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A brand new season of short stories and novelettes, new contributors to The Book Smugglers blog, a new look and more
A brand new season of short stories and novelettes, new contributors to The Book Smugglers blog, a new look and more
552 backers pledged $24,161 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Katie Jennings on February 1

      Hi Thea and Ana

      Just checking when you are planning to send out the tote bags? (If you know yet!).


    2. Missing avatar

      Ana Grilo Collaborator on October 7

      Dear Ila

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for the support throughout - it was very much appreciated.

      You might have missed a couple of updates because although we did offer a sticker and a patch as a bonus freebie to $25+ and $45+ level backers, we are also rewarding every single backer, at any level, with a digital copy of the first story in the upcoming series by J.Y. Yang next year as well as a bonus digital Halloween story by Yukimi Ogawa this month.

      We do love your suggestion of offering other digital goodies, and have taken it into consideration!

      All the best
      Ana & Thea

    3. Missing avatar

      Ana Grilo Collaborator on October 7

      Hello everybody, thanks for your comments and enthusiasm!

      @Judy and Katie, I have added the tote bag as a note to your pledge. We are on it!

    4. Ila Turner on October 5

      Hi I am very, very happy to see you've made ALL your goals. I want to offer one word to the Smugglers. Please don't forget the little people who were the stepping stones to getting the bigger wallets open. I live on a very, very tight budget, and I gave every cent I could. I see all the nice swag offered after I gave, tote bag, stickers, books etc., and I did my duty and posted all over social media, sent emails to my friends, asked my children to donate, because I truly believe nothing is more important than the written word, and the reading of it. If you can reward the little people with digital items, why wouldn't you? Just a thought. I'd love something to put on my blog - a supporter's badge perhaps? Thank you for your time and again, congratulations.

    5. Judy Schatz on October 4

      Hi, I'm thrilled to see how well this is going! I just added $42 to my pledge so that I could get a tote bag, but I don't see it listed as a Reward. Did I do it right? Thanks!

    6. Tasha Turner
      on September 28

      So close. We can do this!

    7. Katie Jennings on September 27

      Just added a tote bag to my pledge...getting close now, Smugglers! Good luck!

    8. Missing avatar

      Aniko on September 8, 2017

      Good luck, Smugglers! :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Ana Grilo Collaborator on September 7, 2017

      Hi Mark,

      at the moment, only the $250 level has all the anthologies (and our entire backlist, actually). However, we are looking at creating a new reward level that will include all the anthos too. More to come.
      Thanks for your support!
      Ana & Thea

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Carter
      on September 6, 2017

      I backed at the $20 level... Is there a way to get the remaining two anthologies?

    11. Estara Swanberg on September 5, 2017

      Ganbatte, Thea and Ana. Levellu uppu!