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Resurrecting Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's Classic 'Thunderbirds' using original voice tracks and retro filmmaking techniques
Resurrecting Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's Classic 'Thunderbirds' using original voice tracks and retro filmmaking techniques
3,378 backers pledged £218,412 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. The Kid on

      I agree. I'm so damn proud to have been part of this. It was the ultimate way for me to show my appriciation for all Gerry Anderson and his team did, And Stephen and his team did such a FAB job, it really is like these 3 episodes where the missing episodes 33-34-35 found in some archive and brought back to live. Thanks everyone involved in this fantastic kickstart project.

    2. Bonnie Burton on

      This Thunderbirds DVD is the BEST Kickstarter project I have EVER supported. THANK YOU for making it!!! I love it so much!!! <3

    3. Stephen La Rivière Creator on

      Hello all. Please remember to send any order queries to us via private messages. It's impossible for us to respond here.

    4. King Robot on

      I too have yet to receive my rewards over here in the states. I figured it would take awhile so wasnt worried but now I figure I would send out the S.O.S. Please let me know what I need to do. Thanks.

    5. Jim Dunaway on

      I am backer 886 and I still haven't received my rewards. I contacted you before and was told it would be sent out requiring a signature for delivery.

    6. Missing avatar

      robert minchin on

      Hi all - Nice to read the latest update and intrigued on what you have all been up to before the studios finally closed. A job really well done, and all I can say is I hope you do carry on in some shape or fashion, and you can be assured of my support again in any future projects. Best regards and happy new year to you all.

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Howlett on

      Hi, sorry to leave this a tad late... I haven't received my DVD, have I messed up somewhere along the line? Thanks (and given what others are saying, congratulations!)

    8. Ian Jacklin on

      Thankyou and Job well done to all concerned.

      F.A.B Over and Out.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jeff Parrish on

      I finally watched the episodes and special features tonight. The charm, the look and overall feel have been perfectly recreated. Your team has done an amazing job in carrying on the 50+ year old techniques. Thank you for delivering on what must've been an extraordinary project to take on.

      Well done, everyone!!

    10. Stephen La Rivière Creator on

      Now that we have your address (as it hadn't been supplied) we will send you your blu-ray.

    11. Simon Phillip Morris Johnson on

      Hi Guys,

      I still have not received my Bluray. Whats the procedure going forward ?


    12. Styggron on

      Status update: Package arrived today 11th July. Phew. All good. Thank you TB team.

    13. Styggron on

      I did indeed asked postage be delayed till Mid May. I receive parcels from UK all the time and they are usually quite quick. This is why I am getting worried. Ebay, amazon etc all very fast. I just posted a status update.

    14. Stephen La Rivière Creator on


      You asked for us to delay your parcel. It then left the queue. Once we'd established you wanted it sent, it re-entered the queue. You live in Australia - and post there can take some time.

    15. Styggron on

      Another status update. Nothing arrived yet. Now I am getting worried. :(

    16. Yvonne Henderson on

      This was a gift for my husband who grew up watching The Thunderbirds. It was heartwarming to watch how much he and my son truly enjoyed the new episodes. I sincerely hope this isn't the last episode we experience from the Thunderbird crew!

    17. Stephen La Rivière Creator on

      For any order queries please send us private messages. It's impossible for us to respond here...

      Also bear in mind that postage was only completed about a week back. So if you live overseas it could be a bit of a wait. Saying that, we're now happy to confirm when items were sent :)

    18. Jeroen Iking on

      I received the first half of a Total of 4 books and 2 blu-ray's on 31/05.
      It was "shipped" by airmail on 25/05.

      So I'm wondering when the second half was "shipped", because I'm worried it has fallen in wrong hands... :(

      So can anyone update us on when The last bunch of pledged items were send into the world?

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrew Holland on

      Hi guys. I understand the posting of all the DVDs etc.. was a momentous task.
      I am in Switzerland, and have not received my DVD yet. I am not worried, just wondering how long I should wait before getting concerned?

    20. Missing avatar


      Hi Team, received my blueray and vinyls in Singapore. Bravo and well done. One of the best projects ever! Brings back a lot of fond memories of the original series too. Let us know if you embark on anything new, great team indeed.

    21. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      I'd like to pass on thanks to Stephen et al from my sister, who just received a DVD from the post-KS webshop: she had the original vinyls as a wee lass and is overjoyed at seeing them as complete episodes.

    22. Styggron on

      Quick status update. Nothing arrived yet. Lets give it a little more time.

    23. Colin Kenworthy on

      Well done chaps!! By far the best run KS project I have backed. The regular feedback was most welcome and so unlike other projects. Best of luck in any of your future projects, whether crowdfunded or not. F.A.B.

    24. Missing avatar

      David M Brown on

      Even though I was a "Fireball XL5" viewer, having grown up in the U.S., it was fun watching the new episodes with my wife, who grew up in the U.K. Thanks for your hard work, and best wishes for success and happiness in all your future endeavors...after a well deserved rest!

