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When artists meet audiences in person, it's magic. Help us bring more filmmakers – and more magic – to Atlanta in 2014.
When artists meet audiences in person, it's magic. Help us bring more filmmakers – and more magic – to Atlanta in 2014.
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Walk With the Dead! Plus Who Are "Our Filmmakers?"


We've just posted some new perks on the project page.

  • $150 - Atlanta Movie Tours will take you and a friend on an interactive tour of Atlanta's favorite shooting spots, including locations used in The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games, Gone With the Wind, Driving Miss Daisy, and more. (Just 2 sets of 2 available!)
  • $500 - Indie filmmaker consulting with Brian Newman of Sub-Genre Media. If you have big ideas for your production but need the expertise to help develop strategy, look no further. As the former CEO of the Tribeca Institute and the former director of the Atlanta Film Festival, there's no better brain in the biz to pick than Brian's. (Limited to 2 rewards.)

These rewards probably won't hang around long so head on over if they sound good! 

Who are "Our Filmmakers?"

When we talk about "our" filmmakers at the Atlanta Film Festival, we're usually talking about the filmmakers whose films were selected to play at the festival itself. Sometimes we're reminded, however, that the ATLFF family extends further than that. "Our" filmmakers are all of the filmmakers around the world who submit their work in the hopes of reaching the audience that will really "get" who they are and what they've done. It includes the filmmakers who attend our classes and online seminar series. It includes local filmmakers who are just getting started and who are still in the process of making their first or second short film.

Adam Nelson, a student at SCAD and a submitting filmmaker for ATLFF 2014, is one of those just getting started. He emailed us the other day to let us know how much our festival has inspired him and how much he likes our campaign. He wanted to know if we'd help promote a Kickstarter campaign to finance his second short film, Sea Odyssey. (The image at top is a concept illustration for this live action narrative short.) We liked Adam's moxie and we liked the way he flattered us, so we made him a deal.

"Help us tell our story," we said, "And we'll help you tell yours."

So Adam agreed to make this short video to share what makes the Atlanta Film Festival special to young filmmakers, and how that motivated him to begin his own work as an artist. 

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Thanks, Adam, for being one of our filmmakers. Good luck with your campaign.

Check out Adam's Kickstarter campaign for Sea Odyssey here.

Short progress report

We've had some good backer activity so far today and we're up to the 90% mark. We don't want to make any predictions but our big holiday party is tonight and, you know, at a party anything can happen. If you can't make it (backers are invited) keep an eye on Twitter & Instagram for holiday hijinx.  

More updates coming soon -- we have a few more perks waiting in the wings and some surprises for you next week.

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