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Bring the mystery of the unknown to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. New adventures and options are coming from the stars.

*New preview art of a tentacled horror at the bottom of the page!

*New preview art of the magnetar at the bottom of the page!  


You don't have to go to the stars... they're coming to you!

  • Design by Colin McCombRichard PettMichael KortesClinton Boomer, and Scott Gable... and maybe YOU
  • Full color illustrations by Roxxy Goetz
  • Built and playtested for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
  • One-third player options, one-third GM options, and one-third adventures
  • Starts at 96 pages and increases if project gets to certain levels past the initial funding goal

Beyond the Realms You Know

It Came from the Stars brings the mystery of the unknown and the weird to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with new player options, new monsters and other GM options, and new adventures. Mystery, wonder, and terror from the starry vastness await you. Whether you play in a world that is already aware of what lies beyond or that has been so far oblivious, it's about to get ugly.

Discover bold new options for characters: Fantastic psychic abilities. Strange alien technology. Mindwarping secrets. Will you stalwartly oppose the madness or will you give in? Can you twist the dark whispers to your own advantage?

Confront challenging new foes and obstacles: For instance, the dreaded star beasts (one is illustrated above). Each star beast is unique in personality, appearance, and power. What can you hope to do if one of these devastating forces comes to your world? Or any of the other new creatures, for that matter?

Plunge into harrowing adventure: The stars are here! Stave off invasion. Discover derelict technologies. Plunge yourself into worlds unknown. How will you fare in the coming confrontation?

Set Sights for the Weird

Join us in bringing the weird to your game. It Came from the Stars is wondrously illustrated by Roxxy Goetz (The Spoils CCG). It is devoted to offerings for both player and GM alike: roughly containing a third player options, a third GM options, and a third adventures. Player options include new classes, new options for existing classes, and much more, and GM options include new monsters, locales, obstacles, and more. Discover strange, new technologies and portals to other worlds. Meet odd monsters and take their stuff. Save the day or die as your world burns. (This product will be supported with Hero Lab, character generation software from Lone Wolf Development.) 

Who could bring you such a thing? Only masters of the weird, that's who: Scott Gable (Incantations in Theory and PracticeThe Faerie Ring), Colin McComb (Dark Sun, Planescape, and Ravenloft Settings), Richard Pett (The Sixfold TrialThe StyesWe Be Goblins!), Michael Kortes (Entombed with the PharaohsHaunting of Harrowstone), Clinton Boomer (Incantations from the Other SideThe Infernal Syndrome). And you! You can join us in this craziness: contribute your designs, playtest the results, shape the final product, and have some crazy fun!

As a milestone, if we can reach 150% of our funding goal (or $6,000), we'll add another 28 pages for a minimum of 128 pages!

The Stars Are Here!

Maybe the strange creatures are here to enslave! Maybe they're here to eat! Maybe they're here to mate!! Whatever the case, it probably won't be pretty. It Came from the Stars is not a setting but a set of tools for you to add the wonder of the stars to whatever setting you wish. It's an event to up the stakes of your game and shatter expectations. It gives you what you need in order to add an element of the unknown to your game. Mysterious abilities, strange technologies, powerful foes, and mind-blowing adventures. It's about discovering that you're not alone. That there is much more than you had ever realized out there. That you are in terrible danger always.

It Came from the Stars provides the means to launch your game in new directions. Spice up your fantasy with a taste of the stars--some Lovecraftian horror here, some space opera there, a splash of pulpy action. Add some mystery to your ancient cultures, giving them ties to things beyond the stars. Add an unexpected twist to the storyline, upping the stakes and revealing new possibilities. Create rich characters with backgrounds hinting at the stars and powers threatening to consume them. Stave off the invasion forces and discover new worlds. 

While a book of the weird, for sure, It Came from the Stars is fun and playable and still the fantasy you know and love. It's intended to shake up campaigns, pushing the limits--whether that's cthuloid squishiness or arcane science or weird psychic powers.

