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The Drowned Earth is an alternate Sci Fi tabletop miniatures game set in a land of ancient ruins, and lost technology.
The Drowned Earth is an alternate Sci Fi tabletop miniatures game set in a land of ancient ruins, and lost technology.
The Drowned Earth is an alternate Sci Fi tabletop miniatures game set in a land of ancient ruins, and lost technology.
507 backers pledged £45,898 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      BLUTAXT on

      Speed of Light! :)
      Thanks for your answer, but somehow i am a little lost and cant find the contact form on your website :(
      Btw it was a pleasure to meet you during Vengeance!

    2. James Baldwin Creator on

      Hey hey! Hit up the contact form on the facebook Group or the website. Alternatively you can shoot me a message here.

      I’m going to see Art of War at the UKGE tomorrow so perhaps I can pick up his order and post it onwards with whatever he buys from the website :)


    3. Missing avatar

      BLUTAXT on

      Is there a way to get in contact with James?
      A friend of mine wants to order something trough the webshop, but cant find the tokens.
      He doesnt want to split his orders to James and Arts of War.

    4. Missing avatar

      John neely on

      What a great Kickstarter to be part of, loads of updates and great communication from James and the minis are top quality.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Smythe on

      Just got my rewards and I am blown away. I'd seen some pictures but they don't do it justice. Great job, James.

    6. Paul - Dragon Tamer of Brimstone on

      Got my stuff today. James outdid himself on presentation! Was afraid to mess up wax seal and may just remove it and stick it to my painting desk. Mini's are gorgeous!!!! So glad I backed even if it was just for a few items! Thanks James!!!

    7. wouter

      We got the game over here in Belgium!
      Only, the Wayfarers I ordered extra weren't in there. Are these delivered later?

    8. Missing avatar

      Alex F on

      Painting my first Drowned Earth figures now (almost finished Mirja). Great campaign, and real attention to detail throughout ... even in the packaging for the boxes!

    9. Paint'Riot Studio

      @enoto : yes, you can found them on the website.

    10. Missing avatar

      enoto on

      Got my stuff! Whoo-hoo!

      While we wait for the full pdfs, anyone know if the free rules on the site are up to date?

    11. Missing avatar

      Bertrand Mullon on

      Just few words:
      Yes, when I received my pledge.
      Waow, when I opened my pledge.
      Thanks very much, when I unpacked everything.
      You have desserved holydays... on the Drowned earth.

    12. Johannes Behling on

      Collected my pledge at the post office today! Thank you! The package was really nice!

    13. Vegabond on

      Where is the download for the map of Ulaya?

    14. Missing avatar

      BLUTAXT on

      Cant wait to start building and painting on the minis :)

    15. The_Minsk on

      Just got my stuff, they are amazing. I wish I got some extra stuff now. Fantastic casts too. So are there plans for new factions? Will there be any other sort of toughs? I’m hoping for a large lizard/reptile man, of maybe a massive feline monster

    16. Thomas M Burke

      So maybe I missed this part of the information. I expect my figures will arrive pretty soon but when/how do I get my PDF of the rules ?

    17. Vegabond on

      Got my stuff, can’t wait to get started on it.

    18. Craig Robertson

      A box arrived today.

    19. Catlion

      Waiting for my pledge to arrive :) . How do we get the PDF stuff btw.?

    20. Missing avatar

      Dan Holland on

      Mine arrived today. Everything looks great, fantastic production quality as well. Awesome job James, will pop by to your stand tomorrow to say hi!

    21. Craig Robertson

      Will it be possible to collect our pledges at Salute?

    22. James Baldwin Creator on

      Glad to be of help! :)

    23. Vegabond on

      Figured it out, thank you.

    24. James Baldwin Creator on

      Additionally be sure you’re going to your survey confirmation page here:

    25. James Baldwin Creator on

      Hey there- yes, it sounds like you’re buying from the pre-order store rather than adding to your pledge- first go to “view confirmation” in the top right, and that should give you the option to add new items, in the bottom left of the screen.

