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See the world through the eyes of your favourite antagonists in the EVIL IS A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE anthology.
See the world through the eyes of your favourite antagonists in the EVIL IS A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE anthology.
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Posted by Adrian Collins (Creator)

Months of bookless frustration has come to an end. We have a problem. A solution. And a timeline.


GdM’s distributor for this project approached me on Friday of last week and admitted the greater majority of books were never posted. This is despite the distributor advising GdM that three batches of approximately 200 books had been successfully posted in May and June, as per the updates posted on this project.


I’m immediately getting every piece of Evil is a Matter of Perspective material—books, bookmarks, posters, and postage material—on a FedEx truck back to the original printer, Thomson Shore, in order to be packed and posted to you.  This is happening this week. These will arrive early next week. 

Each and every package will then be shipped from the Thomson Shore warehouse in Michigan by Friday of next week (25/8/2017). Thomson Shore will email you your tracking number directly. I will continue to communicate with you until you tell me you have your book in your hands. 

I will not allow any of you who trusted me with your money for this Kickstarter to not get your book. That has always been my commitment, and it remains so.


If you have any last minute changes of address or concerns your address is not correct, now is the time to let me know. Message me directly on Kickstarter. Please do not comment with your address on here.


We are getting this sorted. I appreciate all the trust you have shown me so far and ask that you trust me for a few more weeks while I get these books to somebody I can trust, and then get them to you.

This is the harshest of lessons for me as a business person and manager of Kickstarter projects, but I now have the state of play and a way forward.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me.


Many of you know our distributor. It’s a small community and many of us are mutual friends. 

I ask you to please leave him be and allow me to resolve this issue. Going after him doesn’t help me deliver your book to you.



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    1. Adrian Collins Creator on

      Hi David,

      Thanks for letting me know the stock has arrived.

      The folding of the posters was a decision we made based upon the methods used by the Blackguards delivery. If the poster is ruined, that was my call, and I'm happy to refund the cost of it.


    2. Missing avatar

      David Sheehan on

      Adrian, my package arrived and the book looks great.

      Unfortunately, the distributor folded the posters into fourths, irrevocably creasing it twice. I wish they had rolled these and put them into a tube, as is standard for shipping posters, but, given all the troubles you've had with shipping, I'm just glad everything arrived.

      Thanks again for meeting your commitments.


    3. Adrian Collins Creator on

      Cheers all. I just got the heads up this morning that the truck has picked up the stock and is on its way to Michigan.

    4. Gerald Collins

      I'm quite satisfied that you've been doing your best, and progress is being made. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    5. Duncan Bain on

      I've backed a bunch of projects and this has been one of the best managed in the face of crisis. Credit to you for getting this sorted. And a metaphorical boot in the chuckies for your former "distributor"

    6. Missing avatar

      David Sheehan on

      Thanks @Adrian for keeping us posted. You've been great about this the whole way through. The distributor's actions are pretty frustrating and I do hope they get addressed, but I think it's a mark of your character that you asked to handle this, rather than send a legion of people after the distributor. Thanks again -- looking forward to getting my materials!

    7. Mike Leaich on


      Thank you for the update. I'm glad that the problem and solution have been worked out. It's unfortunate that this happened, but the positive side is that the books will be the backer's hands soon. I look forward to holding a physical copy in my hands, and would happily back any future projects you may have.

    8. Arne Radtke

      The proposed solution sounds reasonable; I am glad to receive my book, as long as it arrives. Arne

    9. warwing on

      Thanks for the update Adrian. I always knew you'd pull through. I'm just glad you don't have to fall back on using personal funds to finance a second printing of what seems like the majority of the books. I have no issues patiently waiting for my copies to arrive. Thanks again for all your work.

    10. Steven Nicoll on

      Thanks for all you've done to keep us updated and to resolve the issue. That shows true character on your part. What ever the reason the distributer had for not shipping I hope is taken care of and in the long run They owe you. Big Time. We as backers do have to slightly expect issues like this but you as the creator shouldn't have to deal with the quantity of us dealing with it as well as dealing with him.
      Thanks again.

    11. Adrian Collins Creator on

      @Randi S: yep, pretty much everything was caught up. At this juncture none of the posters were ever sent. I have them all wrapped up on the pallet and on their way to Thomson Shore.

    12. Randi S on

      Good afternoon! Thank you so much for the update. I was wondering if the poster of the cover art I ordered as an add-on may be part of the products that are held up right now? I received my paperback copy of the book awhile back, but the poster was not with it. I assumed it may be coming with the signed hard copy, but wanted to bring it to your attention just in case. Thank you for keeping us posted and for your help!

    13. Adrian Collins Creator on

      @Christopher Buser: no worries mate. Thank you for your support and patience.

    14. Christopher Buser on

      Fair enough, Mr. Collins.

      I don't know who the distributor is/was (and I really don't care, to be honest), I was merely curious as to the reasoning behind the chain of events you've described.

      Still happy to be a backer. Thanks for staying on top of this.

    15. Adrian Collins Creator on

      @Shawn Polka: Cheers mate. The customer experience is all for me. I'm sorry it got this far, and I'm glad I'm going to have these books in your hands very soon.

    16. Shawn Polka

      Adrian Collins - I appreciate you following up on this and working towards getting the book in our hands. I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out, for both your and our peace of mind.

      Things happen with KS. How you handle it (and it looks like you've been handling it well) is what shows who people will continue to follow, and who gets dropped.

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      I don't have any idea of who the distributor is, but it sounds like they were planning on keeping most of the books, and very likely whatever monies they were paid to post them, as well as the fee they were likely provided for their "work".

      I'm not a lawyer, but this sounds like Fraud, as well as wasting a lot of Adrian Collins' time and giving him a headache (at the least). I think that might fall under the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress? Which obviously affected Mr. Collins to the greatest degree, but many of the rest of us to a lesser extent, we who were checking the mail every day, wondering if someone was stealing our packages, being frustrated that new customers could purchase this on places like Amazon, while we still had no physical copy, etc.

      My initial reaction is wonder if we might be able to sue the distributor with a Class-Action lawsuit? I'm glad that Adrian Collins seems to be focusing on fixing the physical problem, to the extent possible, as fast as possible. But this sounds very wrong, perhaps even "evil", and I hope that this distributor isn't shielded from the effects of their (in)actions.

    18. Adrian Collins Creator on

      Hi Christopher. A reason was given to me, and I made the decision to leave it up to him to reveal that reason to a community we both share if he chose to.

      From my perspective, I just want to get control of my stock and get it into your hands as fast as possible. The rest is a matter for me to work out with him after you guys have your packages.

      - Adrian.

    19. Christopher Buser on

      "GdM’s distributor for this project approached me on Friday of last week and admitted the greater majority of books were never posted. This is despite the distributor advising GdM that three batches of approximately 200 books had been successfully posted in May and June, as per the updates posted on this project."

      Was a reason given as to why the distributor had lied about the previous posting?