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A short film about the fallout of an abusive relationship and the upward climb to sanity that follows.

The Goal Has Been Reached!  And so quickly too!  That being said, why stop there?  Let's see if we can push this farther!  More money means better equipment and pay for cast and crew.  So, let's do this!  The New Goal is: $1,500.

International Backers

While I cannot add it to the side bar, I will be more than happy to offer a digital download, express delivered via you-send-it, for the same backing price as a DVD.  I can only offer this perk for International Backers and that does limit you to backing 10.00 maximum.  This is because international postage rates are rather high and I would rather not force people to pay 40 dollars (in some cases) to receive the physical secrets and a DVD.


'Claire in the Evening' is a short character study exploring the effects of mentally abusive relationships. Inspired by true events it follows Claire in the aftermath of an explosive breakup as she wanders aimlessly trying to reclaim her identity. 


With this film I would like to simultaneously address certain issues about mental violence in modern relationships as well as craft an artistic film on an incredibly limited budget in a town that is always telling me "you can't do it this way, do it this way." The ultimate goal is to have a festival worthy film that may possibly be taken further into a feature.


I want to make this film the best that it can possibly be and I need you kickstarters help to do it!  By pledging support to this film you are not only supporting my endeavor personally, but you are supporting Independent Cinema!




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