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Moonga connected cards brings board games and video games universe together. Playing trading card game will never be the same. Read more

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Moonga connected cards brings board games and video games universe together. Playing trading card game will never be the same.

About this project

 Welcome to Moonga, the first card game played in both virtual and real worlds. Create your guild to conquer new territories and use the NFC technology to switch between your digital and physical environment.

To summarize, the purpose of this campaign is to get your support to complete the development of Moonga’s gameplay and create new game possibilities that will combine virtual and physical aspects, finance the production of NFC cards and finally market this awesome game.

So what’s Moonga and why would we upgrade it? 

Moonga is an immersive and strategic online trading card game that was successfully released three years ago by us, the EverdreamSoft’s team, in three languages (French, English and Japanese).

The game was massively improved during the first years and has now reached a high level of quality approved by more than 250’000 players so far.

From the game mechanics to the cards complexity, Moonga combines the best of modern gaming with a powerful dose of nostalgia.

The universe of Moonga is also a very strong asset to the game. This story takes place in a fantasy world dominated by five elements (fire, water, ice, earth, ether) where Light and Darkness keep the balance while in a constant battle against each other. This balance is however compromised since the fighting intensified in DursTor, Lymronia and the Kingdom of Waters. The time of revolution has finally arrived.

Moonga is a trading card game played with a deck of 5 cards. (4 attack and 1 support spell). 

Let's see an example :

Here, on the following screenshot, my cards are on the bottom and my opponent's cards are on the top. Moonga is a game of anticipation and bluff. You can see your opponnent deck and you have to understand and anticipate his strategy.

The opponent here has chosen to play his spell on the left. The number on the card indicate attack (5) defense (2) and damage (5).  It's my turn to chose a card to reply to the attack. We have to know that if his attack is bigger than my defense he will make me lose as much life as his damage points. Here 5 and vice versa. On the following image I'm choising the Dwarf and theorically I don't block his attack but he can't block my attack as well. We should both lose 5 life.

But we both start with 8 power points. Each time I'm playing a card I can invest from 0 to 4 power points. Each time I'm investing 1 point I'm boosting my attack and defense by 1. I know the card my opponnent is playing but I don't know how many points he is investing. I have to try guessing how many points he is investing and try to counter the attack

All of this is great and we are now determined to go one step further by adding a new physical dimension to the game and give the community of players a new reason to love Moonga.

Thanks to NFC technology, players will not only be able to play this brilliant game but they will also have the possibility to combine both worlds by using real cards connected to their online account and play in real life with their friends, without loosing a single feature of the online game.

Take a look at the game demo

Or you can see a commented tutorial, (Old version of the game)

 NFC (Near Field Communication)  is the technology we chose to create the connected cards for Moonga and make the game real.

NFC is a wireless technology that connects smartphones to the world around them (cards, tags and NFC-enabled items in general). It's like Bluetooth or Wifi, except it's only activated by touch.

With this technology, it becomes a cinch to exchange information with friends or use your phone to read smart tags (tiny chips appearing in badges, passports, credit cards, etc).

 Why the hell would we merge such a cool game with a geeky technology?

 New technologies are opening doors to amazing new gameplay experiences and new business models. The first era of popular games was only physical; they were for example board and card games. The second era has seen the emergence of video games, opening new perspective in gaming. We are now at a dawn of a new era where physical and digital games meet.

Thanks to NFC and the help of our main partner, Tegona, a Swiss-based company specialized in smart secure devices, smartcards and NFC systems, we have defined our missions as follows: filling the gap between physical and digital gaming, taking advantage of both game experiences.

Moonga’s game design will be extended into the real world by using physical cards equipped with NFC chips. These physical connected cards will significantly improve the game singularity and make the mechanics more complex with deeper strategy and multiple game modes.

This will also give the possibility to keep the social aspects of physical/board games (gathering etc) that we have lost in classic virtual games.

The University of Geneva (ISS R&D group, TaM) also has a major role in this project as they have undertaken work on a specific aspect of the gameplay based on geolocation. The advantage of geolocation is that it becomes very easy to reward players when they get together as they will have the possibility to see on a map if game events are occurring around them.

 Good question! To play Moonga Connected TCG, it’s simple!

First of all, you need an NFC-enabled phone, an Android for example. You then will have to build a deck of 5 cards cautiously chosen among your own collection of connected cards.

At this point, you have several options.

You can play Moonga face to face with a friend (the old school way) and count the points in your head or you can take advantage of the power of NFC to use your phone as a judge. In this case, by touching your phone with every card played, the system recognizes these actions and makes all the calculation for you, increasing your stats at the same time.

Another option you have is to use your device as a direct opponent while keeping the feeling of playing ‘for real’.

In practice, you will use your connected cards to play against a computer or a friend playing with his own device and based somewhere else in the world or even just in front of you.

Like this, you will have the best feeling of gaming thanks to the real connected cards, by manipulating them and building your very own deck wherever your are.

In the end, whether you play virtually or with the connected cards, the points you earn/lose in game are saved on your account so every game you play is memorized and will help you climb the leader boards!

