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Chickpea Magazine is a vegan lifestyle quarterly magazine that's looking to publish its first issue beyond the internet.


we reached our $1,000 goal!! (in just three days, which was amazing to us!) we just want to thank everyone who has donated and/or spread the word of our project. thank you so, so much!

BUT! just because we reached our goal, that doesn't mean you can't still donate. if you donate to our project, you'll still be getting your copy of the magazine at the discounted (bulk) rate, you'll still be getting reduced shipping costs. so if you're interested in our project at all, please feel free to order your copy! 

we have until october 13th to continue with the kickstarter project, and as soon as we get the money from amazon we'll print and ship your orders. after that printing, we won't be able to offer the magazine at the inclusive $22 rate. so order between now and october 13th if you want it!!

thanks again,

bob and cara

What is Chickpea?

It's a magazine written, photographed, and designed by vegans. We go through a submission process each season and include the best in articles, recipes, photography, guides, products, and more. Its main goal is to bring the vegan community together and try to promote more cooking, more learning, and more fun to be had by all vegans.

We're trying to change how people think of magazines. We take content directly from the source, by accepting personal stories and unique points of view from our community. We have no advertising, rather, we try to support fellow vegan small business owners. As vegans, we know how frustrating it can be to find ethically produced, high quality, reasonably priced goods. So Etsy shop owners (who are vegan or vegetarian) show us the best they've got, we pick our favorites, and vegans end up supporting vegans.

Read more about us at our site:

or see the magazine online:

or visit our blog:

Why should I have a printed copy?

Print is so important, especially when it comes to the kitchen. We're avid cooks, and we know what works and what doesn't: we use cookbooks and our own written recipes way more than internet recipes. It's more practical (I don't want to get maple syrup all over my laptop), it's faster to find what you're looking for, and it has a nice presence when it's laying around on your coffee table or your countertop. Plus, our recipes are tested and approved by all friends and family - what about that random cookie recipe on the internet? 

Think of it as a nice mix between a cookbook and a non-fiction book - something you can't find a good mix of really anywhere on the internet.

Why do you guys need Kickstarter?

Essentially, you're buying a pre-order of the magazine, including shipping, when you donate $22 and up. It's a high-quality, perfect bound, full color magazine, and to make it affordable we need to print them in bulk. (Otherwise it'd cost closer to $30-$35 per issue - not cool!) Without Kickstarter, we wouldn't be able to afford the bulk printing costs up front, nor would we be able to afford the fast shipping we'll be offering. So to keep it a small, neat price for you, we encourage you to pre-order by donating through Kickstarter!

Where is my money going to?

All the donation tiers listed are the hard cost of whatever you're getting. It's the printing cost, shipping cost, paper cost, ink cost, etc. including taxes. We're not here to make a profit, just here to give you some helpful and interesting stuff!

Why should I donate over the $1,000 goal?

You're just helping to pay for your reduced-cost magazine issue, it can only help you! All tiers of donation are discounted prices of their original, so there's no downside to donating, really.

What if you DON'T reach your $1,000 goal?

This is important! If we don't reach our goal, we get zero dollars. It all goes back to you, and basically it's like nothing ever happened. No issues will be sent out, nothing! So feel safe to donate any amount. :)

What are the other rewards, besides the magazine, that I could donate toward?

All of the other rewards fit directly in line with our "print is best in the kitchen" philosophy, so we thought they'd be perfect additions.

  • The first is a set of recipe cards! These are block printed by us personally, and have a great design. They're perfect for writing your own recipes, copying down one of your favorites, or sending recipes to your friends in style. 
  • The second is a "how to store foods" poster. This is great for hanging on the fridge or in the pantry, for quick reference when you're putting away groceries and are too exhausted to trek to your computer. This is ideal for promoting a whole-foods, plant-based diet. (It's hard to eat food when it's gone bad because you left it in the wrong place.) Great for new cooks!
  • Two more instructional pieces are the "how to cook grains" and "how to cook legumes" posters. These are SO helpful to have hanging up around the kitchen, in cupboards, or beside the stove. They tell you the cooking times, soaking times, water-to-grain ratios, and more. I never know how many cups water goes to a cup of brown rice, so I use them all the time. Again, they're ideal for promoting a whole-foods, plant-based diet.

In conclusion...

We'd love to get the support of our community in order to give back to it! Your support of our magazine ensures that we can keep going, we can grow our magazine and keep spreading our philosophy and ideals. Whether you're vegan or not, there's a lot to be seen in our publication, but don't take our word for it!

Check out our magazine online, and be inspired to live a life full of stories and good food. Donate to our project and enjoy our magazine without having to be plugged in. Keep us going and we'll be sure to keep giving you the best of our vegan community. 

Thanks so much for your support, in advance. We appreciate anybody who can see value in what we have to give.

-Bob and Cara


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    Aspire to come up with the most delicious meals and share them with your friends? At this level you'll receive a set of 30 blank recipe cards, block printed personally by the editor-in-chief. We believe in physical media, and we know you'll flourish in the kitchen with these beauties! This level includes U.S. shipping. You'll also get your name and link listed on our "backers" page.

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