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Motion comic, new website, book promo, softcover reprint, musical score, beanies, CDs, shirts ALL FUNDED! Last, a game testbed!
Motion comic, new website, book promo, softcover reprint, musical score, beanies, CDs, shirts ALL FUNDED! Last, a game testbed!
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    1. Rob Balder 6-time creator on

      It is still in the works, Nick. There is a (very long, but not very polished) draft of the main narrative portion completed, but I'd estimate 200 hours of my own time might yet need to be spent just to have the audio done. I wouldn't expect to have that kind of time window until the current book of Erfworld is complete, so this is now looking like a 2018 thing.

      As always, a refund for the DVD reward portion of your pledge is on offer. if you don't care to wait. (I would understand that completely.) Just email Linda at the gobwinknob@gmail account and we'll make arrangements. But it is still an important part of Erfworld's future to have this video treatment of Book 1 completed, and it will be done eventually.

    2. Nick Kirsch on

      It has been a couple more years. Has this project been forgotten or is it still in the works?

    3. Rob Balder 6-time creator on

      @Nick We remain optimistic for completing a video treatment of Book 1 by Christmas, although there's no chance we'll be able to get DVD/Blu-rays of that made and shipped this year. We've been working behind the scenes on the massive amount of reworked material necessary to do all these hours of video. That's been going on since fall. It still has quite a ways to go, but we'll be able to bring in some help with the video parts once that's completed. This is still a very big part of growing Erfworld's audience and community, so it's definitely going to happen. It's just slow because has to remain a third tier priority behind creating Book 3 (#1) and the website/community/enterprise development stuff like the redesign and mobile site and Hamstard, etc. My real hope is to have video comics beginning to go up on the 10 year anniversary, which would be December 7. Keep your fingers crossed.

    4. Nick Kirsch on

      It has been a few years. The most recent update was from October and optimistically put some form of motion comic as coming along by this Christmas. Any news on that front? Has the timetable shifted?

    5. Joseph Goethals

      Like Elyse, I have the opposite problem. I got two pink stripey dwagon plushies, but no armored plushie. Also the package said 3 (THREE) plushies, but there were no Hamstard in the package (I was one of the people who sent an extra donation to help with shipping.

      Hardcover is pretty amazing though :).

    6. Missing avatar

      Elyse McDermott on

      You accidentally sent me two red dwagon plushies. Should I send the extra back to you or someone who hasn't received their plushie?

    7. Daphne Pfister on

      Just got my hardcover book and plushies! Really impressed with the quality of the hardcover.

    8. Rob Balder 6-time creator on

      @Christopher We do still have a lot of donor rewards to send out. I'm preparing a backers-only update to send out shortly that'll talk about where things stand right now.

    9. Missing avatar

      Christopher Hoffman on

      Any update on the status of hardcover books? Seems like some people started receiving them in December, and I still have not seen anything.

    10. James McKendrew on

      Alaska?? Brrrr... I'd've gone with a Red. Just sayin'.

    11. Missing avatar

      Debra Williamson on

      Howdy, just realized it's been awhile and I haven't received my pink dwagon yet up here in Alaska. Just checking to see if I should start worrying. :)

    12. John Idlor

      I just received the second package with the rest of the items. Two packages must mean that you will have 2 different delivery days. I love the hamstard beanie, it makes me laugh.

      My order was a KS order so a few hardcovers went out.

    13. Rob Balder 6-time creator on

      You guys who received the book and nothing else yet, any chance those were store orders? We rushed those out first because there was a chance of making it there for Christmas. Kickstarter orders with hardcovers we'll be doing next week.

    14. John Idlor

      I also just received my hardcover today. Like Alix nothing else has arrived yet. The hardcover looks amazing though.

    15. Alix Talbot on

      I just received my hardcover today, beautiful, by the way. I am worried that I have yet to receive any of the other items that I should have (Stupid meal, T-shirt, 3 beanies) will these be arriving later? Or is there a chance I may have been overlooked? Just wondering.

    16. Missing avatar

      Gilbert Hangel on

      The pink dwagon arrived just today. ;)

      Greetings form Austria!

    17. Octavio Arango on

      Just got the pink dwagon plush! It's a bit smaller than I pictured, but cute nontheless.

    18. James McKendrew on

      Please pass on condolences and general warm thoughts Xin's way.

    19. Rob Balder 6-time creator on

      Sure, hardcover books are being printed now overseas. The proof copy looks and feels amazing. In the next day or two, I will be doing a new video, just to show that off and the proof example of the Hamstard beanies, the shirts, stickers, and the new dragon color we're adding to the store.

      Hardcover books take a long time to ship and produce, though. So we won't have them in our hands until the end of November. We'll make sure that all the orders go out in time to arrive in the weeks before Christmas.

    20. Missing avatar

      Heisjustauser on

      Yeah, me too. I'd love to get my hands on the Hardcover version :) Pretty please ;)

    21. Missing avatar

      Sean ward on

      Any update on the Hardcopy books please?

    22. James McKendrew on

      Took my shirt on its maiden voyage. Unfortunately I tuck IN my t-shirts, and I didn't realize that that would COMPLETELY cover all the crap golems until I got home. (Before she smacks me, my girlfriend did, indeed, try to warn me.)

