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During the recession, I worked a bunch of crazy jobs. I decided to write about them. This book is a collection of those stories.

I left an accounting job in Chicago in 2008 in order to travel to Costa Rica.  I took Spanish classes for several weeks and did a sea-turtle population restoration program.  When I returned a few months later, the economic landscape had changed considerably.  Companies were laying off thousands of workers - and hiring none. 

I decided to take a seasonal job in Glacier National Park for the summer of 2009.  Since then, while looking for permanent positions, I have taken a wide variety of gigs - some that lasted one day and others, a few months.  I began writing stories about these experiences, and before I knew it, I had nearly a dozen.  An aunt suggested that I compile these into a book, and now three years later, I have written nearly twenty stories.  Some of these gigs were really depressing, while others were a blast, like the one where I did a flash dance with 100 other Marios in downtown Chicago. 

I am raising funds to help with the final costs of production of the book.  I will be self-publishing and need to pay for book design (interior layout and cover work), editing, e-book conversion, and miscellaneous costs.  Thanks in advance!


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