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Motion comic, new website, book promo, softcover reprint, musical score, beanies, CDs, shirts ALL FUNDED! Last, a game testbed!
Motion comic, new website, book promo, softcover reprint, musical score, beanies, CDs, shirts ALL FUNDED! Last, a game testbed!
1,148 backers pledged $84,981 to help bring this project to life.

Website Funded! New Goal $42,000, and a Group Reward

I am stupidly thrilled that we're going to get to build the website I always dreamed of for Erfworld. Seriously, the website idea came first and the comic exists because of this "wouldn't it be neat" website idea that we're finally getting around to. I can't wait til you can see it! Watch the Site News for information about beta testing it this spring.

Next Goal: Who Should Be Reading Erfworld?

Xin is now working on an illustrated goals chart for the rest of the Kickstarter, but we're following the website with a smaller goal of $3000 for the "Who should be reading Erfworld?" initiative. Here's what that's all about.

Lev Grossman and Erfworld

One of the best things ever to happen to Erfworld in its first five years was being named to Time magazine's list of the Top Ten Graphic Novels of 2007. That happened entirely because columnist (and later, author of the excellent and groundbreaking Magicians series) Lev Grossman started reading it on the Giant in the Playground site. I've been grateful for the support and attention that Lev has thrown our way, and finally got to meet and party with him at his book release party (that turned into a Campbell Award winner celebration party) at WorldCon in Reno last August. Besides Rich Burlew, our webmaster Harknell, and my dad (hi Dad!), no single person has done more to help Erfworld succeed than Lev.

Find More Lev Grossmans!

You have to imagine that there are people out there who would get really into Erfworld if they only knew about it. So we need a smart, cost effective marketing plan to reach those people. The plan is to find a dozen more like Lev Grossman.

Assuming we raise the funds for this, we'll be asking for your suggestions for people who should receive a free softcover copy of Book 1: the Battle for Gobwin Knob. It's hard to get people into a dense story comic, and we need all the help and attention We're looking for people who are influential nerds of whatever stripe. The book reviewer at the L.A. Times might or might not be a good choice, but an entertainment editor at Wired would be great. It could also be someone in academia or the tabletop gaming tell us and we'll send them a promo copy. We're looking to send about 300 copies out, plus spend some money on an ad campaign for the motion comic when that's out.

New Group Reward - Year of the Dwagon Desktop

Also, once we hit $42,000 I will send an update to project backers only which will tell you how to get that beautiful cel shaded Year of the Dwagon graphic as a desktop background. More group rewards will follow if/when we hit that mark.


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    1. Tim Bucknell

      I have a feeling Wil Wheaton and Chris Hardwick (Nerdist himself) would get a kick out of these books. They are huge gaming nerds and it would be right up their alley. They not only have large followings and a rather large internet presense, but they would probably really enjoy it too!

    2. Missing avatar

      John Speigel on

      I've got a feeling that Mark Rosewater, one of the main designers for Magic: The Gathering, might like Erfworld and be willing to spread the word a little. I haven't followed him lately, but he writes a lot of articles for their website and I think he's pretty engaged in the community.

    3. phaoray on

      TotalHalibut/TotalBuscuit might be a good idea for it. He has alot of gamer followers and is very well known.

    4. Hyper on

      You could send a copy to Coolshite for a potential review on their regular podcast -

    5. Cody Christopher on

      Can I suggest the Extra Credits guys over at PATV?

    6. Lukáš Slunečko on

      The girl from The Guild is Felicia Day and agreed, she would probably like it and so would PA crew. Both are great ideas :)

    7. Justin Swinehart on

      I would suggest Lewis Lovhaug and Doug Walker of, Tim Buckley of Ctrl+Alt+Del, Penny Arcade, Sean "Day[9]" Plott of the Day[9] Daily, Jon Stewart of the Daily Show and Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report.

    8. Cody Christopher on

      @Brian I believe you mean Felicia Day?

    9. Brian Arsuaga on

      That girl behind The Guild. Can't remember her name, but she'd totally dig it. She's on Eureka too.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrew O on

      Vin Diesel is a huge gek I hear. Also the LFG/least I could do guys are good people with a mouthpiece. Ira Glass of This American life on NPR could be fun. Movie Bob of the Escapist is a very vocal voice on comics and video games.

    11. Christopher Hull on

      How about Blair Butler, she reviews comics for G4.

    12. John Parker on

      Maybe the guys at Penny Arcade?

    13. laha4902 on

      I'd suggest the guys at 38 studios, Curt Schilling, R.A. Salvatore, and/or Todd McFarlane. I think a recommendation from one of those guys would help a bit.

    14. Missing avatar

      Travis Ward on

      @Rachel The Nerdist is a real good idea. I'm trying to think of people who are known for their love of TBS or tabletop games. They seem more likely to really latch on to this awesome comic. In general the well known geeks would be great to get hooked, but I think they'd be more hit or miss.

    15. Keith Nixon on

      I'd suggest George Takei (ultimate god of the Web), Stephen Fry ( top of the twitterati) and David Brin (major blogger). These guys are listened to by geeks.
      Oh and they are quite well known for other things.

    16. Missing avatar

      Rachel Collett on

      The Nerdist podcast?

    17. Missing avatar

      Mobomeku on

      If he hasn't been mentioned yet, Scott Johnson (Frogpants Studios). He/they produce a wide range of podcasts covering entertainment, gaming, MMORPGs, etc. His podcasts have a very loyal following, and there might be an interview opportunity.

    18. Missing avatar

      David Jones on

      Greg Tito at the Escapist... he's a regular on their podcast and also worked on the ACKS rpg, which suggests he's into this stuff too.

      To be honest, a few of the RPG luminaries you bumped into at GenCon might get you coverage... one of White Wolf's Ink monkeys, perhaps?

    19. Sam Wright

      I've heard Neil Gaiman tweeted on the Order of the Stick drive...

    20. Scott Perry on

      I bet George Takei would love Erfworld.

    21. Fuin on

      Patrick Rothfuss.

    22. Missing avatar

      Dan Lyman on

      Felecia Day, Nathan Fillion have a huge geek fanbase and would probably appreciate the humor and story, Jeph Jaques ( or Randall Munroe ( both seem to have a lot of friends and contacts in the webcomic world and they seem to pub other comics on their sites quite a bit.

    23. tobin belisle on

      Wil Wheaten definitely. Also, Felicia Day. If i knew how to get this before their eyes without having to be part of fan mail (which may never be seen), id point them this way in a heartbeat.

    24. Russell Catt on

      I would recommend Stephen Schleicher of

    25. Missing avatar

      Travis Ward on

      Wil Wheaton, Jerry Holkins.