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Warren Byrom:  The Fabled Canelands's video poster

The Fabled Canelands come shimmering back through that first kite, sleep, home, sidewalks, nickels, dimes, good touch, what I learned. Read more

Lexington, KY Hip-Hop
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This project was successfully funded on January 16, 2011.

The Fabled Canelands come shimmering back through that first kite, sleep, home, sidewalks, nickels, dimes, good touch, what I learned.

Lexington, KY Hip-Hop
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warren byrom
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warren byrom

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The Fabled Canelands is a record of most of the songs i wrote from 2005 to 2009. The title song came last, a kind of meditation on the high cost of living out of balance, after reading Alan Eckert's Frontiersmen, and some James Lane Allen excerpted from The Reign Of Law. The song kept evolving over the next year and a half of recording, unlike the others, which knew pretty instantly what they wanted to say.

What's that you say? You want facts, not literary criticism? O.k., I have already spent around $2500 in time and money on this project. I have been lucky to work with two of lexington's finest recording engineers: Otto Helmuth, and Tony Miller. I thank my cohorts in the Swells, along with Anna Hess, James Friley, and Fred Sexton for their inspired performances. I thank Whitney Baker for bringing James Baker Hall's wonderful poem to my attention, and for inspiring the melody, along with Patrick O'Keefe, to That First Kite. There are eleven songs with eight or nine making the final cut. Seven of them are ready to be mastered and the final two need to be re-recorded which should happen by thanksgiving.

The money i am requesting from you dear lover of music is a very conservative estimate of what the mastering of eight songs and pressing of an initial number of cd's will cost. I am paying for the final mixing and re-recording of the final two songs, along with all other printing and incidental costs.
I am so excited about this record and i have gotten such a great response from everbody who has heard the roughs. The Fabled Canelands, out jan/feb 2011 with your help!


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    Pre-release digital download of Fabled Canelands, plus alternate versions and songs not on the album.

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    The pre-release digital download of the album, plus the actual fold out eco-pak cd with lyrics and notes and some incredible artwork! (There will be at least one extra song on the cd as well)

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    You're gonna be feeling so good after this! everything from the $25 level, plus digital Downloads of all alternate versions, and songs that didn't find the perfect home on the Fabled Canelands, including Laughing Heart, A Museum of Birds, and a great live Swells at the Ice House version of Forbidden Planet.

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    Oh, you are doing so good! This level is guaranteed to increase your radiance by 43%. And of course everything from the $40 level is all yours. Also, choose from archive pages of original draft lyrics. Plus, you get the Fabled Canelands T-shirt.

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    I am so happy for you right now! all the downloads, the cd, the new songs and alternates, the T-shirt, and i come play a solo acoustic show for you and yours, just me and stella. Biking distance only please! unless you can swing by the house...

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