis are giant gorillas or £18-22 cavalry models. Great campaign too ... the competitions and videos added a lot of interest. Now if I can just learn to paint faster by next April!

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