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The Weerol Many-Use Toy is a modern, heirloom quality wood toy designed to adapt to a child's stage of development and style of play.
The Weerol Many-Use Toy is a modern, heirloom quality wood toy designed to adapt to a child's stage of development and style of play.
273 backers pledged $38,621 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Post-campaign survey, Amazon reviews, Gift Codes and The Secret 8th Configuration

By now the majority of backers have received their kits and have hopefully had some time to interact with Weerol. Today we are releasing a totally optional (but highly appreciated) post-kickstarter-campaign survey to help us gauge the success of our first production run. While we have personally gone over dozens of kits ourselves to review quality and accuracy, many of you have contacted us with unique issues from cosmetic blemishes to warranty issues . For those of you who have not yet contacted us, this is your chance to let us know how we did.  If you have found a problem with your kit we want to make it right!   So grab a cup of coffee and  take our survey today!

Wee want your Amazon review! 

Weefab toys are now available on in the US. If you would like to give Weerol and Rok’nrol a little push, nothing will help more than an honest (but great!) review. you can find them here.  

The secret 8th configuration! 

Kickstarter backer Bjorn Huysman submitted this photo (bottom) of an 8th configuration we hadn’t thought of. If you have 2 kits and a rok’nrol accessory, you too can make this doll rocker!   

Where’s our gift certificate? 

No, we didn’t forget! If you purchased a kit prior to Feb. 1, you are eligible to receive a $25 gift code toward a purchase at To receive your code, email using the email associated with your kickstarter account, or your pre-order. You will receive your code within 24 hours. The single-use code will be good for 1 year, and can be transferred to anyone.   Q: Can it be used on a single Rok'nrol kit?  A: Yes, but at this price it will not qualify for free shipping, which is $9 in the US. All purchases including Weerol will qualify for free shipping under current promotions, however the gift code can not be combined with other promo codes.

A message to our International backers

 We have received many messages from International backers who were surprised by the high duty and taxes that were charged for importation, particularly in Canada (more on that later). The valuation was higher than some had expected, primarily due to shipping prices as much as $100 more than the price paid through our campaign. While we did mention that duty was the responsibility of the pledger, we realize now that we should have raised awareness  and also should have mentioned that the shipping cost we were charging to pledgers was much lower than the actual cost that would end up on the invoice and subject to duty. We sincerely apologize for the high fees.  Due to this we have put future international orders on hold until we have implemented improved guidance on expected duty and fees.  We are pursuing proper distribution channels outside the US that will hopefully improve our customers experience in this area as well.

UPS and shipments to Canada:

If you are running a kickstarter campaign and plan to make shipments to Canada, I highly advise avoiding UPS.  We had numerous problems originating from both our fulfillment provider and ultimately standard UPS policy that resulted in some of the most outrageous brokerage fees we have heard of.  UPS charges as much as 50% of the value of goods in brokerage fees which more than offset the savings from choosing them over USPS.  We apologize to our friends up north for these fees. We never would have subjected you to this if we had been warned.  

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All rewards shipped

By now all kickstarter and post-campaign pre-orders have been shipped.  If you haven't received  a shipping confirmation email by now,  If you received an incorrect or incomplete order, or any other issue at  all,  please contact   

This is the time to identify any problems in our inventory,  and any (additional) errors made by our fulfillment partner.  We want to make it right.   Even if you received the wrong print, but have decided to keep it, we  need to know we messed up!

additionally, In about a week we will be sending out an optional survey about your early experiences with weerol, so...... ready.....set.....PLAY!

Weestore is open!

After weeks of testing, our full storefront  powered  by Amazon is now open, with all toys shipping within 1 business day of orders!  While this will end some of our  pre-order pricing and free shipping deals,  weerol is still priced at $99 plus $9 shipping, and we are offering free shipping on orders over $150.  Like our  facebook page  to access periodic coupon codes for free shipping and daily discounts.  Also look for our storefront to open within a few weeks, and we would really appreciate some of your honest reviews to appear there!  

Wee want photos!

Took some great shots or videos of weerol in action?  Visit our new weeplay page and post your favorites!  

and finally...


There are a few issues and questions about  weerol that some of you may have noticed, and we wanted you to know that we noticed too!

What happened to the tread colors?

Some of the treads show some color separation and/or oxidation of the TPE dye which occurred since they were molded in October.  From a safety standpoint this is not a problem, all dyes used are non-toxic.  For many of you this may not be an issue, but for those of you who are bothered by it, you can scrub the residue off the surface using dishsoap and a brillo pad.  We are discussing with our tread supplier  how/why  this happened, since our earlier samples from the tread supplier did not do this.

Where is the 4mm allen key for the connector bolt?

