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Resurrecting Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's Classic 'Thunderbirds' using original voice tracks and retro filmmaking techniques
Resurrecting Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's Classic 'Thunderbirds' using original voice tracks and retro filmmaking techniques
3,378 backers pledged £218,412 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Steve Herbert on

      The rest of my rewards came yesterday the Bakerkit stuff or whatever it's called? Absolutely hugely impressed the Vynal, the booklet and the Lobby Cards are all awesome. Plus my DVD. Stunning. Many thanks �

    2. Eagle-Man

      Got mine yesterday (Vancouver, BC, Canada)! Lobby cards, postcards, and blu-ray. All looks great! Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul Creaser on

      Just received storyboards. They are brilliant, looking to frame them. Thank you again.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nigel Waite on

      @Jason Black - Yes, your name is there!

    5. Jason [Imperial Bounty Hunter] on

      No Bluray yet for me. I'm in the uk
      Can someone please see if my name is in the special thanks section. Thanks
      Jason Black

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris McCarthy on

      CDs from extra order arrived in UK. Thanks.

    7. Styggron on

      @Chas I am in *Exactly* the same situation.

    8. Missing avatar

      Tim Purdy on

      Received mine this week in Australia, all three episode is very high rotation with my 2 & 4 year olds. Excellent work everyone, thank you.

    9. Missing avatar

      Chas Johnson on

      I'm starting to get concerned. My pledge was collected. I completed that Backerkit survey as requested and have been waiting patiently for my DVD. Something seems to have gone wrong, as somebody who has already received his discs has just told me that my name is not included in the special thanks section as I was informed that it would be. I hope that this is just an admin oversight and that my disc is actually on its way.

    10. Patrick Sklenar on

      Received in the USA yesterday. Watch, including all extras, today. *LOVE* it!! Thank you so very much for returning part of my youth!!

    11. Missing avatar

      sarah drake on

      Dannyandress i have my backer kit. :). But ordered the dvd through weebly just havent heard anything on it x

    12. Missing avatar

      John Russell on

      Many thanks. I received my parcel this week. It all takes me back to my childhood when life was so much simpler. Everything beautifully produced.

    13. Danny Andress on

      Sarah Drake they posted 1000 parcels yesterday so depending on were u r in the world shortly

    14. Missing avatar

      sarah drake on

      Hi i ordered a dvd from that link you put on fb awhile. Was wondering when it will be shipped. I know waiting for all the backer kits to go first thanks

    15. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Black on

      I got my shipment a few days ago and it's FAB! I've only watched "The Abominable Snowman" so far, but you all did a fantastic job putting these episodes together! Thanks to everyone involved.

    16. Missing avatar

      Arthur Chim on

      Having received my order two days ago I've finally got around to playing the three 7" mini album records. Still cannot believe the audio for the three new episodes were sourced from original 1960's vinyl records.
      The reproduction of the cover art work and the record labels are excellent, only the flipback on the rear of the covers is missing. Otherwise you'd think they were mint copies of the original releases.
      Congratulations again on the fantastic new episodes and delivering first class merchandise.

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrew Zeyfert on

      Just adding my voice to the chorus of congratulation - you have definitely won a place in the (specialist) history books! Thank you for all the trouble you took to get things just right…

    18. Beh Kok Seng

      Open my package and all are there as pledged.
      The DVD & Blu-ray are standard. I will watch it later tonight.
      Love the CD and the 7" 33rpm vinyl. Will play the vinyl once I've set up my new record player.
      All three scripts are signed and I'll treasure them always.
      Will try to find a frame to house the postcard sized portraits in a row.
      The five lobby cards are the ones slightly damage where the corners are a bit bent due to the transit handling.
      Was impressed with the two booklets which have lots of history about Thunderbirds productions.

      Thanks to Stephan and his team to produce the audio-only episodes into the TV cult series format.


    19. Chris Bishop on

      Hi from Quebec City, Canada!

      Received my package on Friday afternoon, and found it home when I came back from work! Just finished watching the three episodes and they were FAB-U-LOUS!
      Will watch the extras over the week-end, but at the moment, I'm too tired as it's way past my bedtime. I had to write these lines first.
      All my congratulations to Stephen and everyone on the team. You made a most wonderful job into bringing this to life. I must add my voice to all others: it's near impossible to see the difference between old and you!
      Thank you, thank you and thank you again for making this one of the most fabulous gift one could make to Thunderbirds fans!
      And oh... if you do another Anderson project, count me in for the ride!


    20. Beh Kok Seng

      Just collected from the post office when the postman fail to deliver them at my place two days ago. Was a bit disappointed that the package was been rough out during the transit. Will post again on the contents inside when I reach home later.

    21. Missing avatar

      Nigel Waite on

      My package arrived yesterday and I watched the episodes last night - it was well worth the wait. I was particularly impressed with the way that the new material fit seamlessly with the original stock footage, showing how much effort was put into recreating the show. Well done to everyone and thank you.

    22. Pearl Tryntje Rapalje

      Got everything and am seriously impressed with how slick a production! Thanx so much for making this a reality!!!!!

    23. Helen Hertzog on

      Thank you my dvd arrived the case was cracked but it seems the dvd survived FAB. love it love it love it

    24. Lou Prosperi on

      My items arrived yesterday (near Boston, MA).

