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A little wireless sensor connects any ordinary toothbrush to the Internet, along with a mobile app and dancing monkey! (an API too)

A little wireless sensor connects any ordinary toothbrush to the Internet, along with a mobile app and dancing monkey! (an API too) Read More
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About this project

We're bringing to the world the very first Internet-enabled, wireless Toothbrush!  It's a little silicone covered sensor that slides on to the bottom of any ordinary toothbrush.  It has a wireless circuit inside with an accelerometer that measures special patterns of forces when you brush your teeth.

The fun part is that it's connected to an app we'll call, Brush Monkey.  It's mainly targeting kids and families and getting people to want to brush their teeth, because it's simply a lot of fun. As kids start to brush, we make mom and dad's phone (or your own) start buzzing and making monkey noises.  If you brush for two minutes, it makes a monkey go crazy fun.

The wireless Toothbrush is just one of our very first sensors we plan to productize with your help on Kickstarter.  We'd like to offer all kinds of other sensors that measure things you do in the way you interact with objects -- different than, and not the "Internet of Things."  For example, a sensor on the dog leash measures when you walk the dog.  Who didn't put the lid down on the toilet?  We can make one for that too.  Take your medicine?  Play with toys?  It's about our actual behaviors and doing things together.

Our sensors will go in little puffy stickers like these.  They simply stick on to things like medicine bottles, toilet seats, dog leashes, toys, and almost anything that moves in a certain way.  The same base-station you get with the Toothbrush Kit will also work with all our sensor stickers down the road.  An API is already released.  We'd love to have tech folks out there write your own apps too.

It's working today -- check out a TEDx talk with demo that I gave last summer. But, getting it into mass production is the next hurdle.  We know how to get there, but it's going to take some redesigning and momentum to ramp into volume.  The design can be made super low cost and we've already established relationships with two factories in China. 

We've got a little head-start with some angel funding last year, but we could use your help getting this to the next step, beyond a prototype.  It's been a crazy adventure thus far, which took me from Portland, Ore. to Providence, to Cambridge, and then San Francisco.  I slept in server rooms and an air-shaft for nearly a year, building, tinkering, and figuring out how I could help people.  

We're looking for your help on Kickstarter to bring the Brush Monkey Toothbrush and all these sensors beyond a prototype and now into homes of millions of people.  With your support, we can make these sensors inexpensive-enough so that they're available to everyone.  Help us help lots of people be more happy and healthy in the everyday things we all do. 



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    About $1.00 USD

    15 backers

    A special Thanks!

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    Pledge $29 or more
    About $29 USD

    5 backers

    A Brush Monkey T-shirt! A monkey... with a toothbrush. What could be more fun? We're absolutely cracking up here. It's hilarious, and kinda cute too.

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    Pledge $49 or more
    About $49 USD

    45 backers

    The Brush Monkey Toothbrush Kit, including a green-egg base-station that plugs into your broadband router, which talks wireless to the toothbrush with a range of 200+ feet. Includes the Brush Monkey iPhone app.

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    Pledge $99 or more
    About $99 USD

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    Gets you Purple Polka-dots on your green egg base-station (limited edition), along with the full Toothbrush Sensor Kit and Brush Monkey app. We'll also include an early pedometer card sensor to try out that measures being active and getting up off your bum.

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    Pledge $149 or more
    About $149 USD

    1 backer

    Be the first to also try out our Toilet Seat sensor along with the Brush Monkey Toothbrush Kit. Yup, we can also tell when the lid stays up and we've got a fun app planned for that too, called Toilet Genie.

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    Pledge $199 or more
    About $199 USD

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    Each new sticker sensor that we make this year! In addition to the full Brush Monkey Toothbrush Sensor Kit, we also include the T-shirt and custom printed polka-dot wireless green egg.

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    Pledge $500 or more
    About $500 USD

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    Each new sticker sensor we make for life! (plus all of the above)

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