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Discover what secrets wait in the Tower of Light.
Created by

Adam Dyer

39 backers pledged $4,375 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Matt Day on September 20, 2011

      Gimme dat book please

    2. Creator niall higgins on September 20, 2011

      Amazing what the threat of violence can achieve !!!

    3. Creator MJMC on September 18, 2011

      Hey Adam, Can't wait to read the book!!!

    4. Creator Bob and Judy Ochs on September 10, 2011

      We enjoyed the artistry of your promotional innovation and are excited to join your other backers.

    5. Creator Bobby Dyer on September 6, 2011

      Looking forward to the book

    6. Creator VINCE MELARTI on September 1, 2011

      Awesome! Can't wait to read it