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Transforming concrete jungles into vibrant urban canvas, one building, one city at a time.

Meet Concrete = Canvas. This head-strong and inventive start-up arts organization intends to do exactly that— transform grey, desolate concrete spaces into vibrant urban canvas; to convert our urban jungles into artistic landscapes for the purpose of progressing the economic, social, and community structures within what we recognize as “borderline” communities: those on the brink of poverty, violence or neglect that could quickly fall off the map without social, and in this case artistic, mediation. C=C proposes to complete the first of its series of artistic interventions in the streets of our local and global communities, starting in the international and cultural gem of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The inspiration for C=C derives from the desire to give a platform to unrecognized artists living in communities in which the struggle to survive often overshadows the need for art. From the slums of Sao Paolo, Brazil, to the war-torn city of Kabul, and Los Angeles’s skid row, artists with no access to educational training or mentorship are falling through the cracks. C=C enthusiastically believes that by fostering venues for artistic expression in these communities, a window can be opened for creativity, social dialogue, and education. Not only will these projects make art more accessible to the general public, but they will also serve as a stepping stone for local artists to break down the intimidating four white walls of the contemporary gallery as we know it. Our strong-held belief is that the visual arts should not be retained solely within these “higher” institutions where language, content, and presentation cater strictly to a limited audience.

By commissioning artists within these marginalized communities to develop and execute public works (as either murals or other semi-permanent mediums that can be safely and securely fashioned on concrete, brick, wood, or stucco in various and likely extreme weather conditions), C=C aims to foster a sense of worth, activism and camaraderie among the local populace.

Project: Buenos Aires will address the very core of C=C’s mission, as this city is blossoming with talent while simultaneously struggling with vandalism, graffiti, violence and poverty-stricken enclaves that seem to be overlooked by their flourishing Prada-toting neighbors and disregarded by city officials. Through this initiative, C=C will help support local artists in efforts to revive lost pieces of architecture and reveal quality artwork to the Porteño artists, revolutionizing the city’s local urban landscape. The artistic community of Buenos Aires is tremendously dynamic, but only present in often inaccessible venues, and the goal is to breach this barrier, thus expanding the physical boundaries where art may be deemed acceptable. Project: Buenos Aires hopes to embrace the underground artists living in and bring them recognition and praise instead of police fines and handcuffs for their talented work with a spray can.

In addition to becoming semi-permanent installations, these interventions will function as “happenings” throughout their production. Live music and performances by various local artists would accompany the process of creating these public works of art. With the intent to solicit hype and press, each event will be a day-long, artistically-centered social affair. The entirety of the project will be filmed and edited into its own piece of artwork and promotional material to educate and assist with the acquisition of future Projects.

We need ALL the help we can get financially so that our local artists can receive a stipend, and that we can offer them the paint, tools, scaffolding, safety insurance, and publicity that it takes to successfully complete and promote their work, thus accomplishing our goals. Our volunteers would love to be able to eat, have safety training, and be compensated for their minor daily expenses. The long and short of it is: the more funding we receive, the longer we can stay down here commissioning public art for the BA community, and the better the artists and volunteers will be provided for. This $2,500 is a bare minimum to cover our very basic expenses, but have faith that any penny beyond our goal will go straight back into an expanded version of Project Buenos Aires.

Besos y muchas gracias por todos de ayuda!!!


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