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Faeland is a Metroidvania Action Adventure RPG in pixel art, inspired by the 8-bit classics.
Faeland is a Metroidvania Action Adventure RPG in pixel art, inspired by the 8-bit classics.
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The Ravens Challenge!!

Posted by TALEGAMES (Creator)

Dear Faelanders!!! We have a little #FaelandChallenge for you, with a special reward!!!😃Can you survive the most challenging section of our Alpha Version with no armor, no weapon & no heal?😁

Submit your video challenge on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, add the hashtag #FaelandChallenge and send us a link to your Feat to have your name in a special section on the game's credits!

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    1. Missing avatar

      AllGuy on

      I realize the challenge is no longer valid, but here is my run of it anyway: Great work on the game thus far! Keep the challenges coming!

    2. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Congratulations @German R Mejia!!!
      Thank you very much for your taking on this challenge, surely it got easier once you started using the roll!! Also thanks for pointing about the hit animation, this is something we implemented when you stepped on a ledge but the thrust continues to push you out; but you are right it is not convenient and we will fix that!
      Another challenger to make the Faeland Dance after victory!! :D
      May your name be immortalized in the challengers' game credits!

    3. German R Mejia

      Accidentally didn't post link in last comment !

    4. German R Mejia

      Also, I had this happen to me where I got hit in the air, and when I landed near the edge or a platform, it made it seem as if I got hit again, but received no damage but still received the push back and invincibility from when I was supposedly at around 0:09 seconds. I don't know is this is still applicable or happens, but just wanted to share it just in case it was overlooked !

    5. German R Mejia

      After spending 2 hrs trying to do this challenge without the roll, and then skipping over the roll scroll because the post said the NPC didnt sell anything haha. I finally completed the challenge 2 hrs after being told ! Thank you again for this challenge. It was ridiculously brutal ! It also seemed to have glitched at the end but I hope it counts ! Try, try again !

    6. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Congratulations @Michael Olson!!! :D
      That was really funny to watch! We'll be working on fixing this Hz issue but yeah, that's a cool idea for Hard Mode! Happy to have you among our Challengers Michael, that required some serious fast paced maneuvers!!! :)

    7. Michael Olson on

      Whew, managed to complete the challenge despite some bugs making it that much more brutal. Good thing I enjoy challenging platformers! Maybe you guys can add a hard difficulty with faster enemies like this after the game releases.

    8. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Congratulations @internisus!!!
      A skilled challenger who pulled this feat in such a short notice and within the time-frame remaining!! Thank you very much for your support and for taking on this challenge
      May your name be immortalized in the challengers' game credits! :)

    9. internisus on

      I only found out about your game a couple of hours ago, so I had to do this in a hurry!

    10. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Hi German! First you have to acquire the "Evasion Scroll" from Johan in the Town Market, he will give it to you for free! :)

    11. German R Mejia

      Hi there, I've been at the challenge for a day now and I'm having so much trouble ! I've tried it with a PS4 Controller, XBox 1, and the Keyboard ! For some reason I CANNOT roll. I even checked the options in the prototype build and couldnt manage to make it happen. Not even my spacebar was rolling. I'm gonna keep at it still but hopefully I can figure it out haha.

    12. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Hi @Michael Olson! That must look funny, yes please submit the video if you make it at 60hz or just your best trial at 144hz, we will love to see that and have you in our Challengers credits! :D

    13. Michael Olson on

      I've been trying at the challenge for a couple hours now. I took a peek at some of the existing win videos and realized that my game may have issues due to a higher framerate / refresh rate (144hz display). The birds move about twice as fast in my version and my invincibility wears off much faster, making it impossible for me to roll away or dodge in-between successive hits. I've been able to get to the last ledge but the bird swarm is so big at that point that I'm having trouble finding an opening to get past the last goblin. I could probably lower my refresh rate and be fine but I'm gonna keep trying with this 'hard mode' enabled and see if I can manage it. If not then I'll just submit a video of me failing so you can see what it looks like :)

    14. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Congratulations Dylan!!!
      You did it within the few hours remaining!! Well done! Thank you for participating and for all your support from day One!!!
      May your name be immortalized in The Challengers' game credits! :D

