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After his wife leaves , Dan Baum journeys deep into a dark forest. But his memories hold on to him, stronger than ever.


What is the story/idea?

The story revolves around the concept that living only in a memory is not living at all.  For people who believe that the happiest times of their lives have passed and that they will never be that happy again are depriving themselves of a healthy life.  If these people only reminisce about what happened and never attempt to take a step forward, they are wasting their lives.

Dan observes his life after Beatrice leaves.  He planned his future with her, and with her gone, he feels he has nothing.  Feeling only a painful emptiness and refusing to move on, Dan foolishly tries to run away from his past.  While wandering in a forest of his memories, Dan becomes a victim of his own ugly bitterness.  The beautiful Beatrice that he loved and wants so badly to return to him is now a bloodthirsty monster who will devour him unless he escapes from that forest.

What is the film about?

The film is about a man who voluntarily travels through hell to find his love.  Based on The Inferno by Dante Alighieri, Dark Forest touches on similar themes of losing sight of one’s own goals.  In the poem, Dante finds himself in hell because he fell out of his relationship with God.  Following a more contemporary and mainstream approach, Dan finds himself in hell because he fell out of his relationship with his wife.  Where Beatrice represents love, and love serves as a symbol of God, the two stories find a common ground.  In the context of the film, Dan becomes bitter after being left alone without Beatrice.  He comes to resent Beatrice.  In losing Beatrice, Dan loses both his love and his ability to love. It is through logical reasoning that Dan realizes how to be free from his prison and love once more.

Intended Audience:

The intended audience is between the ages of 13 and 50. This audience tends to  prefer cerebral thrillers and horror films.  Both religious and non religious audiences will take  much from the film because the subject matters of death and mourning are universal.  As far as appealing to a Catholic audience, the target appeal ends with the introduction of the concept of hell, which exists in mainstream as well as Catholic iconography. Ideally, my film can touch all audiences, but realistically, it may not appeal to older crowds, due to the amount of blood and gore.

I particularly want to reach those in the community affected by suicide.  I want to show people that committing suicide means losing sight of what’s worth fighting for in this life, not because of some misguided emotion planted when a tragic event happens.  I want to emphasize that it’s never too late to turn back and choose life.

Intended Screening Venue:

Festivals – Student Academy Awards, Academy Awards, All the big guys, (and the small one’s too, this will be a large part of our budget, raising money for these festivals).  Among smaller venues would be web sites promoting awareness of suicide.  This film may also explore the untapped venue of mobile device viewing. 

What do you want your viewer to take from the film/video?

I want my viewers to have a cathartic experience with Dan.  After watching the film, they will have a deeper respect for the process of mourning and the fragile state of mind it leaves people.  Primarily, I want my audience to be aware of suicidal mourners.  When loved ones die, people feel lost.  They invest their lives and futures in these people and when unexpectedly are taken away, those left behind behave irrationally and make costly mistakes.  Above all, I want my viewers who have ever had suicidal thoughts to see that the consequences of death by their own hands is not the solution to their problems. While the film can be seen as tragic, it also is about letting go of ones pain and being free. 

How do you want to affect your viewer?

I want to affect my viewer by frightening them and keeping them on the edges of their seats.  The suspense that happens on screen will excite the audience while informing a deeply personal message about love and death.  When my audiences walk away from my film, I want them to think about the signs of suicide.  Suicide is not a simple story gimmick in Dark Forest, it is very much part of the message.  I want people to see inside themselves and think about the dark forests they create inside themselves. 

What do you see as your projects greatest strength?

My project’s greatest strength is its message and concept.  I am pleased with its deep metaphorical story and its emotional application to almost any viewer.  My project is strong with its cast –all the actors are very talented and committed to their craft.  The same goes for my crew who have easily demonstrated they are well prepared for careers in the film industry.  My script is strong with its convenient page number and few shoot locations.  My project is strong in its ability to communicate its artistic design to the general public.


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