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E is for Erfworld, a fantasy comic. We need a new artist, and David is on it!
1,064 backers pledged $45,707 to help bring this project to life.

Where to from here? Your suggestions, please!

Posted by Rob Balder (Creator)

Hey everyone! I'm getting a lot of questions about stretch goals. We've met the ones I was planning for, so I thought I would ask for your ideas about what (if anything) to add to this project.

Thanks to exactly 666 wonderful backers right now (screenshotted, hehe), the Erfabet project is already more of a success than I had planned for the full 36 days of funding. Seriously, if you had told me at the start, "Rob, you can guarantee $31K as your final number or you can take your chances and see how people respond," I would have gratefully taken that number. (My best guess for the whole thing was somewhere in the low 20s.)

That was not because I didn't think we could raise more. It's more about where this project fits in to Erfworld's plans for the rest of the year. I picked some modest, achievable goals, and because of the generosity of Erfworld readers, we met them all in about a day. XD

I want to talk a little about our plans, and ask for your feedback about what to do with the remaining month that this project will be live.

The Erfabet book was supposed to be the smaller of two Kickstarters this year. The larger one, with a $45,000 goal, is planned for August. The purpose of that one will be to fund David to draw all of Book 3. His original inks for that book will be offered as the primary donor rewards.

So one logical thing to do at this point would be to combine the two projects and make a push right now to fund Book 3. But I really prefer to wait until the epilogues start posting. I don't think it's right to ask the fans to fund David until you've had a chance to see more of his work.

Of course, we don't have to do anything more with this one. We can go the remaining 31 days without any new rewards or add-ons, and that would be fine. I've said that all remaining funds go toward resurrecting the website project, and it could soak up all the excess. We're trying a new approach in June that could possibly get it done for what we've raised already, or it might require as much as $40,000 if this try fails like the first three did. We don't know. And I don't necessarily need any new work on my plate.

But with 31 days left to go, it still feels like a missed opportunity not to do something else. We have a chance now to fund something cool on the side, maybe something that we could have ready in time for GenCon. I thought about doing a set of embroidered patches like the OOTS project had, or something like the Schlock Mercenary challenge coins (Hamstards, Wanda skulls, Jetstone radishes, etc).

So in comments, please leave your thoughts. Is there some Erfworld product that you've always wanted to see? Got a t-shirt idea? Feel very strongly that we shouldn't do anything else right now? Please let me know.



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    1. Missing avatar

      xtrapwr on

      Bank the excess. More cool things are wonderful, but given everything that has happened over the years I personally would feel far better about everything if you just had a cushion. I know I want you around and creating for years to come. Take things one solid, well backed step at a time.

    2. Karen Lockwood on

      I agree with others- I backed because I've enjoyed the comment, and a cushion would help keep the comic going when the unforeseen happens. Bank it.

    3. Serpine on

      I backed purely based on repayment of past enjoyment and a desire to help ensure we eventually find out how the story ends. If the surplus just ends up providing a war chest for future issues I'm good with that.

    4. Missing avatar

      Xtense on

      I'm with shorthope - better to have some extra funds for ensuring stability than blowing it all on extra sweeties for us backers ;) .

    5. Keith Nixon on

      Wouldn't mind something more substantial than a t-shirt when the cold winds blow, so one or more of the designs on a sweat shirt/hoodie or maybe a jacket.

    6. Tal Shorer on

      While I agree that you can just keep it for a rainy day, I'd really like to see some of that money funding a book II hardcover print.

    7. BrotherFlounder on

      If you are gonna do another Kickstarter this year, it might be best to just put the extra from this one into the website fund. That way, you have a good buffer on the web development, so that hopefully things aren't in the same boat once the next Kickstarter launches. And if there's extra, hey, that's just a head-start on Book 3.

      That said, if you're looking for ideas, a poster detailing the Magic axes would be pretty neat!

    8. Missing avatar

      shorthope on

      Rob, just bank the surplus. You are running a business that has several times teetered from unanticipated events. Just bank the surplus in an operating account and save it for a rainy day. If you need to call it something, call it Erfworld insurance, paid for by people who want to hear the rest of this story and are willing to hedge against uncertainty in the interests of achieving that goal. Nobody (at least nobody worthy of respect) expects you to do this for free, or live on the edge of poverty while you do it. Business budgets always, always, include contingencies. So should yours. Don't look for a little project or goal to slot this money into, or it just becomes another small promise you have to keep. Save it so you can keep the big promise. And fire off the August Kickstarter per your plan.

      Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Keep on rolling, this is one of the best things out there.