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Boot Hill Heroes is a 4-player retro RPG set in the American Wild West with influence from spaghetti western film and SNES fantasy RPGs
Boot Hill Heroes is a 4-player retro RPG set in the American Wild West with influence from spaghetti western film and SNES fantasy RPGs
499 backers pledged $18,092 to help bring this project to life.

Video Update #3: New Backers in Our Living Room! And a Mayor!

Watch as Ben and I struggle and fail to pronounce your names correctly in our latest video!

We’re about 2/3 done and the Kickstarter is still going strong.  This is terrific for Boot Hill Heroes since we can use the funding to make a better product for you guys.

As you can see on the Kickstarter page, we’ve updated our budget chart again to show you where that money will be going.  Thanks to your pledges, we’ve now applied to go to PAX Prime this August!  I hope you guys will make it out!

Also, we have some very exciting news that I’m dying to share.  The Mayor prize was claimed by Fraser from Video Games Awesome for his incredibly generous donation of $1000.  Congratulations Fraser!

We still have many $50+ backers who haven’t sent me any pictures.  There’s no rush, but if you want to be featured in our next Kickstarter video, go ahead and send your pictures to and I’ll make a preliminary sprite design for you.

Speaking of which, you can now download these sprites from this directory:

 Find your sprite

Then, check out this thread on VGA where you can show a picture of yourself and your sprite.  I thought others might be curious to see how these sprites are turning out.

 VGA Forum Sprites

You’ll have to register for an account to post, but it’s totally worth it.  VGA is a terrific community for gamers and you’ll be glad to be a part of it.

One more thing, if you message me and I don’t get back to you within 24 hours, please resend the message.  I don’t want to miss anyone’s questions.

Hey, check out some interviews we did recently if you want to know more about Boot Hill Heroes and Experimental Gamer


Indie Games Channel


That’s all for now!  We should have one more video update before the end of the Kickstarter. 

See you then!



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    1. jakob katz on

      hey im jakob katz, (sadly wishing i had 50$ for the sprite thing)

    2. JosefGuy on

      Aw, my little pixely self is adorable. Great job on all of them.

    3. Joveth Gonzalez on

      Awesome! It's a little late, but my name is actually pronounced Joe-veth Gonzalez, not hoveth :)

    4. Brian Watzig on

      lol they said my name, thats all i need to hear, lol

    5. Martin Ellis on

      Can't let Fraser have all the glory, make way for melly!

    6. Stephen Dubich on

      Never mind....working!

    7. Stephen Dubich on

      Video isn't working :(