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pledged of $6,418 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By James Baldwin
pledged of $6,418 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. LepperGod about 4 hours ago

      Beast of War posted pictures of the uttaraptor.

    2. Missing avatar

      about 4 hours ago

      Maybe at some point an "all in" pledge level might be interesting, including all add-ons (though I'd pass on the dice ;) )

    3. Soulsorcerer about 4 hours ago

      @James Still...never expierenced that during a KS...kinda strange to see more elsewhere than on the KS...until now it was the other way around...others show what is on here...odd..but hey...just me :-)

    4. James Baldwin Creator about 4 hours ago

      @Alex- I may have something like that planned. Or I may not. We will just have to see!


    5. Missing avatar

      Jay Crow about 4 hours ago

      Really enjoyed the art and the continuation story of the choose your own adventurer.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alex about 4 hours ago

      Enjoying the choose-your-own adventure. Yuttaraptors (Utah-raptors?) look fun too. Pledging for the full set will be over £200 soon ... any chance of a free set of dice or something for a large pledge?

    7. James Baldwin Creator about 4 hours ago

      @Agreave : Are you on a mobile? On a desktop or iPhone you just seem to have to put the decimal place.

      @Soulsorcerer : Someone posted the link in the comments when it was posted ;).

    8. Soulsorcerer about 5 hours ago

      Soooo...BoW have more info on the KS on their page...than we backers here on the actual KS...strange thing....

    9. Agreave about 5 hours ago

      How do you pledge pence? I have to round up or it's a thousand+!! :/

    10. James Baldwin Creator about 5 hours ago

      She's awesome. What will we add next week? :o

      I've been a little vague with what the questions mean this time around. They'll decide the general style of play, but also... they have consequences!

    11. Paul Ridgon about 6 hours ago

      Thanks Amber, I was kinda happy how it turned out ;)

    12. JockeZockt about 6 hours ago

      I was for a Frog women with a stick... damn ^^

    13. Amber B. Panda about 6 hours ago

      The art for the new adventurer is so cool. Loving the story so far as well :)

    14. James Baldwin Creator about 6 hours ago

      Tristan has it right. We may see some things which are limited (won't be in general production all the time, but only for special events etc).

      And the new episode of our Create your own Adventurer event is up! :D

    15. Tristan Cotterill about 7 hours ago

      No Kickstarter exclusives

      The exclusive being you get to be involved in shaping your free miniature

    16. Eric Geer about 7 hours ago

      I was wondering if any of the items in this campaign are kickstarter exclusives? It doesn't look like it but want to make sure I don't miss out on anything.

    17. James Baldwin Creator about 8 hours ago

      Yes exactly- you've got it :)

    18. Missing avatar

      about 8 hours ago

      Yeah, I'm just used to weapons with multiple attacks/shots which don't seem to exist in DE. They would possibly generate multiple "hits" which again cause "damage" each. In DE "hits"="damage points", so as many armour saves as hits, correct?

    19. James Baldwin Creator about 9 hours ago

      No. Weapons have a damage value. Damage causes hits. Hits are negated by armour rolls, or cause wounds.

      Damage = hits = wounds.

    20. Missing avatar

      about 9 hours ago

      That's what I thought, but probably wording should be changed for the sake of clarity.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jay Crow about 10 hours ago

      Point of damage

    22. Missing avatar

      about 10 hours ago

      Reading the beta rules: Do you make an armour roll for each HIT or for each POINT OF DAMAGE the opponent receives? Wording seems unclear...

    23. Tristan Cotterill about 11 hours ago

      5 Gene Splicers! We have our own faction!

    24. Andrew Coleman about 11 hours ago

      The Raptors look really good.Nice to see two different designs.

    25. Raechel Coon
      about 11 hours ago

      Beasts of War have a post about TDE mentioning "Yuutaraptors": Maybe they are the next stretch goal?

    26. Jason Rush about 12 hours ago

      Seems like a mounted Kaneda would be logical. But tokens seem desired. I am still hoping for terrain bits like I suggested below.

    27. Amber B. Panda about 13 hours ago

      Will it involve a Sabretooth mount?

    28. James Baldwin Creator about 13 hours ago

      We're really crushing those stretch goals!

      Looks like I'll have to think of something new now! :D

    29. Tristan Cotterill about 14 hours ago

      You know what I meant. Thought we were going to 28k

      Doesnt matter now they are unlocked

    30. Amber B. Panda about 15 hours ago

      But it is a 2k stretch... 27-29

      Noticed I forgot to add funds for the acrylics ><

    31. Tristan Cotterill about 16 hours ago

      Got carried away :( Thought it was a 2K Stretch, not 3k

    32. James Baldwin Creator about 17 hours ago

      Morning all!

      So, questions questions!

      Templates and Tokens:
      First off, I'd like to just make crystal clear that although the templates are very nice (and crystal clear!) you will be able to download a template online to make your own. Currently they also exist in the back of the Beta rulebook too, and probably will in the main rulebook, although I can't see many people wanting to cut up their book when they can just print.

