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E is for Erfworld, a fantasy comic. We need a new artist, and David is on it!
1,064 backers pledged $45,707 to help bring this project to life.

Closing Out, and Last Thanks

Posted by Rob Balder (Creator)

This should be the final update for E is for Erfworld. I just wanted to let everyone know that all donor rewards have been sent (to those who completed their donor survey).

If you have not received your pledge reward, please check to see if you completed your survey. If so, and you still have not gotten your item(s), drop us a note through Kickstarter and we'll look into it.

This project was a big success all around, and helped us through our very difficult transition after losing Xin. It's a tough task even for a professional comics illustrator like David to come in and take over an existing story/universe, especially one as complex and idiosyncratic as ours. The Erfabet book was a great little project for getting him up to speed, and I think his work in the Epilogues really shows he's up to the task.

We've been working for months to get ready for our next big fundraiser, to print Erfworld Book 2: Love is a Battlefield in hardcover, and to fund the illustration of Book 3: Hamsterdance vs the Charlie Foxtrot. We'll need your help again, so that we can get the main storyline off of Winter break and get going with the series.

I hope you enjoyed reading E is for Erfworld as much as we did making it. Additional copies of the book can now be purchased through the Erfworld store. Thanks again for all that you do and give, to make Erfworld possible.

Rob Balder

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    1. Rob Balder 6-time creator on


      Go to Kickstarter and log on. Search for the project you backed and click on it. On the main page of the project, scroll down to the level you pledged. If you answered your survey you will see a link to "your response" and the date that you sent it. If you didn't respond to the survey look in your email account associated with Kickstarter and search for "Response needed!" :-)

      Thanks for asking! Hopefully this will help anyone else who was wondering the same thing.

      Team Erfworld

    2. Jay Demetrick on

      Erm... HOW does one check to see if they completed their donor survey...? Thanks!