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The League of Afghanistan's video poster

The League of Afghanistan chronicles one American’s efforts to bring wheelchair basketball to a war ravaged country. Read more

Chicago, IL Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on May 6, 2012.

The League of Afghanistan chronicles one American’s efforts to bring wheelchair basketball to a war ravaged country.

Chicago, IL Documentary
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About this project

Directed by Michael Glowacki | Produced by Danny Alpert and Aaron Cooley

>>>We would like to thank everyone who helped us reach our $20K goal on Friday, April 20th! Your support means the world to our entire production team and allows us to pursue this uplifting story. We are uniquely positioned to gain additional funds for the project, which is not very common with Kickstarter. Just a reminder that our original goal was based on the budget of Michael's next trip to Afghanistan -- which you have now made possible! Thank you! But this upcoming trip is only the first of at least four trips he will need to make to film this important story. So please keep the donations coming, as all additional funds raised will go towards Michael's future trips. We are already over 22k and we think we can hit 30k by the end of our Kickstarter campaign, Sunday May 6,11:11am EDT. We need every penny to create this vibrant and thought provoking film.  Please donate today!<<<

League of Afghanistan? What is this film about?

The League of Afghanistan chronicles the efforts of one American named Jess Markt to bring wheelchair basketball to one of the most dangerous, struggling nations on the planet. Instead of centering on the conflict, we take a look at lives affected by the war. Afghanistan’s disabled – victims of the Taliban and Americans alike – show us that there is life after tragedy. Disabled men are brought together through a game that teaches hard work and camaraderie, when camaraderie is often in short supply.  Through the confidence born of sport, Jess seeks to repair their spirits as he did his own and forge a new team of athletes who can represent their country with pride.

Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter allows the global community to have a voice in the creation of art, technology, and media. We believe that voice is necessary here. We know people care about the men and women overseas who would like to resume the lives they had before the war and cannot. They live in a country that has a long rebuilding stage ahead of it and that challenge is daunting. But this story of triumph over adversity is exactly what everyone needs to see that rebuilding is possible. These men have paid a steep price for a war they did not start or end, but have the strength and will to move forward in spite of the pain.  We believe in the power of Kickstarter to bring projects to life, because people see the inherent value of the causes. We are on the road to producing an inspiring and unique film, but we need support to continue filming.

Why are we doing this?

The League of Afghanistan is a universal story of inspiration and hope, expanding awareness of the plight of the Muslim world’s disabled community. Most people think of the disabled in the context of a first world country, but the difficulties facing the disabled of developing countries are severe. We want to shed light on their struggles, successes, dreams and passions in a way that makes it clear that the mind and spirit are the strongest qualities of humanity.

We believe that people can be mobilized to cause change when they are moved by something and we believe our project will move you.

Every donation matters! A single dollar could mean the difference between success and failure. With your help we can continue shooting in 2012!

How does this Kickstarter business work?

1) I have set a goal of $20,000 and I have given myself a deadline, of 30 days. Jess is returning to Afghanistan in April and it is imperative for this film that I am there to film his progress.

2) My goal can only be reached through support from people like yourself. So please give!

3) I welcome all donations, but those that give more will not only have the satisfaction of helping bring this film to life; they also receive a fabulous thank you gift.

4) I would like to exceed my goal, since $20,000 will get us only part of the way to our full budget for this film.

5) If I don’t’ reach my goal, I will receive no funds whatsoever… That would not be a good thing. But in the event this horrible occurrence comes to pass, your credit/debit cards will not be charged.

And the funds go to….

LOA Production:

Travel: This will offset some of the cost of travel (flight and car/driver) expense.

Lodging: The cost of staying in Afghanistan may not be extremely expensive, but finding a secure place to sleep can be costly.

Security/Translator: Being safe is a concern and assistance in breaking the language barrier is necessary. It is also advisable to have some assistance in ensuring we are generally out of harms way when possible.

What are these “great” gifts you mentioned?

You can find a list of “Thank You” gifts on the right side of this screen. Tell your friends and have them tell 10 more people!

Can I pass these on to someone else?

Absolutely! We have to contact you after our Kickstarter end date and we would be happy to send the gifts to your friends and family.

Can I note this donation on my taxes?

Yes, nothing says thank you like a deductible on your taxes. LOA is produced by The Kindling Group, a Chicago based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions made to LOA will be payable to The Kindling Group and are tax deductible minus the value of any goods or services received, as permitted by law. The value of goods and services being offered is noted under each donation level.

What if I decide to give more later?

Please feel welcome to do this at any point. You can adjust your gift at any point before my Kickstarter’s closing date! To do this, go to my Kickstarter and sign in. If you go to the campaign page, the green ‘Back This Project’ button will be replaced with a blue ‘Manage Your Donation’ button. Once you click that button, you may enter your new desired amount or choose a new gift. 

Well… what happens if you don’t meet your goal?

Very little will happen if we don’t reach our goal. The film will not be completed and we will miss the window to work with Jess.

Can you exceed your goal? And what happens if you exceed it?

To the first question, yes, I can exceed my goal, and this is the best-case scenario for Kickstarter. I can receive donations right up until the last second of the goal date. To answer the second question, if I exceed my goal, I will get the opportunity to film the fascinating stories of even more players around Afghanistan. $20,000 is our minimum and all funds will go into making this film the best it can be. So let’s try to go beyond $20,000 and make this film as successful as possible!

When would I receive my premiums?

You will receive you gifts as soon as we can possibly package and send them out. For some gifts there may be a wait, as they need to be edited or printed while I’m finishing the film. I will be in touch via email and you will be notified about your gifts as they become available.

What if my company matches donations? Can you receive the matching funds?

Let’s talk! I would like to receive as many matching gifts as possible and this may require The Kindling Group getting in touch with your company.  Please email me if this is the case!

How can you be reached?

The best way to contact me is through The Kindling Group. I can be reached at Thank you for reading and donating!


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