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This album of all original music has been in the making for several years and I am excited to make my fans a part of this experience.
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"Intermezzo" MP3 download available in 24 hours


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"Intermezzo" to be released Thursday November 14, 2013!


I am incredibly happy and to announce that the wait for my new "Intermezzo" album is almost over. We are in the final mixing stages. My engineer Chris Wisco is doing an incredible job, creating a world class mix of the music! The finished disc will be sent to the manufacturer within the next few days keeping, on schedule, the official release date of Thursday November 14th. I have worked on this record for 2 years. I first began writing the songs for "Intermezzo" in November 2011. Since that time, I have performed approximately 200 shows around the world, had a major, costly flood that almost destroyed my recording studio and have dealt with several serious family issues, all of which jeopardized and delayed the release date of the album. I have reacted to these obstacles in the only way that I know how - that is to never quit, do the absolute best work I can and "just finish it!" What I can say is that this is the best record I have ever done and the extra time it took actually became a blessing in disguise. With the help of the incredible guitarist and friend Dave Reffett, last month we were able to add an extra song to the album featuring some additional amazing guest guitar players. The final list of special guests now include - George Lynch, Guthrie Govan (2 solos on the album,) Michael Romeo, Jeff Loomis, Craig Goldy, Dave Reffett, Chris Poland, Rusty Cooley, Mike Lepond, Elliott Dean Rubinson, Joe Stump, Andrea Martongelli, Alex Stornello, Bill Peck, Max Carlisle, Florent Atem, Annie Grunwald, Tobias Hurwitz and the amazing guitar solos from our Kickstarter brothers. I would also like to thank "Hellion" guitarist Max Carlisle for his great contribution to "Intermezzo." I will be posting the list of names and how they will appear on the CD booklet on my Facebook pages, MAB Forum and here at Kickstarter within the next few days. When this is posted please check and make sure your name is spelled correctly, you are mentioned and in the right place. I don't want to miss anyone. Contact me right away to correct an errors that might occur. Also, the digital download of "Intermezzo"will be available as promised in the very beginning of November. All other pledge items such as posters, pedals, etc... will be sent in November as well. I will honor 100% of my commitment to you as you have honored me by supporting my music. I can't thank you enough. I hope you love the new record. Kindest regards and gratitude, Michael Angelo Batio

Final official release date

Hello everyone. Since my last update, a lot of great things have been happening. Over 20 extra shows were scheduled in July and August and it delayed the September release date. However, the record is now finished and it is absolutely the best album I have ever recorded. I have also added several more guest stars and an additional track. A special thanks to Dave Reffett for his help on this final song for "Intermezzo." (We will post all of the names of the guest stars, including the Kickstarter guest stars very soon :-) The mix and mastering are scheduled to take place - 100% confirmed - in October. The official release date of "Intermezzo" is Thursday November 14th. I can confidently say that "Intermezzo" will be released and available on this date with no more delays. It's been a long time in the making, but I truly feel it is worth it and I think you will agree. We are in the process of creating a song sampling that will be available soon as well. To all of you that have supported me through Kickstarter, I would like to say a special "thank you." You have been patient and understanding. I can only reiterate that in a year or two from now - no one will care if "Intermezzo" was released in September or November of 2013, they will only remember if the record is great or not. I have put 110% of my energy, passion and experience into "Intermezzo" and it won't disappoint. Between now and October we are going to be putting out official press releases and getting the publicity component of the record in full swing. Also, I will 100% make sure every single person that contributed here on Kickstarter receives exactly what they pledged. In closing, I can't wait for everyone to hear "Intermezzo." You Rock, Michael Angelo Batio

"The Great Flood" - Intermezzo update

Hello everyone. I am about 80% finished with the recording of "Intermezzo." I would have been 100% finished at this time, but we had a "dramatic turn of events" that could have been catastrophic to the record. Last month, the Chicago area was besieged with intense storms and immense amounts of rain. It was literally raining non stop for days, culminating in a storm that dropped an incredible and unprecedented amount of water in a 24 hour period. The result was that my recording studio flooded. My studio, where I record all of the guitars and keyboards, is in my house. I was leaving to go "on the road" for a few days during this time. I went down to my studio to get some things and stepped in over 4 inches of water! (Over 10 centimeters of water for those of you that use the metric system.) I was in shock! The first thing I did was go over to my computers, unplug everything and bring the computers with all of the "Intermezzo" song files up stairs. (Yes, I have back up copies of the album!) The entire studio area was flooded and I had to leave for the airport in a few hours. I made some calls and hired a company to "extract" the water and dry out the walls. Water was everywhere. The carpeting in the entire area had to be removed as well as part of the walls and insulation, plus all of the expensive, heavy music and recording equipment. This was a huge undertaking! As it turned out, when the extraction crew came and looked at the damage, several of the young workers played guitar, recognized me and were fans of mine! They moved all of my equipment safely out of the way and took care of everything! A huge thanks to them! After I returned from my trip, I took 1 blurry photo of the what one of the rooms in my studio looked like. I couldn't take any more photos. It was too painful to look at. But, I thought about the work ahead of me - meaning putting the studio back together - and started. It took almost 4 weeks and many thousands of dollars, but the studio is 100% operational again! Also, I had no significant damage to any of my equipment! So - here is a realistic assessment of where we are recording wise and schedule wise. First - here is the list of guest guitarists (and others) featured on "Intermezzo." George Lynch, Craig Goldy, Guthrie Govan, Jeff Loomis, Rusty Cooley, Andrea Martongelli, Dave Reffett, Alex Stornello, Stuart Bull, Joe Stump, Bassist Elliott "Dean" Rubinson, Florent Atem, Maxxxwell Carlisle and several incredible guest artists from Kickstarter. I am leaving this Friday for several weeks of shows in Asia - (China, Malaysia and Indonesia.) I had originally planned on the record being finished before this tour. Once I return, I will immediately begin recording again. I should be 100% finished with the album by the end of June. Then we take it to another studio for mixing and then mastering. We are going to release "Intermezzo" in September. The release date is Monday September 9th, 2013. In July, we will be contacting everyone that supported me here on Kickstarter and we will fulfill 100% of everything we said we would do. Like I have said from day 1 - "I always finish what I start." I also know that even with these incredible circumstances and events, it strengthened my resolve even more to make this the best record I have ever released. Ultimately, you are the judge of that!  Again thank you for your support, patience and understanding. No Boundaries, Michael 

I have enclosed 2 photos. The "after the flood" photo and a photo of what the studio looked like before the flood. There were some major equipment updates made after this "before the flood" studio photo, such as several new monitors, software, etc... but you get the idea! :-) It is the contrast of the "before and after!"

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