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$28,316 pledged of $278,000 goal
By Zero Dimension
$28,316 pledged of $278,000 goal

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    1. ACGalaga on

      Saw Mike Z's post. Looks pretty tight. There are a couple of the extra character I'd love to see come to life. Looks like a long way to go for funding in 4 days, but I'm here to support with the little I got. Keep the faith!

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      Proto on

      I think that the there are several reasons why this Kickstarter isn't making gangbusters like it should the first is the start of the Kickstarter you guys started on Jan 23 three days before MHW and DBFZ which essentially left people focused on those, left the people who bought both not wanna spend any amount of money on Vida games for a while, and in the instance of DBFZ the gap that mvci left and will fill it for the next few months. Then there is the publicity almost no one is talking about the Kickstarter other than a few shout-outs which could be because of whats mentioned above and in turn equals no hype and no hype equals no backers yea there us fans but there is only so much we can do as in spread the word and as many of us our word not hold high regard compared to game websites, mods on channels, or youtubers. There is also a distinct lack of gameplay coming from other sources it's mainly coming from you guys channel with very little subs which also means no one is seeing the great art and hearing those bootylicious jams the game is offering. As for resutions to fix this, you can't this Kickstarter was destined to fail but that doesn't mean the dream is dead. things you can do to help another one if your down to do one first pick a better release date preferably one where it won't be dwarfed by true triple-A games (not like cod more like Mario odyssey levels of A), big DLC drops, or huge announcements but in this day and age I know its incredibly hard. Next, you should probably spread the word a bit more other then forms because people are more likely to talk and hear about a game if they see it rater then a description on a form of some website. Maybe ask some youtube as many people like my self if they see what they like they'll get it and don't just go for the small fires youtubers go for like a big one like jackseptic eye this seems up his ally. Again I know you can't force someone to play the game but you can entice them with like a custom skin or something which again is probably really hard to make. You can also try and get in touch people who do this kind of game like Mane6 or Labzero to help promote it since they might feel sympathetic towards your cause and lab zero has done it before with the Mane6 fighting game them fightin herds a separate hand-drawn kickstarted fighter and let them use the Skullgirls engine to make it after its reached its goal. Theirs what I like the Skullgirls way which is probably impossible for you guys fund wise and that's to realise the game with a small roster of characters let the community grow and then do a new Kickstarter for additional characters. Lastly whatever you do PLEASE FOR THE LOVE GOD OR WHATEVER DEITIES YOU CHOSE OR NOT CHOSE TO BELIEVE IN don't let the dream die this game great art, a bitchin soundtrack, awesome characters, one of the best Kickstarter pages I've seen in months and deserves to be made. Don't let failure get to you, it just had a bad run due to external circumstances that couldn't be controlled and no publicity but if this game can get at least one good break I know it will take off I Ian feel it in my gut so, please don't let this game die one bad Kickstarter learn from this so you can make the next one if you do decide to chose that route even better than this one I know that alot of what I say can be unrealistic but this game deserves to be made it needs to be made so plase dont let the dream die. @Zero Dimension

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      keenan dennis on

      if it fails upload that project back in to kickstarter as soon as you can($278,000 goal included). that is what you do.You can do it :)

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      keenan dennis on

      Do you have a back up plan to launch your game if the kickstarter doesn't make it ?

    5. Zero Dimension Creator on

      @albino bunney @Kvng Scarab, well if there's someone you want to see on the roster then vote'em in when the voting starts! Whoever takes 1st place will be the 5th slot character, and the vote also determines DLC priority, so you will see these characters again!

    6. Missing avatar

      Kvng Scarab on

      I gotta agree with you on that one, Im hoping that a majority of the voting pool can become actual characters, especially Mass Taisan,Rowen,Goh,Kat,V-Draken

    7. Albino Bunny on

      Kinda my big problem right now is that most of the character designs that appeal/work for me at all are all in the character vote slots. The main roster picked out is by far the less appealing of the 12.

    8. Magic on

      The characters designs, level designs, and overall look is wonderfully pleasing! The music so far is such a treat! All the mechanics presented sound great and fun! Even the story is interesting to me! I wish the best of luck to this project!

    9. Missing avatar

      Proto on

      @Zero Dimension you should probably get in contact with these guys https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSw1tcher (super best friends) to help promote your game they helped a project similar to this called indivisible and this looks up their ally I'm only posting this because this game is a while away from its goal and I really want it to be made

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      keenan dennis on

      What ever happens don't give up on this game

    11. Missing avatar

      keenan dennis on

      This game is awesome and I hope it comes out soon :)

    12. Riley Wright on

      Coming to this from Guilty Gear and Third Strike. I've never played any MvC games but this has certainly caught my attention with some tight gameplay and godly art & music. I'm very much looking forward to more releases of this and hopefully the character vote. Knife squad ftw

    13. Zero Dimension Creator on

      @Kvng Scarab - Voting will begin after the campaign is successful. Anyone that backs that campaign gets a set of votes to use when the voting begins, and character "fights" will roll out every couple of days until a winner is decided.

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      Kvng Scarab on

      I'm really interested in the Character voting thing. How do I do that?

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      Edward R. Gonzalez on

      Looks really promising, I always been more into plat fighters like melee, and roa but this looks like the mechanics flow really smooth!

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      Justo cabrera on


    17. Missing avatar

      LeShawn Taylor on

      Looks and sounds amazing. I hope you all can get word out! I'd love for this game to exist in as complete a state as possible.

      Good luck, all.

    18. soltree on

      OG followerer/donater here. Hopin' this kickstarter kicks ass for yall. I've been ready for this game for eons!

    19. Missing avatar

      Kyonshii on

      Day 727 Helen is still top tier.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kayla Williamson on

      Looks sick! Best of luck, guys. Hoping to see you succeed.

    21. JMD! on

      Haven't been following this project for a super long time, but I've been interested since I found out about it. Best of luck and hope you're able to blow away your initial and stretch goals.


      yeyeye looking good, best of luck!