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E is for Erfworld, a fantasy comic. We need a new artist, and David is on it!
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Donor Rewards Going Out

Posted by Rob Balder (Creator)

Hey everyone! With most responses now received from our donor surveys, we have begun shipping out your donor rewards. Nearly everybody who pledged at the $20 level and answered the survey, your books are in the mail already.

With all the other rewards, we'll be working hard this week and next to get them on their way to you. I signed my way through one box of Erfabet books and will be working on the other. Linda is busting her butt to get them stuffed and labeled.

As I warned you, the next project is coming up. The goal will be to fund the printing of Book 2 and the illustration of Book 3 by David Hahn. It'll be an ambitious goal, and we need to hit it for Erfworld to go anywhere from here. You've all come through for us so brilliantly, and I am counting on your continued support.

As before, I'll be giving backer-only updates to give you first crack at the limited and/or early bird tiers.

Also coming up is a kind of companion project by miniature games company Proxy Army. They'll have some limited edition Erfworld minis to offer, and I hope that will be the start of a long and productive working partnership for us. Details soon to follow!

Thanks as always,

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rob Wadsworth on

      Not a problem! I'm okay with being pending, slightly hopeful but not required that I had the plushie by Christmas. I just didn't want to somehow get lost in fulfillment or lost in holiday shipping. Thanks for following up with me.

    2. Rob Balder 6-time creator on

      @Rob Wadsworth: Unfortunately, yes. With the exception of the $100 level (because they were quick and easy to load and get out the door.

    3. Missing avatar

      Rob Wadsworth on

      I just want to make sure I haven't slipped through the cracks either. I sent my survey in about two months ago, but I'm assuming that if $20, $30, and $25 level packages have gone out that higher level pledges are still pending. Is this correct?

    4. Missing avatar

      Tomas Rosenthal on

      Thanks for the update Linda, much appreciated. Seems my son might get it in time for Christmas. Yay!

    5. Rob Balder 6-time creator on

      No Tomas. You should not worry that you have not received anything yet. I have completed the $20 & $30 level and I'm currently working on the $25 level. Your package will be going out tomorrow. If you do not receive your purple dwagon in a reasonable amount of time please let me know. Then *I* will be concerned. ;-)

      Thank you for supporting Erfworld! :-)

      Team Erfworld

    6. Missing avatar

      Tomas Rosenthal on

      I pledged $25 for the purple dragon. I have not yet received anything (living abroad). Should I be concerned?

    7. Gabriel B. on

      sorry for the delay, I didn't check e-mail in a while, just responded to the e-mail notice

    8. Rob Balder 6-time creator on


      We did. Linda and I both forgot about that. We're going to send out an email to all backers with a way to get us that info, but we're trying to figure out the easiest possible way to handle it. You can only send one survey per donor level per project.


      Update posted to the YOTD project. You're right, it was overdue.

    9. Missing avatar

      James Scheibel on

      What Joshua Carmody said. I mean things happen but I'm curious about that project since it's over a year old.

    10. Varsava on

      Got mine already over in Jolly Olde England thanks very much! Will definitely support the next kickstarter. Love your work, man.

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul MacAlpine on

      I noticed that unlike the first Kickstarter, the survey for this Kickstarter did not ask for our Erfworld forum name. So, how will the "A is for Awesome" badge be distributed?

    12. Missing avatar

      Joshua Carmody on

      You can bet on my support for the next project. I've been loving the frequent site updates recently, and I can't imagine how I'd cope without my Erfworld.

      I am curious about the status of the *previous* project though. I know the motion comic hit some snags, but I assume you haven't given up on it?