 The Connected Card are here to open the door to a whole new dimension...

 With connected cards, players will be able to store every event, game, trade, etc. So for example, when a player trades a connected card, only by touching it with his smartphone, he will have access to the whole story of the card.

The connected cards will reveal their secrets (such as the player who previously owned the card, what tournament the card won, were did the card travel in the world, in which cities it was played, etc). The collectors will not only collect cards for their value but also for their unique stories.

For example the card created with this Kickstarter project will have a badge as the world first ever connected cards. There is no doubt that they are going to be very valuable in the future.

 With our vision to bring people tighter, we are offering the players the ability to make every interaction with other players and their cards count. For example, if users attend an event, they can scan other players’ cards and get personally rewarded. The more the players have interactions altogether the more rewards they will digitally receive.

Local guilds

We want to empower players when they team up with others around them to form guilds. They will be able to share and trade cards based on their location and they will also have influence on the battles played in their zone of influence.

 With the connected cards, we want to empower player teams and proximity. If you and your friends are playing together in a team, it’s the whole team that will benefit the cards to their account so one single object benefits to many people.

 Special events and couponing – players may be invited to use their smartphone on events, in shops and retailers to receive free points or goodies that will be directly added to the player’s account. NFC technology ensures that the player himself came to the event and prevents any identity theft.

What the money will be use for is mainly to contribute in bringing these revolutionary features to life. We will work hand in hand with Tegona and our industrial partner, Gemalto, who made possible the integration of an electronic chip in beautiful playing cards.

We already have final prototypes of these cards and now need to focus on developing the awesome features we mentioned above.

We are also going to create a new card expansion resulting from the collaborations of the backers and the awesome community of illustrators.

 Every euro raised will go directly into the development of Moonga Connected TCG and in our backer rewards. Each stretch goal that we meet will add more content and more functionality to enrich the experience of the game.

 Let me introduce myself. My name is Shaban Shaame and I’m the CEO of EverdreamSoft. I’ve always been passionate about video games and I grew up convinced that I would inevitably end up working in this field.

With this idea in mind, and before my university studies, I created a trading card game that I called Moonga. Since the beginning of this project, I wanted Moonga to integrate new technologies, a field I was studying at this time. I was persuaded that there was a big potential for that.

From a vision, the project evolved and matured enough to create a team around it. That’s when I founded EverdreamSoft, a start up based in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2010. I was thrilled to see how player loved the gameplay and the graphics. I started working with amazing artists from all over the world to create this unique game universe.

I got the chance to form an awesome team of talented people who drastically improved the game, from game designer to writer who created immersive universe and brilliant people to market, translate and manage the community.

Even though Moonga benefits from an amazing community of fans, we are still a small company. We are have been working on our vision for two years now and with your help, we will be able to achieve our vision to fill the gap between physical and digital. 

By backing this project, you will take part in the emergence of a new era of gaming experience. You will also help on the creative process of making a game.  We hope that you are as excited as we are and we are looking forward to see the game coming out from our collaboration.

 If you can't make a financial contribution to our project, that's okay. You can also share this project with your friends, families and neighbours and spread the word out!

1. Which smartphones can I use to scan my cards?

Any Android phone equipped with an NFC chipset. (Other OS will be available in a second step. We will keep you updated.)

For a complete list of current and upcoming NFC phones, you can follow this link: 

2. Do I need an Internet connection to use my cards on my smartphone?

Yes, you need to access the Internet either through Wifi or through a mobile Internet data connection (2G or more).

3. Is the app free? 

Yes, Moonga app is 100% free and is available on Android.

Risks and challenges

With Moonga connected card, we are exploring new kind of gameplay, which includes inherent risk. It’s always difficult to predict exactly the difficulties in the development process, as well as industrial production challenges.

Fortunately, we, at EverdreamSoft, have 3 years of experience developing and supporting Moonga for the gamer community. We have always found solutions and constantly improved and deliver the best gaming experience for the community we love. We have always made our best with all the constraints that a small team could have. We have a proven working prototype of the connected cards. Working with Gemalto the world biggest sim cards and credit card chip provider, we have some solid partners to insure the production.

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    Our love + Access to developers diaries

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    • Unique legendary Sadi's digital card
    • High Resolution digital Comic Books durstor Light&Darkness
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    • Credits in the game,
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    package for player who play physical game fans :
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    All above rewards plus the opportunity to create a card illustration brief in collaboration with our story writer game designer and illustrator.

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    All above rewards plus ability to create a full card with name capacity in collaboration with the game designer

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    All above reward plus the mytical jewel dragon

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    All 100$ member rewards
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    + Digital version of MAYLI PRINCESS OF SUMMER special illustrator card
    + Digital version of GAR'AWALL mythical card

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    All 500$ Rewards
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    All 750$ USD Rewards • a day in EverdreamSoft office for a brainstorm about connected cards game design. Lunch offered.
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    Travel expense at user cost

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    All 750$ USD Rewards
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    All 750$ USD Rewards
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    • 200 Moonga digital cards offered from backer's choice.
    • In game credits as producer

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