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Chickpea Magazine is a vegan quarterly with submissions from around the world! Help us print our 4th issue & expand to mobile devices!
Chickpea Magazine is a vegan quarterly with submissions from around the world! Help us print our 4th issue & expand to mobile devices!
164 backers pledged $5,923 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Your rewards have been sent!

  • We shipped 80% of the rewards earlier in the week, on Monday, so many of you should be receiving your items already, or will be getting them very soon. 
  • You also should have received an email with your digital PDF download, as we sent them out yesterday. (If you have any problems with opening/using the file email us at
  • We just got the rest of our print copies from our printer, and we're packing and shipping the rest of your rewards today and tomorrow. 

You can see up-to-the-minute updates of our shipping process at our website.

We're currently working on the mobile app(s), and will notify you when it's done. We've got really high hopes about making a stellar experience for mobile viewing! :)

Thank you so much for your support!

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Funding Successful!

We're funded! Thanks so much to everyone who contributed, we're working on your rewards as we speak/read/type. Our printer is setting up the run now, so with any luck we'll be sending things out by the end of next week.

Oh No, I Missed the Kickstarter!

Don't worry, we'll be leaving things at or near their reward level prices for the rest of the week at our shop, so head over there if you still want a preorder or would like some backissues. We've got everything but Fall 2011 issues in stock at the moment. You can even order the posters from the higher reward levels!

What About Future Issues?

We won't be doing a Kickstarter every quarter, and we don't want to bother you with emails if you're not interested in future issues, so we've got a few mailing lists for those interested in our progress:

  • New Issue Notification List; We'll alert you every time a new issue of the magazine is released so you know when to expect it to go up online/arrive in your mailbox.
  • Backorder Availability List; When you sign up for this list you're asked to select from our existing issues. When these issues are reprinted or available in our shop we'll let you know 2-3 days before we make a general announcement on Facebook and twitter.
  • Ebook/App Development List; Let us know what device you use and we'll notify you when Chickpea is available on your gadget-of-choice. If you bought a digital version via the Kickstarter we'll be letting you know through here, but this mailing list is more specific (only those who selected ipad will hear about that app etc).

How Can I Get Involved in Chickpea?

Submit an idea! We're currently accepting proposals for the Fall 2012 issue, so don't be shy! Feel free to shoot us an email at with any other questions/concerns/thoughts -- we'd love to hear from all of you!

~Bob and Cara, Chickpea Vegan Quarterly

We've Reached Our Goal!

Thanks so much to all our contributors!

What Now?

We're funded, but that doesn't mean we're finished. This Kickstarter is acting as a subscription drive for the Summer 2012 issue, so the more people that pledge the larger our print run, and the farther the reach of Chickpea. We've still got 10 days to go, so tell your friends!

How Can I get Involved?

Not content just getting a copy of the magazine? Want to be a part of Chickpea? Submit an article for the upcoming Fall 2012 issue or buy an ad in that issue's online preview. You can do both those things at our get involved page. Does your store want to carry copies of Chickpea? Shoot us an email ( ) and we'll tell you about our wholesale prices.