The Weird Cycle

Thisis the first offering in The Weird Cycle. Future offerings under this banner will further explore the conceptual boundaries of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, detailing themes such as post-apocalypse, psionics, steampunk, wuxia, warring against the gods, and more. And each book will have a handpicked dream team of designers--the perfect creative team for a given theme. 

No matter what kind of game you want to play, we'll have you covered!


Art from Roxxy Goetz of the astreid--fierce and brutal hunters! One of the new creatures being designed for It Came from the Stars.

The Astreid

Bold. Proud. Intense. Brutal. The astreid are hunters. These fey scour the stars, relentlessly chasing their prey. As dryads are connected to the woodlands and nereids to the sea, astreids are at one with the starry vastness above.

Unforgiving, like the dark expanse in which they thrive, they lead with a passion geared toward action. And usually violence. They are hunters, and their range is all they see. 

If such a space nymph targets you, you best be getting your affairs in order.



Magnetars are elementals from the starry vastness. At their core, each is a semi-sentient, extremely dense fragment of a star. However, using their magnetic abilities, they build complex suits of armor and weapons around themselves from whatever is available. Each is unique.

When on a given planet, they typically take a form similar to the dominant life--or at least the life they first encounter--but they are capable of creating armor of any form. They have even been known to coalesce and build massive forms.    

It's not clear what drives a magnetar. Entire planets have been razed by only small invasion forces. Perhaps they are summoned by those that should know better? Or perhaps magnetars have developed an agenda of their own?


Tentacled Horror

This massive ball of tentacles floating through the darkness has been intentionally undefined. The patrons will get to to decide just what this monstrosity is. Is it the seed of a great, dark god? A tool sent to prepare a world for something far more terrible? Only the patrons know for sure!


It Came from the Stars complies with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatibility License


  • This is a patronage project that focuses on bringing the mysteries of the unknown to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. As with all patronage projects, for those not already familiar, you fund the project up front, but if it doesn't meet the goal, it never gets completed. This way, if there's just not enough interest in a particular idea at a particular time, resources can be focused elsewhere. You get only what you want, and the publisher can start on the next project.

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  • That varies with the project. In this case, for the minimum pledge, you at least get the final product for the same price as you would have anyway. (Or maybe even lower!) If you're interested in participating in the design discussion, throwing in your ideas, and playtesting the results, you can pledge at a higher level. Deeper access and other opportunities are available at higher pledges for those that want to get even more out of the experience.

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  • All funds go toward the final design, editing, illustration, layout, estimated print costs, and fees associated with completing the product to the high quality that fans of Zombie Sky Press have come to expect.

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  • Rather than focus on a specific setting or location, IT CAME FROM THE STARS focuses on a concept--the mysteries of the stars. It's a giant toolbox of player options, monsters, and adventures to help transform your own campaigns into something with a taste of the weird.

    The player options will include new classes, new options for existing classes (like archetypes, feats, and spells), new environments to explore, and a discussion on how to add this content to your game in fun ways without disrupting gameplay. The monsters all either come from the stars (like the star beast illustrated above and the falling star it's chasing) or have ties to the stars. The adventures all bring this new craziness directly to the players and catapult characters into new directions.

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  • The intention is to bring the flavor of the stars to your favorite fantasy setting, not push you into a whole new setting. This material could easily act as a bridge to other settings, such as space-faring ones, however. Through magic and portals, though, you can bet that there is still exploration of other planets to be had!

    Think of this product as dealing with planetary concerns. Leave the interstellar concerns for another time. (That's not to say there won't be some weird technology or crash-landed vessels to deal with, though!)

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  • Because I rolled a natty 20 on Diplomacy? OK, how about because I have several years of experience designing and developing content in the industry. I've been a contributing editor for Kobold Quarterly magazine and blog almost since the beginning, and my design work can be found in all Zombie Sky Press products and a scattering of other companies' products. (And I believe the body of my work attests to my predilection for the weird!)

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