      Hope that helps!

    26. Vegabond on

      When I add the wayfarers it charges another £11 for shipping. Wouldn’t this be shipped with my pledge? So shipping should be less?

    27. James Baldwin Creator on

      @vagabond Yes, correct!

      Longshanks is very highly regarded, but it’s guildball only, I’m afraid!

    28. Vegabond on

      So a master builder pledge gets one of everything on the pledge manager except the Wayfarers, correct?

    29. Missing avatar

      BLUTAXT on

      Answer to your Facebook question: is the way to for Guild Ball at the moment.
      It works really great on both ends, as a player and also as a TO.
      Hope that helps!?

    30. James Baldwin Creator on

      Hey Greg- that sounds about right. If you send me a message with your backer ID I’ll look at your account for you

    31. Missing avatar

      Greg Heath on

      Hey James, I looked at the backerkit and it said £48 balance. So I take it that the £109 from Get Wet and add ons were charged at the end of the kickstarter but the Wayfarers and extra tokens and shipping are the £48 still waiting to be collected? I had added those things a while ago. Is that balance going to be collected on Feb 7th?

    32. James Baldwin Creator on

      Yep, it'll be open till 7th Feb :).

    33. Paint'Riot Studio

      The Pledge manager extend a little time ?

    34. James Baldwin Creator on

      Huh... I've also just noticed that the update I wrote on Xmas day never went out for some reason...

    35. James Baldwin Creator on

      Hey guys- I should have an update tomorrow. Been very busy getting everything in to final production. Don't worry- everything is fine!

    36. Missing avatar

      Bertrand Mullon on

      Can we have an update with news about production and miniatures?

    37. James Baldwin Creator on

      Hey Billy- please send me a PM about this in the first week of Jan if you haven't heard from me. I'm 90% sure that the answer will be standard playing card size (63x88mm), specifically for ease of sleeving, but I need to confirm this with the printers before I can go 100% on it.

      Quantities depends on what you've ordered, of course! One card for each model, but without wanting to make promises about things that haven't yet been decided, it might be a good idea if you account for an extra 10 cards or so. :)

    38. Billy

      @Creator - Hi Guys :-D Just sorting out bits and pieces before ordering sleeves for a whole host of cards. Could you let us know quantities and exact dimensions of your cards please? Many thanks in advance :-)

    39. David Diamondstone on

      Is it possible to get wishbone (from the wayfarers) as an individual add-on?

    40. The Underwoods

      I am in love with the model for Wishbone. I didn't quite have the funds for that pledge level myself. But it will be the first model I have ever owned that looks like me. Skin like mine, hair like mine, the facial hair is even really close to mine. Super exited to be getting the whole Wayfarers crew.

    41. James Baldwin Creator on

      Hey @Matthew, I'm aiming for it to be hardback- it will depend on weight but with a bit more information than I had during the Kickstarter, it's looking like that will be possible. Not a guarantee just yet, but a "fairly likely". I certainly want it to be.

    42. Missing avatar

      Matthew Underwood on

      Quick question, is the rulebook going to be hard-back

    43. James Baldwin Creator on

      @Greg Absolutely.

    44. Missing avatar

      Greg Heath on

      Will the Wayfarers come with stat cards?

    45. James Baldwin Creator on

      Hang on- thinking on it more carefully, I think I may have a way around that. Message me with the email address you have registered on Kickstarter and I'll send you a message and take a look at your pledge.

    46. James Baldwin Creator on

      That's a thorny one- let me give Backerkit an email and see what they say about it.

    47. d70

      Using the pre-order store, backerkit doesn't take into account the amount that I pledged during the Kickstarter. I only wanted the rule book so pledged £27, but when I go through to PayPal I'm still being charged £31.50. Any suggestions?

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