    15. Dylan Dail on

      Got my last minute challenge, decided to give my attempt before the deadline.…

    16. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Congratulations Edward!!!
      You mastered perfectly that first roll! The Faeland Dance name is hilarious, other challengers have danced it in the end as well haha :D
      Thank you for all your support and for taking on this challenge!!!! :D

    17. Missing avatar

      Edward Wooten Jr. on

      Whew! It took some time, but I managed to complete it. A bit of a mishap in the beginning, but I pulled through! Had to do a celebration dance in the end (I call it the Faeland Dance). I hope you enjoy! :)

    18. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Congratulations to Damián Montes @TheAfroByte!!!!! :D
      Thank you very much for your support and for participating in this challenge!!!
      Watch his video here:…

    19. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Thank you Mathieu and congratulations!!!!!
      That was a great run! We enjoyed it much! Thank you for participating and sharing!!!!

    20. Mathieu Lavoie on

      Hi there!! Finally been able to do the challenge after numerous tries! Lol This was insane and need practice! Everything is in the timing!! Here's a link to my video!!

    21. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Hi Pascal! Thank you very much for sharing this!! It is hilarious and very well done, you probably have the record on amount of tries! It must have taken a lot of determination!!!
      We really enjoyed it!!! XD

    22. Pascal Leroi on

      I don't know if my comment has been posted, as it still says 'less than a minute ago' after the whole night. So let's try that again... Original post:"Finally got that failure compilation video done and uploaded :D I had more footage than I thought... Enjoy :3"

    23. Pascal Leroi on

      Finally got that failure compilation video done and uploaded :D I had more footage than I thought... Enjoy :3

    24. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Congratulations @DiZZerZ!!!!!
      Thank you very much for participating!! That last jump went really good!!!
      No other info required for now, just how you want to appear on the credits, but you will fill that out in the KS Survey after the campaign!! :)

    25. Missing avatar

      DiZZerZ on

      Here is my Challenge Video: i dont know if you need any other info.

    26. TALEGAMES Creator on

      And we have another Challenger Winner!!!!
      A BIG Sout Out for Dimitris Maravelis!!!
      You can check out his video here!:…

    27. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Congratulations Pascal Leroi!!!!!
      That was really funny, liked that ending to the other side! Haha
      Can't wait to see your failures compilation tomorrow!! :D
      Keep us posted and thanks for participating on the challenge!!!

    28. Pascal Leroi on

      Here is my completed run :3
      I'll be editing all my failures tomorrow for a compilation of dying xD
      It was hard, but satisfying to finally get it done ^^

    29. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Congratulations to @Lusoka who really showed off completing the challenge 3 times!!!!! XD
      See the video on this link!!!:

    30. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Woooww!! Congratulations Chris Wright!!!!!
      That's the cleanest run we have had so far!!!!!
      Only 1 hit!!!!!
      That was amazing!!!
      Thank you for your support and for taking on this challenge!!!! :D

    31. Missing avatar

      Chris Wright on

      Didn't expect to manipulating birds today.

    32. TALEGAMES Creator on

      A BIG Shoutout for all Challengers who have made it so far!!!!
      Daniel Lockhart
      Nicholas Strode
      Lawrence Greco
      Florian Krenn
      Wouter J
      We are VERY happy that you have found your ways to accomplish this Feat!!!! :D
      Thank you for patience and dedication!!
      Everyone watching these please Thumbs Up these well deserved videos!!
      Next Challengers please post your video link here as well, so everyone can watch it and we keep a clean record for the Game's Credits Section!!! Who will be next??

    33. Wouter J on

      That was fun but also insanely tough!…

    34. Missing avatar

      Florian Krenn on

      Challenge accepted and accomplished:

    35. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Here is the First Winner of the Ravens Challenge!!!
      A BIG shout-out for Daniel Lockhart!!!!!
      Check out his video here!
      His name will be shown as the First Challenger in the Game's Credits!!!
      Whooohooooo :D

    36. Juleskels on

      Nevermind. Just found it

    37. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Hi Juleskels! You can find the Prototype Build Access Instructions on this link!:

    38. Juleskels on

      How do I get the Alpha Version?