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$2,087 pledged of $12,000 goal

With Stars in Your Eyes # 11-13

With Stars in Your Eyes # 11

It Came from the Stars is not a campaign setting. It is 100% a toolkit that you can use with whatever setting you choose. It is intentionally designed to be as setting-neutral as possible. It gives you new monsters, player options, GM goodies, plot hooks, and adventures that you can mix and match however you please and in whatever setting you wish. It will all still be rich with detailed flavor, but it won't be tied to any one setting.

Are you already playing a horror game? Well, now you can add some maddening whispers from the edge of space and bizarre body modifications. Are you already playing in a pirate game? Throw in some squiggling tentacles and watch PCs willingly jump overboard. Are you already playing in an urban setting? Body snatchers, alien shapechangers, and intergalactic slavers love urban areas, too. No matter what genre or time period, there is inspiration here for you.

With Stars in Your Eyes # 12

It Came from the Stars is a game changer. Now what do I mean by that? It gives you events to rattle your campaign and, literally, bring some change to your game. Whether you need just a sprinkling along the way or you want a sudden one-eighty in direction. Whether you're the GM running the adventure or a player developing your character.

Need a world-shattering monster? Need a meteorite impact? Need a shadow conspiracy of alien imposters? Need a crazy origin story? Need a freaking invasion? Your campaign need never be quite the same again.

With Stars in Your Eyes # 13

All I've been talking about is It Came from the Stars, but there's potentially a larger work here: The Weird Cycle. What else could this product line contain? I'm glad you asked!

How about a release devoted entirely to adding steampunk to your game? Or another take on psionics? Or maybe time travel or the gods themselves? There is so much more that is dying to be written... but it all starts with It Came from the Stars.


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