      My items included the DVD, Photo Album, and "Making of" book. I haven't had a chance to watch the episodes yet (waiting to watch them with my son), but I flipped through both books and they're gorgeous!

      Well worth the investment and the wait!


    25. Leonard Medlock on

      Just received mine--NH resident. Looking forward to watching these this evening. Again, congratulations on a successful campaign.

    26. Missing avatar

      Arthur Chim on

      Tick off another order received in Melbourne, Australia.
      The whole family sat down tonight and watched all three episodes - a remarkable result by all those involved in the production.
      To Stephen, Justin and the whole team, a big thank you. You have set the benchmark on how a successful Kickstarter project is run. The three 'new' episodes are beyond belief.
      Being an audiophile geek I am especially in awe of the sound restoration done by Mark Ayres. Without these soundtracks there would not have been these wonderful episodes to enjoy.

    27. Jay R. Eneberg on

      My bluray copy turned up in the mail today; June 9th 2016.
      I'll be sitting down to watch it tonight. I had a quick look and it looks fantastic!
      Excellent job everyone!

    28. Styggron on

      Still nothing :( :( :( :( :(

    29. Missing avatar

      Yutaka Hirata on

      Hi Stephen,
      I received your package.
      Your project has resulted in the most amazing experience and rewards in my Kickstarter experience.
      Thank you!

    30. James on

      DVD and other bits arrived tonight and have just finished watching the first 2 episodes with my 3 kids - what an absolute piece of art! A massive well done to Stephen and the team, this has been by FAR the best kickstarter campaign I have ever backed in terms of delivering above expectations, providing a top quality product and providing exceptional communication throughout! Thanks so much!

    31. Peter L Brown

      After receiving my DVD and Photo Album, I think I might be considering on purchasing that script you mentioned might be available separately. Could you post a link to where I can do so, please? Can't wait to pop that DVD in and what the new episodes. Thanks again!

    32. Andrew Hsieh on

      I am FABulously astonished by all the episodes - from the (original) audios to the visuals! Well done guys, and FAB!! :D

    33. Stephen La Rivière Creator on

      Hello David,

      We're afraid that you only ordered a storyboard. If you wish to discuss your order, drop us a line on the private messaging system here :)

      The same goes for other backers too please. If you wish to discuss your order, please send us a message privately. Though please don't send any messages about where your package is. We get deluged with these and it only slows stuff down. Rest assured, everyone will get the appropriate reward for their level in time.

      Thunderbirds 1965

    34. Missing avatar

      David on

      Hi guys,
      Am I having a blond moment? Just received my storyboard and I assumed that the DVD would be included? Have I even pledged enough to get one? I'm happy to buy a copy if not please let me know.

    35. Missing avatar

      Graeme Nattress on

      Still waiting in Canada. Eagerly waiting. Impatiently waiting.

    36. Fabrice Rossi

      Just received my pledge in France, can't wait to watch the episodes. Thanks guys!

    37. Missing avatar

      James Forrester on

      Still waiting (Australia) hopefully this week. When should I start to panic ?

    38. Hiroaki Naruto on


    39. Missing avatar

      Craig hill

      I though I had order a DVD is there any way to still get one

    40. Stephen La Rivière Creator on

      Hi Craig,

      We've fulfilled the items you've ordered. The customs label is simply in error.

      Best wishes,
      Thunderbirds 1965

    41. Missing avatar

      Craig hill

      I received my packet to day the customs label has DVD + printed material on it but didn't have the DVD in it
      It did have the lobby cards and record

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael Bills on

      Private message set. Thanks.

    43. Robert T.

      Just got my dvds a few days ago! They are great!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for bringing tears to my eyes as I remember this show. Personal I wish you guys would come up with a new series becuase this art-form you guys got down pat. Are there any other recording of any other of the Andersons shows? Cause I here to throw money at the screen to get anything made! :)

      thanks again!

    44. Mr.Schroeder

      Hey, Luxemburg here! Got my Blue-Ray Friday and will watching it today! Nice work!

    45. Missing avatar

      Will Davies on

      Thought I'd let you know I finally received my package last Friday, and got round to watching the Bluray this evening.

      I just want to say well done for all the hard work you've put into this project! Having grown up during the 90s revival of the original series, I think you did a good job adapting audio-only stories into authentic episodes.

      As a fan of practical effects, I hope the skills you've learnt in this production will lead to bigger exciting projects in the future!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Michael Coldwell on

      Thunderbirds, UK television series
      Years of production: 1964-1966, 2015
      No. of episodes: 35

    47. Missing avatar

      Bill Andrews on

      Stephen and all the crew. Received my disc and extras today. What a great job! Thanks to everyone from yourself, crew, and kickstarters that made this possible, Bill Andrews

    48. Olivier Korn on

      Hi everyone. I found one Easter egg on the blu-ray disc! How many are there?

      Today, my kids watched some of the special features and suddenly were "wow! Daddy, why is your name written there?" Thank you. I don't remember it was planned. What a nice surprise!

    49. Humphrey Bradley on

      Stephen, received my pack yesterday & sat down to watch it this morning. It look me back 40 years! What a fantastic piece of work! You have over-delivered on your promises & have produced something I know Gerry & Sylvia would be proud of. Congratulations to you & all the crew who helped in making this project a reality.

    50. David White on

      Received my DVD here in Melbourne Australia and loved every minute of it. Thanks so much Stephen and team for your wonderful work

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