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The Lincoln Jam is a middle school mashup of music, videography and visual arts providing instruction, performances, and exhibitions.

The Lincoln Jam at Lincoln IB World Middle School in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The Vision

We are building a program to provide creative opportunities and mentoring in the music and visual arts at the most socioeconomically diverse middle school in Fort Collins, Lincoln Middle School. The Lincoln Jam is quite literally a mix of good things. It seeks to combine and expand two successful arts programs initiated last year: the Lincoln Arts Cafe and last year's Lincoln House Band.

The Arts Cafe was an event envisioned and implemented by the school's music and art teachers. For one night, music and visual arts were brought together for the pleasure of the school community. Student ensembles performed within a gallery of student-created art.

The House Band was a group of advanced instrumental students (guitar, bass, saxophone, flute, drums, percussion, and keyboard) along with outstanding vocalists. Last year's band wowed audiences at multiple venues in Fort Collins including Avogadro's Number during the Fort Collins Music Experiment, Old Town Stage, Civic Center Park, with a culminating performance at Thunder Mountain Amphitheater where they opened for Neon Trees.

Building on last year's success the Lincoln Jam will do more than integrate the art and music; we intend to take all of it 'on the road'. At band performances the art members will bring along a portable gallery of student art, and student videographers will tape the performance, edit the footage and distribute the videos.

Combining the concept of the Arts Cafe, a student publicity team, and a band that performs at school events and local "professional" venues, the Lincoln Jam extends opportunities to more students. Through sharing their work with the larger community they gain confidence in themselves and move beyond a passive understanding of art and music. They become immersed in the experience of creating and performing art in public spaces and act as ambassadors promoting the importance of the arts for ALL students.

The Plan

Music The musicians study and perform genres of music not normally part of the school curriculum, following a progression from Rhythm & Blues to 21st century rock. They will also be encouraged to produce original compositions. Visual Arts The artists will create and prepare artwork for display and sale at performances, drawing connections between art and musical themes. Videography The videographers will learn to record, edit, and distribute videos of the performances and artwork. Community All the students will learn how to promote and market their creations in order to share their work with the community through a variety of venues including the school, local stages, public radio, local television, and online. We hope to develop mentor-protege relationships between students and local professionals.

Our Jam Band instructor is Adam Grosso, a teacher and professional musician with the local band Euforquestra. Lincoln's music and art teachers are strongly supporting the Jam. Volunteers are helping with art and videography. We have collaborators at local radio station KRFC as well as support from Poudre School District Channel 10. 

The Fort Collins community has a well-deserved reputation for enthusiastically supporting local music and arts venues and events. It is known for Bohemian Nights and the New West Fest community celebration, the Fort Collins Music Experiment along with the many events held at the newly remodeled Lincoln Center, the Old Town Stage, Civic Center Park, and Colorado State University's School of the Arts and Summer Lagoon concerts.

The Jam has already performed at school events, and at Spotlight Music and the Art Lab Fort Collins, and were guests on KRFC radio's Rhythms of Youth. Upcoming performances include Lincoln Center's Magnolia Stage for Ignite Fort Collins in January. As more performances are scheduled, we will post an Update.

You and the Lincoln Jam

"Finally, the arts are about joy. They are about the experience of being moved, of having one's life enriched, of discovering our capacity to feel. If that was all they did, they would warrant a generous place at our table."- Elliot W. Eisner, Stanford University

The Lincoln Jam need funds to reimburse instructors for their time, and to acquire microphones and stands, a minimal PA system, art and video supplies, and to offset initial costs of producing merchandise from the art and video. The more support you provide, the more we will be able to do, and the easier it will be to keep the program active for many years to come. We are asking for $6000 from this Kickstarter campaign to cover most of this year's expenses. However, support of $15,000 would satisfy all initial equipment needs and provide the program with strong a 3 year foundation.

You will be donating to the Lincoln Middle School PTO. The PTO is soon to be a 501(c) tax-exempt, nonprofit association, so your pledge will be tax-deductible.

Your patronage will provide unique artistic opportunities in a school where ~70% of the kids are on the free/reduced lunch program. Opportunities offered outside of school are not accessible to many of our students since transportation and participation fees are insurmountable obstacles for many families. We view the Jam as a way to bridge cultural and socioeconomic division among the students and through our performances we hope to help bridge these divisions throughout the community.

Thank you for taking time to read our proposal.
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