    25. Missing avatar

      David Manning on

      Hi well done, it was great watching the puppets come back to life, what do you have left to sell?
      If you have any more copies of the films, I will buy them, from

    26. Missing avatar

      Ronald Hemes on

      Like many others have said, thank you Stephen and crew for your dedication in producing these three mini episodes to the original standards of the originals. You have indeed done a terrific job and I am pleased and proud to have played an albeit small part in it.

    27. Missing avatar

      Duncan Moss on

      Just wanted to say thanks again to Stephen and his production crew for their magnificent achievement. Three wonderful episodes and a range of beautifully produced merchandise which I will always treasure, topped with a fabulous trip to the studio. With my mother being ill with dementia and the problems which that entails, plus a serious car crash 18 months ago and a challenging job, projects like Thunderbirds 65 have played a very large part in giving me a boost and helping me along this difficult path. Many of us still have the Firestorm pilot to look forward to and several people from Thunderbirds 65 are involved with that. I also have a financial finger in The Last Station and Cartoon Carnival as well as being a Gemini Force backer. Once again Thanks for everything and we all wish you every success with future projects.

    28. Mark River Lawrence on

      Thank you so much for all the hard work. It was definitely worth the wait. Take a well earned rest now.

    29. Missing avatar

      Tim Pattinson on

      I'm pleased to say the items arrived a few weeks ago. Just a great job done, and a delight to see the new episodes. All the best for the future.

    30. Ardon Taylor on

      Hi There , I still don't have my DVD and I am in London. I also sent a message via Kickstarter on the 15th but haven't received a reply. Could you please confirm mine has been dispatched as it seems to have been missed.

    31. Jason [Imperial Bounty Hunter] on

      So who do i contact about a no show Blu?

    32. Missing avatar

      Damon on

      Rewards arrived in Adelaide, Australia last week. Customs, somewhere along the line, damaged the books ever so slightly but the Blu-ray is fine which is the main thing. It is an impressive piece of work and it is impossible to watch the episodes without smiling the entire time :)

    33. Missing avatar

      CJ List on

      My rewards arrived a couple of weeks ago & I have enjoyed every minute of the new episodes.

      Well done to everyone involved! I think Gerry would have been proud of what you achieved for the 50th.

      Hope you do something similar for Captain Scarlet next year.

    34. Melissa m on

      Hi guys. I'm visiting London from australia in August and would love to say thanks. Can I buy you a drink or something?

    35. Steve Herbert on

      The rest of my rewards came yesterday the Bakerkit stuff or whatever it's called? Absolutely hugely impressed the Vynal, the booklet and the Lobby Cards are all awesome. Plus my DVD. Stunning. Many thanks �

    36. Eagle-Man

      Got mine yesterday (Vancouver, BC, Canada)! Lobby cards, postcards, and blu-ray. All looks great! Thanks!

    37. Missing avatar

      Paul Creaser on

      Just received storyboards. They are brilliant, looking to frame them. Thank you again.

    38. Missing avatar

      Nigel Waite on

      @Jason Black - Yes, your name is there!

    39. Jason [Imperial Bounty Hunter] on

      No Bluray yet for me. I'm in the uk
      Can someone please see if my name is in the special thanks section. Thanks
      Jason Black

    40. Missing avatar

      Chris McCarthy on

      CDs from extra order arrived in UK. Thanks.

    41. Styggron on

      @Chas I am in *Exactly* the same situation.

    42. Missing avatar

      Tim Purdy on

      Received mine this week in Australia, all three episode is very high rotation with my 2 & 4 year olds. Excellent work everyone, thank you.

    43. Missing avatar

      Chas Johnson on

      I'm starting to get concerned. My pledge was collected. I completed that Backerkit survey as requested and have been waiting patiently for my DVD. Something seems to have gone wrong, as somebody who has already received his discs has just told me that my name is not included in the special thanks section as I was informed that it would be. I hope that this is just an admin oversight and that my disc is actually on its way.

    44. Patrick Sklenar on

      Received in the USA yesterday. Watch, including all extras, today. *LOVE* it!! Thank you so very much for returning part of my youth!!

    45. Missing avatar

      sarah drake on

      Dannyandress i have my backer kit. :). But ordered the dvd through weebly just havent heard anything on it x

    46. Missing avatar

      John Russell on

      Many thanks. I received my parcel this week. It all takes me back to my childhood when life was so much simpler. Everything beautifully produced.

    47. Danny Andress on

      Sarah Drake they posted 1000 parcels yesterday so depending on were u r in the world shortly

    48. Missing avatar

      sarah drake on

      Hi i ordered a dvd from that link you put on fb awhile. Was wondering when it will be shipped. I know waiting for all the backer kits to go first thanks

    49. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Black on

      I got my shipment a few days ago and it's FAB! I've only watched "The Abominable Snowman" so far, but you all did a fantastic job putting these episodes together! Thanks to everyone involved.

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