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We will bring back the old double bill 2 feature films with great filler and trailers in between to NYC. We will bring back the GRINDHOUSE!!

Over the last 20 years the Hollywood studios have bought up and pushed out all the local independent theaters. A movie goer had a chance to sit in theater and experience more than what came out of the Hollywood system. Now we want to bring that feeling back to NYC and offer some great double features to the fans that appreciate them.


We have an opportunity to rent a great local theater in downtown Manhattan.
-We will rent the theater for the night.

We have many contacts with independent film makers and studios and we will license a selection from those film makers.

We will play a double bill of 2 features with trailers and short segments cut in between, much like the old days of the Grindhouse.

We will charge half the ticket price of a main stream Hollywood film, and the movie goer gets two films for this low price.

If this launch is successful we will continue.


Theater rental: this is the big chunk.

Film License fee: We want the good films and sometimes they cost. We would also like to get the directors to come and speak about the film.

Advertising: We plan on taking print Ads and web banner ads in specific local papers and web sites.

So that's it. Simple straight forward and a hell of a lot of fun!


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