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    1. Nudity.small

      Creator The Taxpayers on May 22, 2011

      Dave, CONSIDER IT DONE! I will post the Chipmunks video reward right now!

    2. Missing_small

      Creator dave ockuly on May 15, 2011

      hey taxpayers, i watched yer video and it sez you're willing to do just about anything. well, i just happen to be a gentleman with exotic tastes (a nice way of saying 80's chipmunk cartoon fetish) and more currency than i personally require. if you put a $ amount on recording a cover of this song:… , there is a very good chance that i will pledge you all the way to heck and back.

      and enjoy your fish. also, if the fish dies on the road, ya'll gotta eat it so you can aquire it's spirit and carry it with you for the rest of the tour.

    3. 143609.small

      Creator Lynn Corum on May 15, 2011

      ;) <33333

    4. Nudity.small

      Creator The Taxpayers on May 14, 2011

      Billy, that's so incredibly nice of you! We really hope to see you at PIX fest and definitely hope to be in NE PA sometime soon. You're the best!

    5. Missing_small

      Creator Billy Mitchell on May 13, 2011

      Wish I could help you guys (and girl(s?)) out more. Really hope you guys make it to Plan-It X Fest and hope to see you guys reasonably soon in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

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  • Pledge $10 or more
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    2 backers Limited (18 left of 20)

    A video of a member of the Taxpayers performing some mundane task, like washing the dishes, while humming the tune of your choice. *mundane task chosen at the whim of the Taxpayers

  • Pledge $15 or more
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    7 backers Limited (18 left of 25)

    A signed CD of your choice with locks of our hair (bagged and glittered) stuffed into the CD casing. Hell, we'll even throw in something Noah dug up in the backyard while gardening. Bones, old wrenches, Norwegian money, who knows what you'll get!

  • Pledge $20 or more
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    11 backers Limited (9 left of 20)

    A song written for you on the topic of your choice by the Atomic Butter Babes, the Taxpayers' sexy, dangerous, and nautically-themed alter ego band. A dream come true? Yes. We'll record it on our tape player and send it to your sweaty hands for your eternal listening enjoyment. *quality of song not promised...err...

  • Pledge $25 or more
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    1 backer Limited (4 left of 5)

    A montage video of various Taxpayers awkwardly humming Ice T's seminal anti-police brutality song "Cop Killer" while performing slightly difficult tasks such as juggling, driving, performing mathematical calculations, etc. *This reward not for the faint of heart!

  • Pledge $30 or more
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    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    You get to wrestle Noah Taxpayer! But beware 30 dollar pledgers: he was captain of his high school wrestling team! If you win, you get the shirt off his back. The shirt will be really fucking cool, seriously. Oh, and if you want a CD you can have one too. (you don't have to wrestle him for the CD). *Offer valid only if we're in your area.

  • Pledge $40 or more
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    4 backers Limited (46 left of 50)

    We'll graffiti your name or the message of your choice somewhere in Portland and take a picture of it! *note to law enforcement officials - the graffiti will be water soluble...hehe...

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    An episode of "Cooking with Rob" dedicated to you! "Cooking with Rob" is the Facebook sensation which features Rob Taxpayer serving up some of the most bland, flavorless "food" in existence to his roommates. You name the ingredients, he'll bake the casserole. Or whatever it is he calls that thing he made... *ingredients limited to 5 that we can buy with our Foodstamps

  • Pledge $55 or more
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    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    YOU GET TO BUY US A FISH! We've always wanted a fish we could take on tour with us. He'll be named Darby Splash. With your 55 dollar contribution, we'll send you updates on how Darby Splash is doing on the road, along with pictures and letters from the adorable little bugger that you adopted.

  • Pledge $90 or more
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    1 backer

    A cover of the following song for your listening enjoyment. It's a true obscure gem from the past, really:

  • Pledge $100 or more
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    1 backer Limited (29 left of 30)

    Dude! 100 dollars? You rule! We'll call your house and tell your parents how great you are. Then, we'll send you a signed limited edition vinyl of the Taxpayers' "TO RISK SO MUCH FOR ONE DAMN MEAL" with original art that Noah Taxpayer will draw up for you.

  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    0 backers

    Shoot, for a 1000 dollars, wanna come on tour with us? Or, if you don't want to come on tour, we'll drive to YOU and play a show in your freakin' kitchen. Hey, maybe Rob will even whip something up in the oven while we're there. *offer only valid if we can get to you for under a 1000 bucks...know what I'm sayin'?

  • Pledge $2,000 or more
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    0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)

    You're crazy. For 2000 bucks, one of us will get your name tattooed on us. That, or the object of your choosing (don't be a jerk about what object it is though, ya know?) *it'd be really funny if it was a lobster skiing.

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