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Dance Film. Soft light, beautiful bodies, experimental double know you want to help us finish this. Read more

Malibu, CA Dance
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This project was successfully funded on December 23, 2012.

Dance Film. Soft light, beautiful bodies, experimental double know you want to help us finish this.

Malibu, CA Dance
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About this project

We are shooting a filmed dance project.  Please help us finish.  The goal is to use the short to pitch dance film videos to art galleries and contribute to the expanding dance art scene FINALLY developing in Los Angeles.

Dance and film are a perfect pair.   Movement is powerful and using the body to tell deeply emotional stories is what we are going for here. 

Jenifer and Elizabeth have a common goal, to shoot dance.  To take it beyond images in music videos and tell stories using the collaborative dance between a camera and a dancer.

We ran into unexpected costs creating this project.  Some of the equipment we relied on to be low coast/free is now coasting us and we really need additional funding to finish this (already started) project. 

Risks and challenges

Additional challenges are limited to schedules. Gathering artists and crew to shoot for free is always an issue but between the two of us we have enough connections and people inspired by the idea to make it happen.

Delivery of materials is not an issue for us, unlike most film projects we have all the post facilities necessary to complete the project.

The only obstacle that can possibly get in our way is if a dancer breaks a leg.
If that happens (eeek) we have back ups (dancers, not legs).

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