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These short stories combine weird fiction with alien, sci-fi adventure. It's Cthulhu in Space! And now, it's getting illustrations.
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  • UPDATED #5: Second stretch goal, if we surpass $7,000 in pledges, all backers get a free audio book of Ride the Star Wind.
  • UPDATED #4: (UNLOCKED) Our first stretch goal, if we surpass $5,500 in pledges, all backers get a free 5x7" print of an interior illustration.
  • UPDATED #3: Two more stories added, from Ada Hoffman and JE Bates.
  • UPDATED #2: Cover artist Nick Gucker will personalize & doodle upon your books, along with editors Scott Gable and C. Dombrowski
  • UPDATED #1: Two more stories added, from Bogi Takács and Joe Pulver.


We're building our next anthology, Ride the Star Wind, which combines the excitement of space opera with the weirdness of cosmic horror, and we could use your help to make it even better. This is an All in 1 Kickstarter campaign, so it only has one tier and only lasts one week.

These are tales of adventure and wonder in the grand expanse of space: spaceships and monsters, tentacles and insanity, determined struggle and starborne terror. Whether sprawling in scope or tightly focused and personal, these stories provide a taste of the culture and personality and madness of the universe looming ahead.

Just a few months ago, we announced the open call for our fourth anthology, Ride the Star Wind. The response has been wonderful! We received so many great stories that we're still reading.

While we blaze through the rest of the submissions, we can still give you a taste of what's coming. We've already selected stories from the following authors:

And we're gradually adding a bunch more from the submitted stories. (We're aiming for around 24 stories total.)

But we want to make it even better! We want to commission an illustration for each story, and we've got a slew of artists ready to make that happen:

For this All in 1 Kickstarter campaign, we're offering a hardcover edition of the upcoming Ride the Star Wind. We'll personalize each copy with a unique message, signature, and doodle. And each story within will be accompanied by an original illustration, created thanks to your support. Plus, you'll receive the ebook edition of the anthology as early as humanly possible. The asked-for goal will go toward paying the artists and the printing costs.

And here is a sample illustration from artist Nick Gucker, for the immensity of your enjoyment:


We've funded illustrations for the anthology! What else could we do?

$5,500: If we reach $5,500, every backer will receive a free print (5x7") of one of the illustrations, chosen randomly and shipped with their copy of the anthology.

$7,000: If we reach $7,000, every backer will receive a free copy of the audio book edition of Ride the Star Wind once complete. (This will require a bit of extra time after the hard cover edition and will be fulfilled around March 2018.)

Risks and challenges

The stories and the cover art for Ride the Star Wind have all been submitted. The anthology is well underway. From here, we plan to finish our slush read (and contact all authors) by the end of March. Then, it's on to coordinating edits and final copy with the authors and commissioning the story illustrations. And then layout and off to the printer.

The biggest risk going forward is a delay in the schedule. With so many people involved (including the authors and artists and printer), there is likely to be some scheduling slips. But we've built some cushion into our projection of September for the physical delivery. You will almost certainly receive at least the ebook version well before (even months before!) that date.

This Kickstarter and a previous one, The Faerie Ring, each share my own personal time and effort in their fulfillment but are otherwise unique and independent with separate timelines.

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