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Faeland is a Metroidvania Action Adventure RPG in pixel art, inspired by the 8-bit classics.
Faeland is a Metroidvania Action Adventure RPG in pixel art, inspired by the 8-bit classics.
Faeland is a Metroidvania Action Adventure RPG in pixel art, inspired by the 8-bit classics.
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    1. German R Mejia 3 days ago

      Everything good TALEGAMES? I hope you're all well !

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      Marco S. on

      Thanks for responding!… this game kind of reminds me of faeland, I like the fluid motion of combat, hoping to see combat like this for faeland more refined with combo movements would be wicked!

    3. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Hi @Marco S. that’s an interesting idea! We had thought of something similar for a mini-boss, but we will keep this idea in mind, maybe not as a general behavior for all the enemies, but it will be cool if we could surprise the player with this in a few specific rooms, or like having this rare elite enemy that shows up if you do certain actions and drops a unique loot :)

      Hi @Bryce David! Thank you very much for all your support! We have heard you a lot on this regards and at the moment we are working on the actual ability of having Faeland on the Switch, we are not focusing on the surveys at the moment to be in a better position when asking about everyone’s preferences, thanks for letting us know yours at this moment! :)

      Hi @WhiteWalker! We have been doing lots of not exciting stuff, like setting up stuff for the project and the team, and we are working on the actual ability of having Faeland on console, there's no actual news or update to share at the moment, but as soon as we have news on these regards or have something to share on the new levels we are working on we will be posting the update, and after having all this set up we estimate we will be doing more regular updates as we will hopefully be purely focused on the development :)

      Hi @Darren Davies! Currently we don't have an official discord server, we are now focused on other tasks and this will require some set up, plus maintenance, regulation and be available to chat, we may do it later on, especially when we are ready to get more of your feedback from the updates. Anyway if you have any cool ideas or comments you can always post it here publicly, or message us privately here or through our social media, or email us at :)

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      Marco S. on

      I might be in a minority in this but I really hope you make smart enemy AI, that reacts to how good to player is, if a player slaughter a bunch of archers it would be cool to see a goblin flee and call for more help or have a more difficult ELITE archer appear..a game that lives and adapts to the players skill is always something I thought would be really cool.

    5. Bryce David on

      Hey when are you guys going to send out the survey so that you can get everybody’s information for there preferred console. (Mine is switch) lol

    6. Missing avatar

      WhiteWalker on

      hey faeland team could you guys post an update on how things going like did the founding end okay and did the late backing help reach the female protagonist and when are you guys going to send the survey to which console your going to port the game after pc

    7. Darren Davies on

      Do you guys have a Discord server for backers?

    8. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Hi @Adam Bobo! That's actually a great game theme, we are focusing on Faeland at the moment but yea, it could make for a great new IP, it resonates with the kind of games we like playing and developing and we may possibly tackle this in a future project! :D

      Thank you @Marco S. good point of views. Thanks for sharing! :)

      Hi @WhiteWalker! Actually the player quick travels the world map by calling and riding the Fleecan! But yes there will be magic! We have not revealed anything yet and don't want to spoil much more on this sense just yet but yes, players will have access to magic through the magic items you acquire, and will likely even have a magic meter :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Marco S. on

      @Simon Perigny I just read what you said and basically you don't have to say anything, my parents didn't say anything to me about who I played if it was a male/female, they just let me play the game and enjoy it and didn't try to influence it, back in the day Chun Li was one of my favorite characters to pick I just naturally picked with no parents influencing me with input. So yeah there is plenty games out there with the options nowadays and some with defined stories I am assuming this is going to be a super character driven story.

    10. Missing avatar

      WhiteWalker on

      hey faeland team, i was wondering about the magic in the game. what i mean is it possible for the hero to use some type of magic even if its "travel home" spell of some kind.

    11. Missing avatar

      Adam Bobo on

      Hello again! I know you guys are busy making Faeland, but I would love to see a hack n' slash beat'em up as a homage to games like Golden Axe, The King of Dragons, and Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom. Just wanted to toss that ideal out there. Maybe Someday ; )Keep up the good work!

    12. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Hi @Alayna thank you very much for your support! Actually yes we can work it out with no problem, will send you a private message now! :)

      Hi @Bryce David! We estimate to release the final version by Dec 2019, and you will get the early access with the first part of the game much earlier! :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Alayna on

      Is there a way to change my pledge amount to a different one of the original options? I didn't notice the OST download until after pledging to a lower tier. I can probably do this through the late backer, but it will cost a bit more.

    14. Bryce David on

      When do you expect to release

    15. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Hi again @Adam Bobo! Yes, we will have an easy mode that will change the gameplay in many ways for those who don't have much time to play but really want to move forward with the storyline and quests! :D

    16. Missing avatar

      Adam Bobo on

      Hi, will an "easy" mode be available for gamers who don't have a lot of time?

    17. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Hi Job! We will be sending the survey in the coming days, we will also post an update here so everyone can be on the lookout! :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Job Tappouras on

      When does the survey get sent out?