Some of you may have been surprised that the connector appears permanently attached with allen bolts.  This was an intentional decision to eliminate as many loose parts as possible.  All configurations are achievable without removing this bolt assembly.  Simply rotate the connector around the bolt and refasten with the ballscrew.  

The train configuration doesn't turn well!

If you built the train configuration, you may have noticed that it doesn't turn well if both ball screws are used on the hitch.  If you remove one of the ballscrews from either of the 2 connectors, it will improve the turning radius substantially! (diagram below)

The S ballscrews are too short!

If you bought 2 Weerol's and tried fastening them together in the shopping cart configuration as shown in the manual, you may have been disappointed. The manual shows the short screws from the connectors being used , but these screws are too short to reach the anchors! This is a mistake caused by a last minute change in the design that wasn't properly implemented. Luckily you can still build a cart using an alternative method: remove the handle from the bottom weerol and use the longer ballscrews from that assembly to fasten the weerols together. Note that you can still build a cart without fastening the 2 kits together, which some will prefer anyhow since it makes it easier to change on the fly. see the diagram at the bottom for a visual explanation.

Have another issue or suggestion?  you can email me at or save it for the survey.

We also want to thank everyone for your incredible patience while we were testing, modifying and scrambling to get these out.  I know the delays  were frustrating.  The process of developing a new product and launching a brand  is inherently fraught with these types of setbacks.  That you all stuck with us and believed in our idea has been inspiring.  

Thank you all so much for helping us get here!


K,H,E + D

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We'd rather be rōling

We have been receiving a number of emails recently asking about shipping info, requests for tracking number etc.     We had anticipated  we would be posting an update over a week ago about our first kits shipping to backers. 

The incredibly frustrating reality is that, despite our persistent  daily pressuring, cajoling  and pestering,  the fulfillment company  (who shall remain nameless for the time being) we hired to kit and ship our entire inventory has failed as of this evening to ship even a single kit from their warehouse despite our inventory being on site for almost 3 weeks.  Their explanation is  that an inventory scanning error on their part  is the primary cause of the delay, and that shipping will begin very soon.  

This was not a satisfactory explanation for us, and I doubt it is for many of you who have been waiting for weerol for  6 months.

While we appear to have reached the limit of our influence to speed up a process that we believed was placed in efficient and capable hands,  we reserve the right to make them famous if the delay persists.

For those of you who emailed me last week with priority shipping requests,  we did everything within our abilities to meet your needs.  Please accept our humblest apologies if we missed your special day.   Your kits will still be prioritized.  Anyone who did not contact us and is now closing in on a February birthday, please contact us as detailed in the prior update.

 I know this feels like we have stumbled just as we approached the finish line.  Please trust we will get there, even if we have to crawl  when we'd rather be rōling.

K,H,E +D

High priority shipments

Today, all weerol/rok'nrol kits are in the LA warehouse, where they are being scanned into inventory and prepped  for kitting.

As we are getting ready  to begin shipping our first weerol kits to backers next week,  I would like to ask if there are any individuals who have high priority due to time-sensitive considerations.  Many of you have contacted us wondering if we would be able to ship your kits in time for mid-to-late January birthdays.  Others have let me know that their kits can wait. 

After getting updates from the kitting team in LA, they are estimating that the first kits will be ready to ship early next week, however all  pre-order kits could take a week or more to complete.  

We are asking  those who have a need to receive kits soon for time sensitive reasons to please email me ASAP.  There is no need to explain the reason, simply email and place "high priority" in the subject field.  We will push your kits to the front of the list so they can go out first.  

For those who do not contact me, you will likely receive your kit just 1-2 business days later.  

We sincerely appreciate everyone's patience.  



Happy New Year from Weefab Toys

We hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday with your family.

This morning I'd like to update everyone on shipping schedules starting with:

I ordered a Weerol and All I got is a t-shirt??

Today we shipped out t-shirts to everyone whose kit included one.  This includes domestic and early-bird international pledges for  2x weerol +1x Ro'knrol or 2x Rok'nrol.  Please note that post-early-bird international orders did not include a t-shirt unless you ordered one separately.  A note on sizing:  We were warned that the sizing of the kids t's was on the large size, and indeed they were, so we made a decision to switch all kids size S to XS and all kids size M to size S.  We believe this will accomodate most of you.   Adult sizes are standard so they are as ordered.

So where's my Weerol?

All of our Weerol inventory is in Los Angeles, awaiting our freight forwarder to move them to our fulfillment partner in Bloomington CA.  Hopefully this will happen by the end of the week, at which point the inventory will be QC checked, kitted and shipped to pledgers sometime next week.  We are getting very close, so please hang in there!


K,H,E + D