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Rent an Orchestra for a second 75th anniversary performance's video poster
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This project was successfully funded on September 29, 2012.

We need money for woodwinds and more!!

Ridgewood, NJ Theater
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Tim Domini
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Ridgewood Gilbert and Sullivan is the oldest continuous amateur G & S troupe in New Jersey not associated with a college. The group has provided the community with a unique traveling theatre show for 75 years and over 150 productions of the 12 G & S operettas. Ridgewood is a band of friends who have entertained and brought the joy of the comedies of Gilbert and Sullivan to New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and even Pennsylvania. No member of the troupe is paid - no back stage member is paid - sets are built by volunteers – we only pay our orchestra members and professional staff - it has been a labor of love for a long long time.

The Ridgewood group has undergone serious set backs in the last three years - we lost the home of our sets and costumes when one of the founding families left Ridgewood, we had to replace our truck after 25 years and we have had to suffer the breakdown of our business model which carried the troupe for 75 years as a fundraising or entertainment option for 100s of organizations. We are now facing the challenge of redefining ourselves, but what to do about the 75th anniversary and the performance scheduled of Iolanthe?

With the strong support of a few members the group has fundraised amongst ourselves - we have raised the funds to keep the troupe alive and maybe perform one show with a rented orchestra - despite projecting a loss. But if we could perform two THAT would be something.

This is where our Kickstarter project comes in - if we can get the funding outside of our group and rent an orchestra for the second show wouldn't it be a terrific thing?  We are a community group and we want to be there for our community.

So please, help us make this milestone gift to our community as we try to save a community group – rent us an orchestra for one night - it is only $2,000 dollars - all the joy of music - all the wonderful silliness of Gilbert and Sullivan -

After all

I accept refreshment at any hands, however lowly.

W.S. GILBERT, The Mikado

Thanks for thinking of us!


  • Gilbert and Sullivan collaborated on 14 operas in the 25 year period from 1871 to 1896. These 14 operas constitute the most frequently performed series of operas in history. They are still being performed regularly throughout the English speaking world

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