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Motion comic, new website, book promo, softcover reprint, musical score, beanies, CDs, shirts ALL FUNDED! Last, a game testbed!
Motion comic, new website, book promo, softcover reprint, musical score, beanies, CDs, shirts ALL FUNDED! Last, a game testbed!
1,148 backers pledged $84,981 to help bring this project to life.


Well, thank you everyone who helped us get to $54,000 and fund some extra budget for the professionally composed musical score. I'm really excited about the way the music for the motion comic will sound now. I promise to send samples with a backer report as we get them.

For now, let's turn to the next goal, $61,000 for Hamstard beanies. Xin has only sketched him out and sent the sketch to the toy company, but here is the concept for a Hamstard plush beanie. I'm told it will be part beanie fill and part stuffing, so it will have the heft and squishiness of a Beanie Baby. He'll be 7" tall. We looked into having a light put in, so the sun could shine out of his butt, but that's prohibitively expensive. :)

There are some new backer levels with Hamstard beanies, but for the sake of keeping everything straight, let's say that if you add $24 to any pledge, we will include one of these with your reward package. So you can add $49 and get a beanie and a decrypted pink plushie.

The Hamstard beanie, unlike the pink, will not be a Kickstarter exclusive. We hope to be selling these little lumps of happiness for many years to come.


The illustrated Erfworld secret story will go out as a backer report today, when Xin is done inking it. When we've funded the beanies, then I will release a special addition to the Erfworld website. This is an add-on that will let you make and save your own Hamstard comics. It's kind of a taste of what we want to do with the whole re-designed website, to give you chances to create and share things that are related to Erfworld or otherwise interesting to Erfworld readers. More about that if/when we get to $61,000. Thanks for your continued support!


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    1. Childodoom on March 6, 2012

      @ Sondre I think it's a beanie like a beanie baby. A stuffed animal filled with beans.

    2. Sondre
      on March 2, 2012

      Beanie; is it some kind of headwear??
      If it is then send one to Graham (from Loading Ready Run/Check Point/Feed Dump/etc...) so that he could feature it in an episode of Feed Dump. Also, if he hasn't already got book 1, then my vote is that he is one of those who get one.

    3. Eugene Mah on March 2, 2012

      it's kind of Jabba-ish looking

    4. Eugene Mah on March 2, 2012

      oh man. let me just give you all my money and be done with it :)