    23. Missing avatar

      Xtense on

      Just received my Stupid Meal here in Poland - took 'em a while, but finally it's here. I love the sticker set, it's just great - you almost don't want to stick them on anything so they'll last longer, but that's not an option of course :) . Cheers Rob, Xin, thanks for all of your hard work!

    24. James McKendrew on

      Crap Golems ahoy!!!! Thank you, Rob and Xin, for the wonderful shirt! The stickers are so cool, I don't wanna peel 'em off! And the art on the not-one-but-TWO rectangles of gratitude is brilliant!

    25. John Merklinghaus on

      Just got my 'Stupid Meal' yesterday! The stickers were a lot nicer (and more humorous) than I had expected, and well worth the wait. You might want to have a word with whoever was printing them though, since they took so long.

    26. Rob Balder 6-time creator on

      They're paid for and being made, leaving the factory soon. Boat will take them here by the end of the month and we'll ship them out soon after we get them. Thanks for your continued patience.

    27. Octavio Arango on

      It's me again! Any further news on the plushies? Hate to be a pest about this.

    28. James McKendrew on

      @Rob: Oh, YOU have all my patience. No wonder I've run out... (Seriously, I'm happy to wait.)

    29. Rob Balder 6-time creator on

      @John They're all in envelopes awaiting labels postage. People who got Stupid Meal only, those will be shipped this week. Thanks for your patience.

    30. John Merklinghaus on

      Okay; it's been over a month since my last post.

      When will the stickers be ready for shipment? I'm still waiting for my Stupid Meal package.

    31. James McKendrew on

      I have read this ebook, and I am enlightened. Given the number of times I've re-read the early archive, it was kinda jarring to run into something I hadn't read.

    32. Richard Houchin on

      Thanks, Rob! That link worked and I've got the book on my Kindle now. It looks great, except it can't be zoomed either with double-tap or pinching. I don't know how much extra effort it is to get that enabled, but it would be great if the Kindle file could allow that.

    33. John Idlor

      @Richard - You need to download and install the Kindle Previewer to convert to mobi. Or better yet the epublisher will provide Rob with an actual Kindle file that does not require users to go through extra steps.

    34. Rob Balder 6-time creator on

      @Richard, not real sure because I don't have one. But our epublisher says to look at this link:…

      @jon Please write to us at and we'll put you on the list of address changes

    35. jon bukont on

      Stupid question: I added on to my backer level to get the pink dwagon. I am actually moving, where can I go to update a shipping address?

    36. Richard Houchin on

      I dragged and dropped the Kindle fire epub file onto my Kindle fire in the "Books" folder, but it doesn't show up when I try to view it. Do I have to do something special to import it?

    37. Rob Balder 6-time creator on

      I do not believe they have DRM and you can make as many copies as you like for your personal use.

    38. Marcelo Martins De Oliveira on

      Rob, do the .epub ebook versions (for ipad and kindle fire) have DRM? Could I read them in a Sony Reader or the epub reader in my Android tablet?

    39. Rob Balder 6-time creator on

      We'll have 'em up soon. Maybe today if all goes well. Hahaha yeah great to see you and all other bearded GenCon attendees. :)

    40. James McKendrew on laid plans... Was wonderful to see you at the Con tho! You'll obviously remember me. I'm the guy with the long hair and the van dyke beard! B-)

    41. Rob Balder 6-time creator on

      @Robert We have just been testing the ebooks across various devices and platforms and we're working on a secure way to get your choice of formats to all the backers. I am hoping we can do this in the next few days, before Gencon.

    42. Missing avatar

      Robert Untucht on

      Has anybody received their ebook yet?

    43. James McKendrew on

      (Also, Hi Sean! Lookin' sharp!)

    44. James McKendrew on

      So, speculation on the statue?

    45. James McKendrew on

      Excellent question. Depends on how he's doing things. He's probably organizing by pledge level. (Unless the printer is also doing shipping, in which case all bets are off.)

    46. John Merklinghaus on

      Books are coming in!? Awesome! It means progress. I pledged for just the 'Stupid Meal.' Anybody getting those in yet?

    47. James McKendrew on

      only the second kickstarted I'VE BACKED where...

    48. James McKendrew on

      Quite welcome. This is only the second kickstarter where physical rewards are coming out in full swing, so I'm making assumptions. But generally if you're looking for crowd funding, you try to make the most use out of what you receive. One way to do that is shipping one package per backer, only, if possible. If you take that for granted, then this is EXACTLY the sort of thing that Rob would want to be spammed about, I believe.

    49. William Baughman on

      Thanks, Mayor. I guess I figured Kickstarter would work like Twitter, so that if I posted publicly, and someone answered, no one would have to spam Rob ;-)

    50. James McKendrew on

      William: Rob noted that the Pink Dwagon Plushies are several weeks out yet. The sent the contract on July 5th, and the turn-around is 4 - 5 weeks, typically. I would, in your place, be a bit surprised that your book came before the plushie, since either that means that you'll be getting two packages (costing Rob more for shipping) or there's been some confusion on your reward. If you are concerned about that, I think clicking the "send message" link above is the most appropriate way to make sure that you're down for a pink dwagon.

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