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Rebuild a war-torn city and win fame for your guild in this geomantic fantasy tabletop RPG.
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Social Stretch Goal passed: 500 backers! Plus - Monstrous Orders and Quickstart play reports

Posted by Jay Iles (Creator)

Hey folks,

We've passed the next social stretch goal! Now that we've crossed 500 backers, we'll be making an eBook version of the book to aid in portability and legibility. With just 18 more Facebook Likes or 72 more retweets we'll unlock the Solo Play module, allowing you to play the game without a GM. Douglas is very much looking forward to working on this one!

If you check out the House PDF in the beta handouts Dropbox folder, you'll see two new arrivals: the Order of Kyradar, and the Untamed Order. One dedicates their life to hunting down ruinous titanic monsters following the legacy of poor, ruined Kyr (see Volfyirion for that story); the other forms a mystical bond with the beasts of the borderlands, living and hunting alongside them as equal partners. Two radically different ways of life, but linked by a deep understanding for the creatures of this world.

Go check them out!
Go check them out!

Also - we were very excited to receive play reports of the Quickstart out there in the wild!

Group #1 run by Mysthea backer #4!
Group #1 run by Mysthea backer #4!
  • "We were two Legacy veterans and two PBtA newcomers."
  • "The GM was terrified of Qoam moves being too versatile, but the group's use just enhanced the feeling of mysticism and power. Rituals were very considered VERY costly."
  • "Covenants worked very well, though the Legacy 2e veterans missed the backstory questions.
  • "The flow of story was smooth, and the group felt more inclined to help the city and refugees and deal with the quests than with the mystical plot. One player said that her parents were refugees from a war in Europe, and that she felt drama in play to be sensitive and immersive."
  • "Aid and Support were described as "very charming", because the GM used crystalline dice of a particular colour for each player."
Group #2
Group #2
  • "With two newcomers to RPG games, and two traditional D&D players we ran The Bitter March in one go, over a 6hs session!"
  • "We adapted really well to rules - taking the cue of more strategic video and board games to take on House moves very efficiently."
  • "But soon, Heroes and Montaran dilemmas led us to improvise and roleplay their House actions more naturally."
  • "We discovered Aid and Support early on and embraced it with gusto... up to the moment where our Covenants started suffering and our Houses' relations started to suffer. Tensions increased fast!" 
  • "They were in way over their heads in the final confrontation. Up to the point where they used Wield with a two extra foci, granted by two characters giving them their Aid!"

Have you given the Quickstart a try? If so, let us know what you thought!

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