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Earworm is the game that has YOU recreating your favorite songs without the lyrics! Perfect for parties, with family, and friends!
Earworm is the game that has YOU recreating your favorite songs without the lyrics! Perfect for parties, with family, and friends!
Earworm is the game that has YOU recreating your favorite songs without the lyrics! Perfect for parties, with family, and friends!
569 backers pledged $21,616 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator 7 days ago

      @Marshal - *fist bump* then *high-five* then *raises a glass to toast*

    2. Marshall Britt
      7 days ago

      @Liz - These were at the very bottom of the campaign, which is fine but most publishers will ensure "Shipping not included in your pledge" in the actual campaign levels. I backed this project out of friendly support based on being another musically themed tabletop game and if I recall even sent some mid-campaign advice. If you'd read my comment fully you'd have seen that I clearly saw the estimates, but am pointing out one of the number one reasons backers do not support follow up projects as an oversight I'd like to see "in the future" as my post states. :)

      @Aaron - Gotcha, I missed that update as my kickstarter inbox generally looks like a stock ticker, thanks for the link. I apprecaite that you all plan to do that in the future, I know we share some publishing friends and was glad to see y'all fund. Like I mention above, inflated shipping (post-funding) is one of the top three reasons for loss of backer support in polls we've run, which is why I bring it up. I realize costing the game appropriately isn't easy especially on your first one. No harm done! Just suggesting that in the future you follow the examples of some of the large publishers who use post funding shipping charges as well.

      Look forward to the game.

    3. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator 7 days ago

      @Marshall - I understand your frustration with the shipping! It's something we all share here at VStheUNIVERSE. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with our backers, and we had communicated an unfortunate issue where our original fulfillment company had to back out of working with us. See here:

      This led to shipping costs being raised slightly, but we planned to compensate by upgrading the game box + adding in additional variant rulesets that we experimented with in demos. We had also tried to indicate on the campaign page that shipping would not be included, but in future campaigns we will be sure to indicate this more clearly in the backer options as well. We learned a *LOT* in this campaign, and we plan to grow with that experience in the future!

    4. Liz Brodzinski on

      The shipping policy and *estimates* are pretty clearly laid out in the campaign under the large heading "SHIPPING" FYI.

    5. Marshall Britt

      In the future please put that shipping is not included in the pledge levels.

      The indication is that shipping is included in my reading of this:

      "With this pledge level you'll get the full game PLUS all of the unlocked stretch goals over the course of the campaign!"

      Your shipping information states $6-7, yet now US customers are paying the Canadian shipping estimate of $8.

      Glad your project funded, but asking for nearly 50% of the purchase price for delivery is the kind of thing that loses backer loyalty.

    6. SammyJ76

      Got the smoke test today and completed my survey with no issues. Everything worked fine and it was a smooth checkout. Can’t wait to play this game!

    7. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator on

      @Thomas - Hi Thomas! Yes, we did not charge for shipping during the initial campaign.

    8. Thomas Hutton on

      Is the shipping $8 more after the initial pledge?

    9. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator on

      @Robert Borges - Hey there Robert! We only sent out surveys for the $100/$125/$250 tiers. You're all set until we send out the BackerKit surveys!

    10. Robert Borges on

      I didn't get my survey. Should I have gotten one?

    11. Jessica Kent on

      Congratulations sweet friends!!! I can't wait to play, and gift, this game!!! <3

    12. Keithustus on

      Hope we see all the songs that have been weeded out for too few votes return and then have a fresh set of runoffs to whittle the list to 36......?

    13. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator on

      @Rosie Frater - Holy cow. I'm a HUGE Death Cab fan. I'd LOVE to see "Soul Meets Body" or really anything off Plans in this game.

    14. Rosie Frater on

      I thought I’d missed my chance focus submit songs, but then HOORAY EXPANSION!
      “Steal My Sunshine” - LEN
      “Chelsea Dagger” - The Fratellis
      “Soul Meets Body” - Death Cab For Cutie

    15. KZ (KingZombie)

      I'm a I'm totally going to use this in class. ^_^

    16. KZ (KingZombie)

      Ok..... that’s kinda awesome.

      I think I’ll go change my pledge. :-)

    17. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator on

      @KZ - These songs we did for a previous campaign are a good indicator of the song you'd receive.


      We sent out surveys to everyone who got the theme song level before, and that's how we crafted the lyrics and feel of each. Your answers to the survey will dictate what it sounds like. This one is one of my faves we made:

    18. KZ (KingZombie)

      How long is the theme song? Like how long can it be? Do we help with the lyrics? Genre?

    19. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator on

      We've opened up five more theme song pledges!

    20. Dustin Wilson - Rusty Trombone on

      Congrats on hitting your goal!!

    21. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator on

      @KZ - Great questions! We'll have a good idea of when we can deliver the PnP when we get the voting done for the 36-Card Expansion y'all unlocked earlier this week. We need to do typesetting on the cards and have our artist make the new characters for the $250 pledge level, but we *may* be able to get it out before all of that is figured out.

      We'll do our best to deliver accurate timelines as we nail down what our collaborators are able to provide us with.

      As for late backing, it might be too early to tell right now. I'm hoping to have an answer to that by our livestream tonight.

