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E is for Erfworld, a fantasy comic. We need a new artist, and David is on it!
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Gencon exceeded our expectations (but not our budget!)

Posted by Rob Balder (Creator)

A quick update on how Gencon went. SPOILER: it was epic.

If you'll recall, our second of two stretch goals was $2500 to fly David out from Portland so he could meet the fans, and throw a party for the Erfworld fans there with whatever was left after paying his travel.

Well, we managed to do David's airfare, room, and badge, plus a big double conference room at the Hyatt Regency for 3 hours (we really were in there for about 5), 4 hours of the Chicken Limo (plus a nice tip, because John the driver was so awesome), booze and glow sticks in the limo, snacks and sodas catered by the Hyatt...all for under $2K! We're learning. :)

So, first off, having David there was fantastic. He got to understand the love and enthusiasm and obsessive attention to detail among the Erfworld fans, and he and I really got to bond and talk about story and workflow process. This will make it so much easier for us to work, going forward. I'm more excited about the future of the comic right now than I've been since Year of the Dwagon ended.

Second, we had a great turnout and everyone got a ride through downtown Indianapolis, playing chicken noises and making chicken jokes and getting stared at and photographed. Mr. Steve Jackson (who happens to be an avid Erfworld reader) showed up to ride, and then hung out in the Theory room with the readers. (At one point, he and I were tag-team speed-mentoring Nathaniel, a guy who's about to graduate with a degree in game design. It was hilarious.)

So I just wanted to post a few pics of the evening. Thank you for making this possible. Thanks also to my lovely Linda (she's in the Archon costume), David, Ben, Steve, Luke & Sara, Matt & Tara, and everyone else who came to the gathering. Next year, it's the Hippo Party Bus!


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