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The Faerie Ring expands your fey options for RPG players and GMs. Now, you can easily meddle where you probably shouldn't!
The Faerie Ring expands your fey options for RPG players and GMs. Now, you can easily meddle where you probably shouldn't!
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Public Update and a Call for Magic Submissions

Posted by Scott Gable (Creator)

tl;dr, 1) The Faerie Ring progresses mightily and 2) we're calling out for magic! 

State of the Fey 

I recently realized that all of our conversation about The Faerie Ring has been private to backers. We haven't been keeping the public up to date. So let's change that…! 

We have been sending the near-final layouts of the Campaign Guide chapters to backers (including those who made pre-orders) as they finish. Over half of the Campaign Guide chapters have now been released to backers. (After today, they will have received seven of the eleven Campaign Guide chapters.) The rest of the chapters are in layout/edits and on track to be finished in December for PDF and ready to go to the printer. 

The races for the Player's Guide chapters are currently being wrapped up by the developer and all but three of the illustrations for that are already in. It will be ready to go into layout once the Campaign Guide chapters are finished. 

We had some early delays after the Kickstarter campaign ended as some key personnel had to leave the project, but we've since filled the needed roles. Timelines have been tricky as there are so many people involved, and when one deadline slips, it can snowball into downstream deadlines, quickly laying waste to those early timeline estimates. Plus, there are two editions, which adds to the amount of moving parts. I'm now providing regular updates at our forum, so feel free to join us! 

I hope you'll ultimately forgive us slipping a few months behind schedule. I'm focusing on finishing the layout for the last of the Campaign Guide chapters right now. Backers should expect them soon. I'm very proud of what we've been able to create here, and the content and illustrations that are coming in are truly wonderful and keep me excited for the whole project. 

If you have any particular questions, you can always email me at scott(at)zombieskypress(dot)com. 

We Want Magic Submissions! 

As we pull together the Campaign and Player's Guides for The Faerie Ring, we're thinking more and more about the Magic Guide. So we're calling for magical pitches. Interested in submitting something for consideration? Accepted pitches will be commissioned at 5 c/w. 

For design contributions, please put together a pitch of one or more ideas for the Magic Guide that you'd be interested in working on. We are certainly looking for individual spells and rituals—and I'll be asking for those at a later date—but we're currently looking for other things, like fascinating optional subsystems related to magic and the fey. For the pitch, give me a description of what you're proposing and the presumed word count (assume you can't have more than 2,000-3,000 words per idea, though great pitches may be given more room). These can be for either 5E or Pathfinder (if accepted, we'll convert if possible), or maybe, they're largely flavor with minimal to no crunch; let us know in the pitch. Send pitches to scott(at)zombieskypress(dot)com by December 1, 2016.

For example, the concept of the moonshadow will be a part of the Magic Guide. This will detail how the moon's passing affects different fey in different ways (but all fey feel the effects of the moon in some way). 

Here's the PDF that started it all back in 2010. It's getting some updates for the new release, but it is offered here as inspiration: The Faerie Ring Prelude

And here's some kitsune character illustrations from Eric Belisle:



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