E is for Erfworld (the Erfabet Book) & debut of David Hahn

by Rob Balder

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    1. Michael Carmody on

      I'd buy that in a heartbeat. Also most of the other ideas for store products from earlier-update comments!

    2. Michael Carmody on

      Also I am voicing my support for the side-stories again, because the text-only updates about backstory, side-characters, etc., are some of my favorite parts of the fiction. :D

    3. Jeffrey Synn on

      That's true about shirts generating their own revenue. I vote for a KISS shirt.

    4. Jeff Abshire

      Calendar sounds good to me! I'd go for that!

    5. Anthony Thomas on

      If you do get around to making a video game out of erfworld I'd love to be involved in that project.

    6. James McKendrew

      My favoritest quote from the series so far is, "Y'know...as far as helping his own cause goes, Stanley is somewhere between Gilligan and Starscream." If THAT were to end up on a T-shirt, I'd totally buy it.

    7. Arbo on

      I'd up my pledge for:
      - the 2014 calendar.
      - a T-shirt -- but not any, please offer a couple choices.
      - definitely the magnets -- I use several metal boards around the house and office.
      - naming a very minor character who is only mentioned without showing up.

    8. Gozer Games on

      I was all ready to comment on the other update, and then this update came out. :P I'm for putting it into the web site. As someone who builds websites professionally, the kind of site you want could easily cost $40k or more.

      The idea of the little things, eh. Things like stickers and postcards I think can be backburnered. Naming rights are fun. Maybe some sort of badge (not too dissimilar to what Phil and Kaja Foglio are doing for their Girl Genius KS)?

      Game development can easily take 18 months or more. You want it done right. :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Ben H on

      @Jeffrey Synn - Awesome Idea. If that were a reality I'd buy one(or two).

    10. Lewis on

      I would go for the caledar too! Great idea.

    11. Noël Chrisman on

      I'm sure you have good notes and experience, but the current Girl Genius project seems to be going rather well if you want to do further research for the next one.

      A calendar could be fun, and magnets could work. I love the OOTS character magnets with a characteristic quote bubble that even non-initiates find humorous.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kyndrid on

      Calendar... Yes please!!

    13. Josh Thomson

      A calendar is an excellent idea.

    14. Gabriel B. on

      A calandar is a great idea!
      How about various lands, halloween month would be a given. I wonder if they are snowy lands, Lady Olivia could have spring... either that or cast important people... or both

    15. Miles Matton

      I think I know who would get February, the "short" month :D

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Mooney on

      ... Pledge $300 (or some less randomly chosen number) you choose the scene drawn on one of the calendar months (within reason).

    17. John Parker on

      I'd buy a calender. Anything that adds merch to the store is a great idea in my book. I'm always looking forward to spending those Tool Points.

    18. Missing avatar

      John-Angus Munro on

      The best way to get more from this kickstarter is to offer more digital rewards.
      Open up cameos again. Add in the $15 level and it's "No Shipping" international friendly.
      The calender looks like an excellent idea. One that can be kept in the store.

      Short term Stuffamancy
      Faction shirts ! The Royal or Knightly Radish of Jetstone seen here: http://www.erfworld.com/wiki/index.php/LIAB_58:3. I don't think the basic radish would sell... Stanley's Star, the New Faq Gwiff. Haven't seen any units bearing it but Transylvito, or even Goodminton. Haggar mabey ?
      GÖLEM for sure : http://www.erfworld.com/wiki/index.php/TBFGK_87:7

      Propaganda posters. Got the idea from the large one of Stanley.

      For longer term projects:
      Decrypted versions of the rest of the dwagons.
      I repeat my request for the plush skull and for a rework on the plot shirt.
      A plush Gobwin perhapse or a Marbit ?

      Other than the dwagons, I'm not sure what would sell... GÖLEM I think would do atlease as well as crap golems.

    19. Justin Sean Johnson on

      Calendar - good idea. :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Kelly on

      I would love to have the magnets! Ooh, or if there were pinup calendars? That'd be awesome. There's have to be two versions, though. I'll buy the one with the boys ahthankyouverymuch.

    21. Matt LaDue on

      I would sign up for a calendar right now! That would be cool. Magnets would be cool too.

    22. Missing avatar

      Byron Sinor on

      I don't really use physical calendars anymore, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like one. :)

    23. Bruce Ralston on

      +1 for the Magnets idea. I stuck the stickers from the last Erfworld KS onto magnetic strips and turned them into fridge magnets. My Order of the Stick fridge magnets also get regular use. Good idea!

    24. Charles Gordon Wilkinson V on

      What about a standard 52-54 deck of playing cards?

      You could have unique artwork for 'em or (to save time and money) just cut and paste existing artwork. Instead of Heart, Diamond, Spade, Club use FAQ, Jetstone, Transylvito and GobwinKnob for the suits/houses and their symbols.

      Beyond that, I'd say save the excess money to go towards Book 3 and wait to see just how successful the August campaign is before committing it to anything. You'll likely be too busy wrapping this kickstarter up and ramping up for the August one anyway.