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A unlikely group of heroes: a girl, a clone and an undead mummy attempt to make sense of the strange world they've been thrown into.
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Massive Apologies

Posted by Mary Tamblyn (Creator)

Sorry for all the delays, after sending the first 10 packages, I found out that New Zealand Post has cut their economy postage rates, meaning that each package I send internationally is about twice what I would of paid otherwise.

These changes happened AFTER the comics just got printed and I only found out at the postshop. This obviously caused me massive panic and worry about how we were going to afford this.

For the sake of transparency - the $1000 that was initially meant to go to Alex for all her art and hard work for the comic, is now being used as printing back up. It probably won't all need to be used for it, but I feel horrible that it's had to come to this.

Sorry, again, for lack of updates - university takes its toll and things get very busy - but I have just finished packaging all the remaining books to send (about 40 of them) - apart from a few for certain people who have not yet filled out their surveys! (Please get onto that, I can't send things if I don't know your address).

I'm currently now calculating the costs for these 40 to send and will hopefully send them all tomorrow, if I can.

So once that is done, I'll send out a message asking you to let me know when you receive the comics - sorry if that's annoying for you - but I want to make sure everyone gets them and they don't get lost. If you don't have it 6 weeks after tomorrow, let me know!

Thanks again for your support, I hope you enjoy the comic :D

(Sorry again for being useless at communicating).


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    1. David Schlosser Jr on

      Don't let this get you down. Setbacks happen sometimes, so no biggy. Sounds like things have been stressful, so take your time and if you need help you can always ask us backers if we can do anything.

    2. Akilles on

      On the behalf of you guys, I mean. I don`t mind.