    19. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Thank you @Nicolas Noël!! We all made it possible together and we are doing our best to make it for consoles! :)

      Hi @Adam Bobo! Thank you very much for all your support!! Yes the Bow and Arrow will be used for hunting, but will be crucial in combat helping with different kind of enemies, and will be also used to interact with the environment, discover secrets and more! :)

      Hi @bimboy56! Yes, we may go this route later on as a mean to continue raising funds and getting additional feedback, adding to the quality of the final game! :)

    20. bimboy56 on

      Did you consider doing an Early Access program in Steam? I think that's a good way of doing public test and getting feedbacks as well additional funds. Not 100% of the ins and outs of applying for one though 😀

    21. Missing avatar

      Adam Bobo on

      Hello, How prominent is the bow and arrow? Is it just for hunting or can it be used to killed enemies as well?

    22. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Noël on

      Congrats for your job, you did it .

      Even if i can play on my Mac, i cross my fingers for a switch version!!

    23. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Thank you very much @Kai Kubicek!! Glad you enjoyed the prototype build at this early stage! We really appreciate all your support! :)

    24. Kai Kubicek

      Very cool, congrats guys! All the best on your project, the demo was great!

    25. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Christopher nothing final on this regard, we may not be updating the prototype build because we will be focusing on a different story-line, but we may still do it or prepare a different one if we need feedback on some gameplay features! :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Christopher Paiva on

      Oh cool, can't wait for that!
      Also, and this is out of curiosity, I have been a part of a few kickstarter campagnes where the demo for the games was updated as time went on, to reflect more on changes on gameplay, not so much as content. Would you guys be doing something similar to that before early access?

    27. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Thank you very much @David M.!! Yea we are very excited as well!!

    28. David M. on

      Congrats, folks! So happy for you! Excited to play this game when it releases!

    29. Missing avatar

      Simon Perigny on

      As a note, I find it frustrating that the female hero wasn't there from the start, or at least wasn't included in the first stretch goal, which allows different skin color, hairstyle and hair color.

      I have a young girl at home. How am I going to tell her that she can only play this game as a boy?

    30. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Hi Christopher! We haven't had the chance to set that up, but will keep you posted when we do! :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Christopher Paiva on

      Congrats! Is there gonna by anything like a reddit/discord/forums where us backers and anyone else excited for this game can discuss together about the game and/or just fan boy for months until the game comes out?

    32. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Thank you very much @Jaime Torin and @Hanniel!!!

      @Cosmin Lucaci thank you very much for everything, you have helped much and we really appreciate all forms of your support!! :D

      You are all awesome!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Cosmin Lucaci on

      Sadly I have to retreat my pledge as kickstarter does not offer support for visa electron :'( :'( :'( . I'm happy for the fact that you guys got all the funding you needed. Good luck developing the game ^^.

    34. Hanniel

      Congrats :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Jaime Thorin on

      I'm soooo happy for you :)

    36. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Thank you all for all the congratulations!!! Yes we will still do our best to include the female hero, it is also very important for us, this feature will add a lot of richness and value to Faeland and we will continue to push to achieve it!!
      We want to take a moment to congratulate all of you as well, we all made this campaign count together and thanks to this outcome and your amazing support we will be able to fully dedicate to work on this game and make it what we thrive it to be!!! :D

    37. Joshua Michael French on

      The devs have already stated that they want to include the female hero and will try to make it happen, so let’s be patient and wait for an update.

    38. Tamsin Heineman on

      Please please please still include the female hero. As a female gamer, representation is important in fully enjoying a roleplaying experience. I urge you to still include it.

    39. Missing avatar

      Marco S. on

      I'm just going to say this it's ABSOLUTELY fine to just have a male character to play if that was the intended original idea, EITR, devs also stood by their character choice (a female) because it just made sense for the narrative so I hope you guys really refine the world and build it amazingly well around our hero character and perhaps have cool situations where you can temporarily take control of a female character through a story event or a narrative event.


    40. Guillaume Robin on

      Congrats ! Can't wait to enjoy this game :)

    41. Dave Hopman on

      Congratulations Talegames! :-)

    42. Sergey Latyshev on


    43. Ben Seager on

      Woo!! Well done guys! So hyped for this game :D

    44. Dusty Craine on

      Having a female character be a stretch goal really sort of rubbed me the wrong way. Exclusivity shouldn't be a stretch goal. But I'm hopeful once the main deliverable for Faeland are met that this is something that can be added to the game. Hopefully the additional sales post early access or final release can make that financially viable. In any case, I am really excited for Faeland.

    45. Alexis on

      alright!!!! we all did it!! i can't wait to see the outcome!! as for the female hero. even if we don't get it now i have high hopes in the future, maybe DLC?? anyways you guys are amazing can't wait for this

    46. Missing avatar

      Joseph Miranda on

      CONGRATULATIONS! Can't wait to play this game!

    47. TALEGAMES Creator on

      Thank you Joshua, Raul and everyone who made this possible!! We'll post an update shortly!!! :D

    48. Missing avatar

      Raul Madueño on

      Congratulations!!!great work team!!

    49. Kris Richardson on

      Will add on's I.e poster, still be available after the campaign ends?

      Again, its difficult to buy something without seeing the design...

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