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Drug-addled housewives get sex-crazy and murderous in this grindhouse flick on paper, featuring and co-created by Jen & Sylvia Soska!
613 backers pledged $50,540 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Steve Zarebski on

      Sending you both my love and best wishes Jen,Sylvia

    2. Steve Zarebski on

      Great news Jen and Sylvia glad to have thrown my full support in this project here is to many more to come sending Daniel Way and Rob Dumo' looking forward to the writing and art.

    3. Missing avatar

      Evan Chauvette

      I'm not sure if you guys are just fans outside of this project, or are just unfamiliar with Kickstarter...this was an awful project so far.

      Virtually no substantial updates have been given on a project that funded TWO YEARS AGO. The project itself is a couple months shy or being an entire year late on the initial projection. No word on the progress of the art. No word on the progress of production. Nothing.

      A couple of the scant updates promised that this project wouldn't be put on the backburner, and that is literally exactly what seems both the Soska Sisters and COMIXchannel have been far too busy to provide much of an update to the more than 600 backers that gave them $50,000. I suppose since you already have our money, there is no rush, right?

      I personally went to Facebook twice and asked about this project. I didn't receive a reply either on my question or in messenger.

      I have backed about 140 projects, and this one qualifies in the top five worst projects. It's the second one I assume that I won't actually see anything from my support. The lack of communication has been extremely disappointing, and the lateness of the project is inexcusable.

      Instead of throwing out another vague season of completion, why don't you provide your backers with a timetable as to what is going on with the project? How is the art coming along? The lettering? The inking/coloring? Who are you printing with? Are you ordering the books in the USA? Is there going to be a period of waiting for the books to come from overseas? Are you going to do anything to recompense your backers for making them wait two years for this project?

      Why is it any of your backers would ever back a Kickstarter project ever again?

    4. Derek Manning on

      Great to hear the update! I don't think anyone was worried about this project. You guys have never failed to deliver projects of the utmost quality and the extra time can only make it even better. I can't wait to see the final product!! :D

    5. Mark Wilson on

      Wicked!! Can't wait!

    6. Bryan Moore on

      Jen and Sylvia have ALWAYS been good to their word since I've known them and this KCNA campaign will be no different. I've never had a doubt in my mind that this would be a terrific project from the beginning.

      I can't wait to see Daniel Way and Rob Dumo's amazing art and am very glad to have thrown my full support behind this project.

      Here's to many more collaborations from this awesome team and many thanks for the update! :)