      But there's nothing quite like a slick acrylic template is there? :D

      Tokens will be entirely optional- you can use them on the board, on the cards, or just keep track the old fashioned way- they're not something which are integral to the mechanics of the game. They will be a future unlock, in any case. I like them :D.

      Yes, I originally envisaged TDE as a campaign style game, but quickly realised that to do it right, and not fall in to the "snowball" pitfalls of most campaign/league games, we would have to take a different approach, and it would require a LOT of play testing. It seemed logical to release the game, create a community, and then playtest within the community, to really ensure the campaign system is something special, and set apart from the norm.

      That's certainly something I will do in the future, but for the moment it's been a huge job to get the core mechanics smooth and polished.

      But having said that, the scenarios in the first edition rulebook will be presented in "campaign" form- they'll tell a story, although they won't have any game-to game dependance. They will be tournament ready, stand alone scenarios, presented as a narrative, rather than truly inter-related.

      That sort of thing will come later :D.

      I have a lot of plans for the game as you can tell. I can't wait to build a strong community, and work towards something special in the coming years.

      My vision is that narrative and community are the pillars on which we build something really special :D.

      Choose your own Adventurer-
      Just waiting on the illustration now. Expect this to drop this evening!

      I'll be working on this a little today, and will hopefully thrash out a very brief strategy during the Kickstarter. Obviously this will really take off after delivery, when we will want to convert non-backers to the fold, but there's lots of useful things aspiring Wayfarers could be doing right now. It's been a busy few days, and there are always about five jobs per day more than I have time for, or so it seems, but I'm getting down to the bottom of the pile :D.

      Infernal thing keeps growing as I chip away at it! lol.

      Anyway, sorry I'm a little slow with the responses at the moment- I want to respond fully rather than just fire away a half baked answer.

    33. Tristan Cotterill about 19 hours ago

      4 Gene Splicers now!

    34. Denny Crane about 21 hours ago

      I think its said in the intro to the beta rules that a campaign is something for later when the rules are finalised and bullet proof. So this ks is more for the Basics.
      But I am absolutly with you as with the words campaign and necromunda you always have my attention.

    35. Missing avatar

      JayOBedlam about 21 hours ago

      Something I'm really curious about is the potential for a campaign system in The Drowned Earth. It's such a rich world, the potential for a real strong Necromunda style campaign where you fight over territory, create strongholds, seek out new (or old but lost) technology and knowledge could be incredible. @James is this something planned, or will campaigns be smaller "linked battles" affairs?

    36. Amber B. Panda 1 day ago

      Hahaha so I'm not the only one that got an Ark feel while looking at this :)

      Which reminds me, gotta feed my Megalodons

    37. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      Playing Ark-Evolved on PS4 atm, maybe that's why this appeals to me right now. :D
      Just joined so, what sets this apart from other skirmish level games (I've played) like Infinity, Hell Dorado, Freebooter's Fate or Mortheim? What about rules for NPC dinosaurs with random movement and a certain aggro range depending on species or herbicore/carnivore? Personally from what I've seen so far I'd like it to be even more scenario driven, since so many games end up in a mass slugfest in the middle. I'd also appreciate co-op/multiplayer scenarios, with more than 2 players. Thanks for any feedback! :)

    38. Tristan Cotterill 1 day ago

      Instead of tokens. Have you considered rings that go around the base? Like I do in Blood bowl

    39. Missing avatar

      BLUTAXT 1 day ago

      Hey there!
      I found it much more easy to put tokens beside the miniature.
      For me its hard to keep track of effects when the markers are on the other side of the table.
      If you are looking into translation of Drowned Earth, maybe i can do it!?!

    40. JockeZockt 1 day ago

      @James: What is with the results of the survey for "Choose your Adventurer"? Tomorrow? Any news for the Wayfarers Society?

    41. Costin Becheanu 1 day ago

      Did the same as JockeZockt said, works like a charm.

    42. JockeZockt 1 day ago

      @Agreave: Put the markers on the character cards, so the board is clean. ;)

    43. Agreave 1 day ago

      @JB, hopefully there won't be too many tokens? I hate games where each fig trails a load of markers after it! :)
      PS thanks for the PM confirmation too :)

    44. Tristan Cotterill 1 day ago

      You could look at it as an opportunity. Bears (Inc. Polar), Foxes, Buffalo. It would be a place for an expansion of factions, as well as expanding the story of the ones we already have.
      This is of course all hypothetical. So much to explore in the jungles

    45. JockeZockt 1 day ago

      @Tristan: I also thought about the "Ice Age" Expansion (Also Atlantis ;) ), but then I remembered that the Lizards would have a lot of problems to move in the cold. ^^
      But I love the Idea of a Mammoth and a Sabertooth (Oh, and a funny Sloth ^^)

    46. Andrew Coleman 1 day ago

      That is a great idea Jason.Some little objectives and such would be cool too.

    47. Jason Rush 1 day ago

      I would like to see a scatter terrain set as a stretch goal with some interesting Drowned Earthy items. Nothing huge, just 4 or 5 matchbox size bits and bobs one might find peeking out of the bushes or muck.

    48. Tristan Cotterill 2 days ago

      Thats autocorrect

      2. Drowned Earth: Scorch

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