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The Drowned Earth is an alternate Sci Fi tabletop miniatures game set in a land of ancient ruins, and lost technology.
The Drowned Earth is an alternate Sci Fi tabletop miniatures game set in a land of ancient ruins, and lost technology.
The Drowned Earth is an alternate Sci Fi tabletop miniatures game set in a land of ancient ruins, and lost technology.
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    1. James Baldwin Creator on July 31

      Update went out today guys. I'm afraid this early in the development process you'll need to expect it to be a bit quiet- there really isn't going to be much interesting to tell you.

      As far as new fluff or fiction is concerned, all my free time is taken up with developing the rulebook. I'm currently writing 5 hours a day on top of my paid job, and so I don't want to take time away from that to update the website. When the rulebook is written, or at least further along, I'll be blogging again, but for the moment I need to concentrate on the main goal.

      Anyway, about an update a month is the best i've been able to do so far, and I think that's a reasonable amount of communication for the early part of the campaign, where inevitably there won't be a great deal to tell. I'm looking forward to actual prototypes and artwork coming in, so I can make a few shorter, but more exciting updates! Soon!

    2. Missing avatar

      Greg Heath on July 30

      I've been thinking the same thing. Pretty quiet on TDE front.

    3. Missing avatar

      Peter Wright on July 26

      After such an amazing campaign, and the growth of a great community, it's a shame things have gone so quiet here, on Facebook, and on the Drowned Earth webpage. Any chance of an update? New fluff or fiction?

    4. Missing avatar

      Greg Wilson on July 25

      hoping to get an update soon or better yet get the pledge manager open

    5. Missing avatar

      Bertrand Mullon on July 25

      Hi. Any news?

    6. James Baldwin Creator on June 29

      Hey Andrew. The beta versions are already in the downloads section of the website:

    7. Missing avatar

      andrew okane on June 29

      How do you get access to rules and cards etc as a backer?

    8. James Baldwin Creator on June 20

      No indeed- I replied to Fall privately explaining that. Won't be too much longer now.

    9. Terry on June 20

      @fall, I'm not sure the pledge manager is even online at the moment

    10. Missing avatar

      fall on June 14

      Hello James
      Sorry but I did not receive a link or
      e-mail for my pledge

    11. Missing avatar

      BLUTAXT on May 26

      Just adjusted my printer and made me some standees.
      Terrain is almost finished and next week i will get my mate and me a good time rolling some dice for feats and nails ;)

    12. Stevie G
      on May 19

      Speaking of dinos ... are most people content to just get a pair of each? Or does anyone thing we need multiple sets?

      I will probably bet he only one in my gaming group to get minis, so I need enough for everyone (not just what I might field). Thoughts?

    13. JockeZockt on May 17

      One day without Drowned Earth... damn...

    14. Amy Van De Water on May 16

      =D Sweet! Dinosaurs!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Alex F on May 16

      Great value on the Master Builder pledge ... 31 miniatures for £200 works out at £6.45 each, not including the rulebook, templates, dice and tokens. And some of these minis are giant gorillas or £18-22 cavalry models. Great campaign too ... the competitions and videos added a lot of interest. Now if I can just learn to paint faster by next April!

    16. Terry on May 16

      Congratulation James and good luck with the follow up, I hope it will go as smooth as possible

    17. John R on May 16

      Congrates James

    18. JayOBedlam on May 16

      Amazing campaign, I can't wait to play now!

    19. JockeZockt on May 16

      1000 comments with this one... Have to do it ^^

    20. Missing avatar

      Matthew Vile on May 16

      well done 914% funded

    21. Richard Bowker on May 16

      Whoop! Well done mate

    22. Andrew Coleman on May 16

      Great work James.

    23. JockeZockt on May 16

      I have a feeling a huge Update will come today. ^^

    24. Andrew Rees on May 16

      Upped mine to master builder level, now just have to sell unused stuff to cover the difference but it will be well worth it when this arrives :)

    25. Amber B. Panda on May 16

      Break out the bubbly

    26. Missing avatar

      BLUTAXT on May 16

      Lets celebrate!

    27. Catlion
      on May 16

      Congratulations James! ... and to the rest of you guys, too :D

    28. Missing avatar

      Pippa Peile on May 16

      Just went in last few minutes to increase pledge to include all of the dinosaurs as add ons and instead changed to the all in pledge. Well it was too good value not to ;-)

    29. JockeZockt on May 16

      Congratulation James

    30. Amber B. Panda on May 16

      Congrats on an awesome campaign James!

      Cant wait for it toarrive!

    31. Stevie G
      on May 16

      With 75 seconds to go ... I backed at Master Builder. Just far too enticing to wait. Who needs to eat? Food is over-rated!

    32. Amber B. Panda on May 16

      Final countdown

    33. Troy Jackson on May 16

      Excited for the next steps for this game. Will be introducing the game to the local gaming community for sure!

    34. JockeZockt on May 16

      Last minutes...

    35. Bombshell Miniatures on May 16

      So glad to see this did as well as it has! Really looking forward to seeing how the game develops. Congratulations, James! :)

    36. James Baldwin Creator on May 16

      Yep, I totally agree with that- the end of the campaign marks the beginning of the game's life! Very excited about the future. I must concentrate on what's important at this moment in time- production and delivery, but I am full of ideas for the future, both of the game and community!

    37. Amber B. Panda on May 16

      @Jocke, true that !

      I'm definitely planning to go to Crisis this year, Antwerpen isnt that far away :D

    38. JockeZockt on May 16

      @Amber: Not over... right now it begins for real, we all have kickstarted this project which now could begin rolling. Also, we, as a community should stay in touch, hope to see some of you at Crisis in Antwerpen this year.

    39. Catlion
      on May 16

      Oh, hey domeheads... great and fun campaign :)

    40. JayOBedlam on May 16

      Genuine excitement for this one! It's been a great campaign, loved throwing out location and character ideas... last few minutes guys! Up your pledge to the All In, it'll be worth it!

    41. Amber B. Panda on May 16

      @Jocke, well said :) I couldn't agree more!

      Also I can't believe it's almost over

    42. Missing avatar

      Peter Wright on May 16

      @ Jocke - well said. This has been a great campaign for a fantastic game set in an amazing world that has built a fantastic community. Huge thanks to James for his creativity, hard work, and dedication to the project and its supporters.

    43. sander van Beek on May 16

      Less than half an hour left.
      Great campaign James.
      Cheers and sleep well ;)

    44. James Baldwin Creator on May 16

      Thanks for all the kind words guys- it's been my absolute pleasure! Exhausting, but huge fun.

      And yep, Domeheads unlocked just in time. Whoohoo! :D

    45. Missing avatar

      Jay Crow on May 16

      @ Jocke, couldn't have said it better. Thanks James

    46. Stevie G
      on May 16

      I love everything about this campaign ... but have no budget for this right now. And no jungle terrain of any kind. Zero, zilch, nada. And I really should just sigh and walk away.

      I have wrestled over backing this all-in (Master Builder which is such a HUGE bargain) or not at all, there is no middle ground. And maybe a little more time will help. So I just backed at the lowest possible level, and hope this gives me access to a pledge manager, where I can decide to go all-in at a later date.

      But if not ... congrats James on a super campaign. You have crafted a brand new world I really want to game in, and that is not an easy thing to do. I can only hope by the time your Pledge Manager is available (if you use one) I have figured out a way to afford this!

    47. Missing avatar

      BLUTAXT on May 16

      Jocke +1
      Totally like this setting, the minis and your communication with us!
      Hats off to you.

    48. Denny Crane on May 16

      Well said Jocke

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