    22. KZ (KingZombie)

      @Creator When can we get the PnP?
      I'm excited for this one. I think that would help get people to late back.

      Speaking of late backing... will late backing count towards the SG total? I've seen it go both ways on different KS campaigns.

    23. Liz Brodzinski on

      Yayyyyyyyyy!!! I am pushing HARD for the first stretch goal. I need to find a way to get Once Upon A December into this game. And definitely down with KZ's goal of free shipping as well.

    24. KZ (KingZombie)

      C'mon 30K! I'd love free shipping.

    25. KZ (KingZombie)

      Way to go! Congrats!!

    26. SammyJ76

      Finally got to back this!!! So happy it will be funded. Looking forward to playing this and getting all of those crazy songs out of my head. LOL Congratulations on a fun campaign.

    27. Missing avatar

      Dennis M. on

      You did it!! Congratulations!

    28. Missing avatar

      Theresa Voyles on

      Ah! 8 HOURS. Go, go, go!

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Sapiano on

      Heard about this on the Modifier podcast. Absolutely love the idea.

    30. KZ (KingZombie)


      I’ve shared with some friend.

      Everyone.... buy an extra copy and donate it to the local high school show choir

    31. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator on

      @KZ - *STAR WARS VOICE* - Stay on target...

    32. KZ (KingZombie)

      So close!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Rob Hines on

      If all of the current backers can throw 10 dollars more in, that would more than surpass the goal. I'm in. How about the rest of you?

    34. Missing avatar

      Elisabeth H on

      I'm going to give you four, in case you want to save the first one for the Musical Expansion. (There MUST be a Musical Expansion.)

      Over the Rainbow written by Harold Arlen, performed by Judy Garland
      Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul, & Mary
      California Girls by The Beach Boys
      River of Dreams by Billy Joel

      I also think a Christmas Expansion would be brilliant.

    35. Jennifer Adams Kelley on

      Song submissions:

      "Last Train to Clarksville"-- the Monkees
      "High School Never Ends" -- Bowling For Soup
      "Sweet Caroline"-- Neil Diamond
      "Happy Hour" -- the Housemartins
      "Mickey" -- Toni Basil
      "Best of Both Worlds"-- Hannah Montana

      If they have already come up, my apologies. I'm late to the backing!

    36. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator on

      Update: 142 shares! 8 left to go until we get that expansion!

    37. Daniel Anthony Smith on

      @Aaron, i’ve been watching a lot of Supernatural recently and remembered how much I love that song

    38. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator on

      Update: 120 shares! 30 left to go until we get that expansion!

    39. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator on

      @Daniel Anthony Smith: Dang. Now that I realize we DON’T have that Kansas song in there I really want to vote for it.

    40. Daniel Anthony Smith on

      Dave Dobbyn - Slice Of Heaven (…)
      Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son (…)
      The Smith Street Band - Young Drunk (…)

    41. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator on

      @Jennifer Ward: being a HUGE TMBG fan I would love to see these in the game! Birdhouse In My Soul is incredible!

      @Diane Lopez: I would love to have Green Day in there just because it means a lot of teams would be yelling “GOOD RIDDANCE” at players!

    42. Barkingkitty on

      Losing My Religion - REM
      Good Riddance - Green Day
      Burning Down the House - Talking Heads

      Thanks for letting me share my picks!

    43. Jennifer Ward on

      Being a huge TMBG fan, might I suggest:
      Your Racist Friend
      Birdhouse in Your Soul
      Doctor Worm

    44. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator on

      @Joseph La Dow: Fantastic variety there. Fun fact: my grade school music teacher loved Rob Zombie and taught us to play that on the RECORDER. It sounded awful. Just awful.

      We are all musical theatre people, or work in the business here in Chicago. If we can make a dedicated Musical Theatre expansion work then you can bet we will.

    45. Joseph La Dow on

      Dragula by Rob Zombie
      One Headlight by The Wallflowers
      Defying Gravity from Wicked (or a Broadway expansion in the future)

    46. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator on

      @Jenny Seay - Jenny I'm gonna tell you right now I'll be voting for DMX. They're all great submissions but DMX is inspired.

      @Uncle Bob - Convoy is a great submission! More country!

    47. Missing avatar

      Jenny Seay on

      Here are my three suggestions:

      Addicted to Love - Robert Palmer
      X Gon' Give it to Ya - DMX
      Free Fallin' - Tom Petty

    48. Uncle Bob on

      Convoy by CW McCall. :D

      I'd be amused (and probably the only one...)

      Hope this is successful - my wife will love this game.

    49. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator on

      UPDATE: We're currently at 92 shares out of 150 for the 36-card expansion! Only a little more to go...

    50. Aaron J. Amendola Collaborator on

      @Eliane Mullen - We playtested with some Elvis songs when we started development but little by little they got worked out of the deck. If we can get that 36-card expansion in the game then there's definitely room for him. "Hound Dog" and "Jailhouse Rock" would be A+.

      @KZ - We've been agonizing over whether to add instrumentals this early in the process. We had plans for an expansion of works that didn't have lyrics in them but if those types of songs get voted in then anything is game.

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