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For the ninth year, hundreds of bots from around the world compete in the robot olympics. Help us document this amazing event.

For the ninth year, hundreds of bots from around the world compete in the robot olympics. Help us document this amazing event. Read More
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About this project

The world's biggest robot competition.

In 2004, we started RoboGames as a way to bring robot builders from around the world together and show off their stuff.  Rather than limiting RoboGames to just one event or educational institutions only, we founded it with 30 different events (now up to 60) and we allow anyone to compete.  2012 is now our ninth year, RoboGames gets thousands of people from 20+ countries to come and show off their stuff. Past champions have met their presidents Filipe Calderon of Mexico and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia have both personally greeted gold medal RoboGames winners. Now it's our time!

Miss fighting robots on TV?  They may not be on TV, but the action never stopped.  Giant spinners shred lesser bots. Flippers bots toss 220 pound opponents into the air like 3 ounce coins in a bet.  Flame throwers scortch the arena walls.  And they all do it for you.

Do you prefer humanoid robots playing soccer? RoboGames has got 'em. Kids events, autonomous events, remote operate fighters - we got 'em all.But the event isn't seen by everyone.  Lucky people who live in San Francisco can attend, but the rest of you need to see this year's matches, explosions, victories, and technological wizardry. We have heeded the call and will bring The Games to you!

Help the robots gain greater market share in world domination by supporting The Robotics Society of America's RoboGames 2012 film production project! Our goal is to record and edit a professional documentary featuring as many of RoboGames' 60 events during the  three days of frenetic robotic competition.  The best matches and amazing robots will all be featured, along with interviews by the builders from around the world who built them.

Many have lamented that great robot sports coverage has fallen by the wayside in the last few years.  Well, we live in the future, and if TV won't come to the robots, the robots will put up their own show!  If we raise our Kickstarter amount, The Robotics Society will be able to put together a crack production crew and hire camera-persons, equipment and editing time to turn out a top notch web-based robot sports series.

See an International audience cheer their heads off during a suspense-filled robot hockey game!  Be awed by the androids who play soccer, do acrobatics, and compete against each other in kung-fu. Marvel at the size of the tiniest nano-sumo robots as they shove each other around a competition arena the size of a salad plate!  See dedicated, robot-building kids grin as their creations go through their paces and win gold, silver or bronze medals! We also really, really like crashing things into other things and lighting stuff on fire, which is something that happens at our show with alarming regularity.

The event has teams coming from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey, UK and the USA.  See last years results here.

The full list of competitions this year includes:

  • Art Bots: Bartending, Kinetic, Musical, Painting, and Static
  • Autonomous Navigation:  NatCar and Robomagellan
  • BEAM: Photovore and Speeder
  • Combat: 220 lbs, 120 lbs, 60 lbs, 3 lbs (auton & R/C), 1 lb (auton & R/C), 5.3 oz
  • Hockey: 3 on 3
  • Humanoid (autonomous): BasketBall, Lift and Carry, Dash, Obstacle Run, Penalty Kick, Weight Lifting
  • Humanoid (R/C): Biped Race, Freestyle (kit & original), Kung-Fu (LightWt & MiddleWt), MechWars (LightWt & MiddleWt), Stair Climbing, Sumo
  • Jr League: 1 lb Combat, 500 g Sumo, Best of Show, Lego Bowling, Lego Linefollow, Lego Open, Lego TubePush
  • Open: Balancer Race, Best of Show, Fire Fighting, Lego Open, Lego TubePush, Line Follower, Maze/MicroMouse, Ribbon Climber, Shooting Gallery, Table Top Nav, Walker Challenge
  • Soccer: Biped Soccer 3:3, Lego 2:2
  • Sumo: 25g, 100g, 500g, 1kg Lego, 3kg (auton & R/C)
  • Tetsujin (exo-skeleton): Walking Race

Help us fund this video, and you'll get to watch it at home on your BluRay player as often as you want! DRM Free!


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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    A nifty set of trading cards from some of the best robots from the past.

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    5 backers
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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    A custom RoboGames Postagram postcard with a picture from RoboGames sent to the person of your choice!

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    Limited 0 backers
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    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    The full BluRay DVD of all the great matches - combat, android kung-fu, soccer, etc - along with behind the scenes interviews and as much excitement as we can get on the video

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    39 backers
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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    The full documentary plus a t-shirt from the event.

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    Pledge $75 or more About $75 USD

    The full RoboGames 2012 documentary, a limited edition event t-shirt, and the full ComBots Cup V documentary from last year! 19 raw, fully timed heavyweight fights. Builder interviews, behind the scenes cuts, and up close videography of all the fights from multiple angles. The BEST combat robot documentary available on BluRay with no DRM.

    Estimated delivery
    11 backers
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    A poster of the champion heavyweight robot, signed by the driver (obviously, we don't know who that will be yet.) as well as the above.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 9 backers
  7. Select this reward

    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    A framed piece of arena lexan, gouged and cut up by the heavyweight robots nicely framed, covering your lovely autographed poster (above), as well as the shirt (autographed) and both documentaries.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 4 backers
  8. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    A working ant-weight combat robot, autographed by your favorite builders, that you can drive and compete with, as well as all the above.

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    Limited 0 backers
  9. Select this reward

    Pledge $5,000 or more About $5,000 USD

    You get to compete with a thee-bot android soccer squad, primed and ready to compete at RoboGames 2012 or 2013. You've got to get yourself here (and your two best pals to run the other two bots), but we give you the bots and let you try to beat the world's best teams. AND you get to keep one of the bots. As well as the framed poster, signed shirt, and two documentaries (but not the ant-weight bot.)
    As shown here:

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
  10. Select this reward

    Pledge $10,000 About $10,000 USD

    You get to drive Vlad the Impaler II in RoboGames or ComBots Cup. The 220 pound, world-ranking, famous hi-torque, nearly unstoppable bot. You get your own pit crew, drivers training, and two matches. You don't get to keep Vlad, but hey - it's like getting to drive at NASCAR. Friggen' Vlad. Of course you get the framed poster, signed shirt, and documentaries (but not the ant-weight bot or androids.)

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers

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