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Motion comic, new website, book promo, softcover reprint, musical score, beanies, CDs, shirts ALL FUNDED! Last, a game testbed!
Motion comic, new website, book promo, softcover reprint, musical score, beanies, CDs, shirts ALL FUNDED! Last, a game testbed!
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Okay more updates will be coming this week, but I would like to announce this now. Since we already have a plush pattern for regular dwagons, and our supplier has this material on hand:

Then we will be doing a run of pink decrypted dwagon plushies that will only ever be available through this Kickstarter. We will only order as many as we need for pledges (plus a few for our private collections), and never sell these.

To get one, just keep your current donation reward level as it is and add another $25 to your pledge. These will be available by summertime. And remember these are regular (non-armored) dwagons. They will have a special commemorative tag that says "Erfworld Kickstarter 2012." And remember:


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    1. JT Davies on

      I am assuming it still notes changes to pledges if you make them really bloody late? Either way, love your work, gentlemen.

    2. Twan Verschure on

      If I add the $25, should I add $10 for shipping as well (since it ships on another date)?

    3. Missing avatar

      Thomas Sudbrink on

      Just making sure I did this right. Opening pledge of 100 to get decrypted armored red plushie, added 25 but did not change reward level to make sure I also get decrypted (shouldn't that really be decwypted?) pink plushie. Somebody please tell me if that's wrong, otherwise ignore me for the knucklehead that I am.

    4. Ian Neufeld on

      Collect ALL the dwagons! :D

    5. Andrew Hales on

      Question about the "Party Bus" thing, is there any more details we can get about this and the VIP Badge Hanger? I am guessing that I still need to register tickets for the convention, or does the VIP Badge Hanger come with VIP registration or something? And any exact details on what will be going on in the party bus? If it is just drinking and such, then I would rather not go. (I don't drink)

    6. Martin Doyle on

      Daft question but it's well past midnight for me: If I have he $130 level, will there be an increase in the shipping costs? It won't stop me from getting one, just want to be pledging the right amount

    7. Missing avatar

      John B on

      Sold! :).

      And be greatful I don't have the funds for the top rank. Naughty Wanda? Pshaw, you would enjoy that too much. I would have to aim for either the crap golem dalek or schlock. Chocolate pudding, Rob. Chocolate pudding!

    8. Andrew Maizels on

      Oh, now that I check, the Sponsor One Page package doesn't ship 'til after the Pinks arrive anyway, but I added the extra $10 just to be safe.

    9. Andrew Maizels on

      Should we add another $10 for international shipping? (I'm guessing yes.)